Saturday, September 12, 2009

Obama Gives the Healthcare Monopolies Everything They Wanted

I tend not to trust people who have the gift of gab because I know that great salespersons can sell many people anything, In Obama's scripted speech, Americans listen to the music and ignore the implication and meaning of the words. I try listen extra carefully, but more than a few times fail to understand the full implications until I read the transcript.

Once an actor read a nonsense break-through research paper in mathematics to top math professors in the country. He got effusive praise from professors after his talk who should have known better to ask appropriate questions. Reagan, Clinton, and Obama have this gift.

I try to counteract this by carefully listening to Obama's speech, but in the end I found it more illuminating to read the transcript so I could think about what he actually said. I am sure that David Brooks did too. Here is one criticism of what Obama told us.

David Sirota's analysis of political events is probably as good or better than anyone at the New York Times. He pointed out that Obama essentially killed the Public Option. Rachel Maddow interviewed him. Sirota explains why Triggers is just a smart way to kill the Public Option. Understood in Washington that the Public Option is dead. Drug importation was killed this way. 10 minutes Really worth watching. Obama does not attack the conservative Democrats. See the video from Maher's Rules which explains by Obama behaves like Jesus while we need a Muhammad Ali who talks well but carries a potent punch.

By David Sirota

In a Brave New Films video, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich explains the public option in two minutes and why it is crucial.

We have found in the past that local heathcare insurance companies or cooperatives cannot compete in most localities such as Philadelphia where one company, CIGNA, dominates the whole area because size and willingness to reject expensive treatments for their insured members no matter the consequences such as many deaths and economic bankruptcy. Now 60 percent of all bankruptcies are due to medical costs with over half for those who "have" insurance. Cleveland has three companies with UnitedHealthcare and Well Point being the same company making up two!

Remember UnitedHealthcare in California under the pre-takeover Well Point name rejected 40 percent of treatments recommended by their doctors. If you listened to President Obama carefully, the Public Option will most likely be a sacrificial lamb to get the bill passed. What is even more likely is Obama will ignore the House and Kennedy's bill in the Senate and go with the conservative Senator Baucus bill formulated by Republicans and Baucus by not letting regular Democrats on the committee with a large Democratic majority from participating in this bill. Only the most conservative Democrats and Republicans are on this panel.

Don't miss Maher's New Rules. He especially has a great comment about Obama turning the other cheek like Jesus instead of hitting back. Ask's Obama to stand up to the 70 percent who are not crazy! Other very funny Rules! 8 minutes. Comes in the last few minutes of video.

The Indian Pulitzer Prize winner at the Washington Post with a very long name said on Maher that our press/media talks about whose winning and who is losing, but spends no time explaining healthcare to Americans just like they do during elections where the horserace is the main topic, not their stated policies. 11 minutes.

Bill Maher on HBO last night was especially good and spent some time having a discussion on Healthcare. Rep. Anthony Weiner one of the best explaining what really happens. Ten minute video.

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