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Fructose Excess Insulin Most Important Cause of Aging Public Relations Bernays

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All habits are extremely hard to break, especially the kind of food we eat. About 95% of weight loss programs fail in 5 years and many in the first month. How can we individually create incentives for changing our lifestyle which could shorten our lives considerably. You need to create some reward system not related to eating to keep you going. We all need support from others to comply and the only way to keep going for a long time is to get to know your close by neighbors who might like to participate. The more the better because people will drop out.

Why are higher income Americans living longer and are healthier after retirement? Unlike what too many think, it is not because they are smarter. Whether through the influence of the mother, father, nanny, teacher, and genetics, these Americans develop these skills early of being able to wait for gratification whether for food, weight loss, learning, or money.

Dr. Mercola makes the case that high insulin levels can do the same thing, if I read his article correctly. He blames the high use of sugars, especially High Fructose Corn Syrup made chemically from corn sugar. It is usually 55 percent Fructose and 45 percent glucose as separate molecules. The reason why HFCS is so addictive is that it gives you an immediate energy boost. Gatorade contained HFCS which switched to cane sugar sucrose after many Americans complained, but recently reintroduced the HFCS product with a different name! Football players like HFCS because it boosts energy fast by quickly converting glucose to glycogen in the liver. The drawback is that it also produces 30 percent of low density lipoproteins, the bad cholesterol.

Even though the science of Epigenetics is in its early stage, Drug companies have already developed some products that can turn genes on or off. Our environment including diet influences which genes are turned on or off. Even those who are predisposed to violence, their environment can make this gene go off. Violent gang leaders have done this as well as religious figures. In order words good or bad genes interact with our environment to make us what we are which can included our economy. Wall Street Players get addicted to money which causes them to crave cocaine and prostitutes. Yes, power and money changes almost all people epigenetically. The Gold Midas Effect.

Why Politics Important and How Media Influences How We Think Very Effectively

Since most Americans are politically ignorant, it is easy for the Billionaire founded Think Tanks such as the Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, Americans for Prosperity, and even individuals such as the private oil conglomerate Koch Brothers to spend millions of dollars to influence how we think. The key is constant repetition through the media news soundbites they provide to very busy broadcasters in the 24 hour news cycle, and the professionally made campaign ads directed at making us fear what will happen if Democrats are in power.

The public relations (called propaganda then) campaign developed in the USA due to Walter Lippmann and Edward L. Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud who helped him considerably in understanding how the mind works, who both had the idea that the diversity of immigrants made it mandatory on influencing how they think by an extensive propaganda campaign at the jobs, radio, books, magazines, and now primarily television.

Appeal to their emotions, not the intellect of the voting public which the Democrats have largely used and lost. Now Democrats are starting to understand the power of emotions, especially when it affects the lives of seniors (drastic cuts) and their sons, daughters, and grandson and daughters.

That is why Republican use racial prejudices a lot in winning elections. For similar reasons Abortion is brought up a lot as we found that most of the legislation at the states and the House concentrated on gaining more control over women by trying to eliminate Title 9 programs in girl athletics in college, pass very stringent, likely unconstitutional abortion laws, more to win elections that change the law. If they did, they cannot use it in the next election. Some states in the Midwest and South have passed laws to make it extremely hard for many to register and vote in the elections.

We saw in Florida and Ohio that Republicans will use illegal tactics to win elections. In 2,000 Gore was ahead by 5% from exit polls. By midnight it was tied but FOX's Bush's cousin called it for Bush and Welch forced NBC to call it for Bush too! A similar thing happened recently in Wisconsin. The woman "found" 15,000 Republican ballots "uncounted" after the election after the Democrat won. She has done this several times already. How can she get away with it! Elect Republican Supreme Court judges. A huge amount of money is going to judges from the Republicans and the Rich. Vote against judges who have lots of ads on television!

"Wisconsin Supreme Court election & recount:

The Government Accountability Board has certified the recount requested by JoAnne Kloppenburg in her challenge to incumbent David Prosser. Prosser has won by just over 7000 votes. Legal action by Kloppenburg over voting iregularities remains a possibility.

Candidates are announcing challenges to a number of state senators in recall elections to be held in July.

Recently I watched a video where Larry Tye talk about his book The Father of Spin: Edward L. Bernays & The Birth of Public Relations. Video at which was first shown September 20, 1998 , when his book came out. He interviewed Bernays when he was 102 who was still remarkably alert in his PR campaign to sell himself. He died at age 103. He along with Walter Lippmann were involved in the campaign to get us into World War I. If you have read an honest history of that time, it would be a good example of where the Republican Party has almost brought us. Even talking about not wanting to go to war put a person in jail for ten years! Many professors on the left joined the government propaganda campaign to save heir University jobs.

Bernay's 1928 book Propaganda was used very effectively by Hitler to rally the German people towards a Fascist government and increased antisemitism and allowed him to go to war.

One example of the USA use of propaganda for war is illustrated by the life of Scott Nearing in his book, The Making of a Radical, A Political Autobiography, 1972 was teaching at the University of Pennsylvania and opposed the war. He was forced out and moved to Vermont during the Great Depression and fed he and his wife by selling maple syrup and planting vegetables and trading it with other neighbors. He spent six months of the year talking all over the USA about politics which made enough money to continue his lecture tours until his late 80s when he started to write his book. One presidential candidate was convicted and thrown in jail for ten years for opposing the war in one speech. Eugene Debs was also a Socialist candidate


From Publishers Weekly Dubbed the "Prince of Puff" and the "Baron of Ballyhoo," Edward L. Bernays, who died in 1995 at the age of 103, was arguably the most influential publicist of the 20th century. The nephew of Sigmund Freud, Bernays brought an astute grasp of human behavior to the nascent field of public relations, opening his own PR firm in 1919 and launching celebrated publicity campaigns for American Tobacco, Ivory Soap, United Fruit, book publishers, manufacturers of eggs and bacon and the platforms of presidents from Coolidge to Eisenhower.

In this comprehensive biography, Tye, a Boston Globe reporter, attributes Bernay's success to a marketing philosophy that he terms "Big Think," which combined high-concept publicity stunts, endorsements from doctors, national surveys and other forms of publicity whose actual product endorsement was cleverly veiled. To promote Lucky Strike cigarettes among women in an age in which smoking in public was still outre, for example, he arranged for a parade of smoking debutantes to march down Fifth Avenue.

To market Ivory soap, he created a hugely popular national soap-sculpting contest. A domineering and self-absorbed man who never missed a chance to promote himself ("in an era of mass communication," he often remarked, "modesty is a private virtue and a public fault"), Bernays eventually became a pariah in the industry that he helped to create. At times, Tye too blithely credits Bernays for shaping events and product success, rather than seeing his work as only one part of the welter of mass media manipulations that have long since transformed American life. But Tye succeeds in piercing the rapidly spinning mythology that perpetually surrounded the man who, he convincingly argues, pioneered the modern science of spin.

With the Republican takeover of the Presidency in 1980, the Republicans have largely been in charge even when they lost the House, Senate, and the Presidency because the rules of the senate allows the minority, unless one side has 60 compliant senators, to stop all legislation except the budget bill which just requires a majority. That is why Senator Harry Reid will bring up the Republican House bill that eliminates Medicare and make Republicans vote it before the primaries and election!

Yesterday, an always Republican district full of people over 45 because the young have moved away from the jobless Buffalo area, surprisingly voted for a Democrat Kathy Hochul who won yesterday in NY-26. “Democrat Kathy Hochul's defeat of Republican Jane Corwin in a special Congressional election in western New York seemed to pivot around preserving Medicare, something Republicans want to consider cutting. (May 25)”

(Media has been soft pedaling this reason by saying it was the Tea Party candidate that was splitting the vote. Note this person ran as a Democrat twice! When his polls went down, Kathy Hochul's gained. Yes, even with 9 times more Republican ads on TV than the Democrats did not help the Republican candidate. Where is the common sense. Yes, it is propaganda in the media.

Jim Kawakami, May 25, 2011,

Dr. Mercola Dr. Mercola, M.D., Eating Mistakes that Age You,

The number one source of calories in the US.

That would be fructose, but more generically all sugars which are, in my view, the single most important dietary variable that needs to be addressed. Please understand that this is a numbers game though and the only thing that is intrinsically toxic with fructose is the quantity that is being consumed. If you take less than 25 grams per day you are in the safe range, but the AVERAGE intake is 300% more than that and the typical American consumes 75 grams every day.

Fortunately, the research that is now starting to see the light of day in every way, what I've been warning about for over a decade.

Interestingly enough, while sugar, and fructose in particular, acts as a toxin in and of itself, and as such drive multiple disease processes in your body, excess grain carbohydrates, which are broken down into glucose, has been found to detrimentally affect your genetic expression and contribute to accelerated aging that way!

The Role of Insulin in Health and Longevity See

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Breast Cancer NIH: Safe Thermography Best 94.8 % Accurate Mammograms 47.4% Vitamin D Deficient Even in Sunny Climates, Cancer Osteoporosis

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Cent Uyghur, 6 PM ET, MSNBC, May 16, 2011, New, more accurate method of determining talk radio popularity indicates Right Wing Talk Shows Declining.

Medical Establishment and FDA telling lies and distortions to keep very safe Breast cancer detection method from being approved by the FDA just like Wall Street. Yes it is just about money at the expense of women's lives.

Just like Right Wing Media, people are starting to understand that so-called medical experts could have a conflict of interest in preventing safer and more effective methods to treat and diagnose illnesses such as cancer.

This is similar to what the money grubbers are saying about vitamin D and health. Big Pharma and Academic Consultants are horrified that widespread use of 2000 to 4,000 IU of vitamin D3 will greatly impact their businesses in cancer and Bone building drugs.

Repeat so more readers will understand the vital importance of vitamin D3 for our health.

Two thousand seniors in Texas where they get plenty of sun were found to be largely highly deficient in vitamin D metabolite from vitamin D3 made by our body from UVB (burning) sun radiation or from safe, but not as long lasting in the body without storage of vitamin D3 in our fat tissues. Only those not using sunscreen and spending much of their working day in the sun without sunscreen had levels high enough to prevent cancer by 50 percent. It requires 4,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily to reach a level high enough or 40-60 nanograms per milliliter of 25-hydroxy-vitamin D.

Physicians in the past have looked at the active metabolite which takes 25-hydroxy-vitamin D to 1,25-dihydroxy-vitamin D, the active metabolite for bone building at much lower levels to determine whether their patients were vitamin D deficient. Unfortunately it varies a lot and is not a reliable indicator and has no correlation with the even more important role of vitamin D3. The inactive metabolite 25-hydroxy-vitamin D goes to every cell in our body and attaches to it and is converted to the active 1,25 dihydroxy form which the cells uses and destroys the excess because too much of this can be deadly. Note that our kidneys produces only a small amount to help calcium go to our bones.

Michael F. Holick, Ph.D., M.D., Boston University Medical School, and his collaborators did much of the original research to determine that vitamin D is not just for bones. In fact it improves our immune response to activate the T-Cells to kill infections and cancers. He also adds that it seems to prevent separation of cells which helps cancer grow and spread through our body. This is a new theory published recently, but Holick explains it in his 2010 book, The Vitamin D Solution: A 3-Step Strategy Cure Our Most Common Health Problems.

With 2,000 IU vitamin D3 daily, it takes only 12 days to deplete all of it without sun or pills. One Harvard study on osteoporosis showed that it took 50,000 IU of vitamin D3 weekly for three months and if high enough with the blood test of inactive metabolite 25-hydroxy-vitamin D produced by the liver's action on vitamin D3, the researchers went down to 50,000 IU every two weeks to get blood metabolite to get to high enough levels to rebuild bone. A technician for a bone scan told me she essentially did the same thing with the ironic incident of her having osteoporosis problems when she was testing others for it. With kidney dialysis patients who start it much later are healthier because the important other functions that the kidney provides are stopped during dialysis treatments.

Bone medicines for osteoporosis stop the loss of bone which apparently leads to unexpected fractures of the spine, hips, and femur. Even though those are not high, it is something all seniors should consider. Remember vitamin D3 helps prevent falls for unknown reasons of seniors. A hip fracture can often cause deteriorating health of seniors and early death based on some studies. With advice from your physician who believes in vitamin D helping osteoporosis, try to avoid using the Big Pharma drugs. Remember they and their consultants will fight hard to widely spread a safer and better way to fix osteoporosis.

Remember a White person can make 1,000 IU of vitamin D3 per minutes while a Black person with much more melanin takes six times longer for 1,000. So if you tan easily, it will take you longer to get enough vitamin D3. Most of us will opt for vitamin D3 pills. For many years sunscreens did not have UVA block which led to melanoma because it is the same radiation that makes us tan. We can get tanned going outside on cloudy days, but our vitamin D3 making UVB is stopped by clouds.

Climate Change Affects Our Weather Now: With extra moisture and carbon dioxide due to climate change increasing temperatures over the oceans, especially at the equatorial and arctic and antarctic regions our wind and currents and violent storms and droughts have increased dramatically. It is silly not to say global climate change has led to the storms. It is about time the climate scientists start using common sense and say this to the public! The formation of clouds which I suspect may lead to La Nina effects more frequently causing cooler temperatures in the Northwest and Northeast. This cloud formation increase due to climate change has just been reported. Oregon had record lows in April and perhaps May 2011.

Jim Kawakami, May 16, 2011,

Aside from trade associations like the AMA, the Society for Breast Imaging, and the American College of Radiologists (ACR) – people who have lots to lose in the way of mammogram dollars – the FDA, as usual, is taking its time reviewing thermography's new evidence as a first-line defense against breast cancer. Currently the FDA classifies thermography only as a Class I medical device that can be used as an adjunct to mammography.

As a result, insurance companies and Medicare have refused to endorse and pay for thermography for breast cancer screening. They all cite numerous studies showing a presumed low effectiveness of the procedure – but those studies ARE MORE THAN 10 YEARS OLD.

When you review more recent studies, you'll find that the thermography has well-known benefits.

In fact, a study published in 2009 in the Journal of Medical Systems and the National Institutes of Health's PubMed reported that thermography aided by the latest analytical software sensors is 94.8 percent accurate – or nearly twice as effective as mammography! With more and more recent studies supporting these numbers, it has to make you wonder what the FDA is thinking by refusing to admit the good that it is.

Thus, the FDA is denying women – and men, because men get breast cancer too – this potentially life-saving procedure!

What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

I don't have to recite another litany of studies that show that thermography is an extremely safe and useful tool, particularly in women with dense breasts. The point is that thermography is a safe, viable alternative that can help you get reliable, accurate information for diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of breast cancer.

Not only that, it can detect inflammation of other kinds in other places in your body, from your heart to your teeth to your circulatory/vascular system, and more – all in a procedure that doesn't involve touching or invading your body in any way. It's cost-effective in that it can help you make lifestyle and treatment choices you might not have with other procedures, including mammography.

And, it's risk-free and provides you with instant feedback – in other words, no need for a return appointment just to hear the results.

The important thing is that it still is an FDA-approved procedure, and you still have the choice to consider it as part of your annual health prevention plan.

Finance Investing Bill Gross Food Sickness Health

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See this week's health newsletter at for the above topics.

Financial News: 30 Minutes: Pimco's Bill Gross on Bloomberg's Margaret Brennan:

Headline inflation more accurate than core in future. Commodities sharp drop in oil and copper indicates a slower economy. Jim: Average investors now increasing their investments in stocks and corporate bonds, the wrong timing. Expect slower growth than predicted by the experts. Hedge funds dropped 20 percent of their investments in copper indicating to me a slower market. Bloomberg: Consumer goods inflation expected to be around 6 percent in 2011.

My own experience is that it will be even higher based on my shopping experience. Apple and other technology firms going down sharply on the Nasdaq. Stay in Big Cap Value stocks. Silver price sharp drop indicative of a slowing economy. So we will have what Britain is now experiencing due to their sharp cuts in spending. Worse economy, lower government revenue, and inflation. Debts in the Britain higher than the Euro based Greece, Spain, and Portugal.

Emerging Market growth is three times higher than the USA. Even though it is a volatile market, take a chance and stay in this market. The decision I made not to cut my allocation which is fairly high. Pension funds are heavily moving overseas and individual investors are doing the same, but seem to be still high in cash.

So wide allocation-diversification through mutual funds or ETFs throughout the world for the long term is probably the best course. Rebalance high profits in one area such as the Nasdaq into other areas every six months or so based on my guess. Vanguard has the lowest investment costs because the fund is owned by the investors, I think.

Analysis of an amateur investor based on lots of contradictory information and comments by the experts. Take my comments with a little grain of salt. Know your temperament and determine your real tolerance for risk based on what you did in previous downturns and risk taking in apparent upturns. Leaving or investing at the wrong time a common malady of many investors. Jim

My thoughts on diets: Losing weight fast diets will not keep you slim. Slow loss of weight by changing your diet permanently will keep you slim.

Food Borne Diseases Can Be Fatal: Because corn and beef bi-products fed are the main diet of cows, beef cattle, and pigs, eating corn by cattle changes the acidity of their stomach which allows the deadly 0157-H7 e-coli to form and survive in a lower acidity stomach juices, and is excreted in their feces which contaminates our water supply and crops using 0157-H7 laden water wash.

If the cattle producers stop one week of corn feed and allowed them to eat natural grasses, the 0157-H7 disappears. But they won't do that because the unnatural diet of corn makes them fatter. Now half the meat we get at our grocery store is contaminated with 0157-H7 that often destroys the kidneys of small children due to an over-responsive immune response when bacteria level gets higher and higher, which attacks many organs. Perhaps the high throughput of blood through the small capillaries may make kidneys more susceptible.

Sure perfect complete cooking meat well destroys these bacteria, but takes the good juicy taste out. Almost all chickens are contaminated with several deadly bacteria. Never buy hamburger where the fast growing e-coli is distributed throughout because meat for hamburgers are combined from cattle from all over the world, not just the USA. Normally waste products go into hamburger. Have you local butcher wash the solid meat and then grind in a cleaned machine. Pay a premium, if needed, to keep you well if you cannot give up hamburger.

McDonald's does the best job in keeping e-coli down. Only company does their own inspections at the producer plant before buying the cattle. I have never heard of an e-coli infection in these restaurants.
From my personal experience, going to McDonalds in a poor neighborhood is not recommended.

To make things worse, e-coli, a gram negative bacteria, has acquired a gene which makes them resistant to essentially all current antibiotics.

This same gene has switched into the gram negative pneumonia bacteria so many patients are now dying of pneumonia no matter how good the hospital is. New York Hospitals, some of the best in the world, have the largest number of cases and has now spread to 37 states. By avoiding hospitalization by eating bad foods or 2-3 day leftovers and other good health habits, you can avoid this hospital acquired deadly pneumonia more easily.

Probiotics either in yogurt or pill form will help us fight C-difficile, and intestinal infection which is often fatal with diarrhea than cannot be controlled with almost all antibiotics effectively. About one third of the infections are becoming untreatable. What happens is hospitable treatments might get you well enough to leave, but it often returns because it is not all wiped out. Vancomycin and other newer ones which are the antibiotics of last resort, often do not work.

Eating high carbohydrate Processed food is not good for you even though they all make health claims. High Fructose Grape Juice is not good for you. It is one of highest sources of fructose next to apple juice. Our body metabolizes unnatural High Fructose Corn Syrup (fructose and glucose separate molecules) sweetener made from about half the corn crop in the USA differently than Sucrose (Fructose and glucose chemically bonded) such as Cane Sugar.

The HFCS goes to our liver faster and our liver spends all its resources to metabolize the glucose into glycogen and the fructose metabolism produces 30 percent low density lipoproteins and perhaps Alzheimer's causing very low density lipoproteins are made at the same time which is likely.
I will look into this.

Fructose causes us to eat more and sucrose, in contrast, satisfies our hunger appetite. Rats fed equal calories of HFCS in one group and sucrose for the other rats resulted in obese rats fed HFCS who could not stop eating rat chow. The sucrose fed rats did not get fat.

Jim Kawakami, May 16, 2011,

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Epigenetics: Controls How Info DNA Used What It Means and Why You Should Care

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Americans, including those well educated and very intelligent, have only a modicum of understanding what science is, how it is carried out, and that breakthroughs in science do not occur around a conference table with CEOs or prestigious professors coming to breakthroughs in science around a conference table.

Just like investors, we scientists tend to have a herd mentality and have all the attributes and failings of all humans just because we are all human. We also tend to protect our own old ideas and accomplishments as if they were a limb or vital organ. Keep this in mind. We are all very imperfect, especially in what we tend to believe and accept and reject just like other people.

These days with more women and non-European ethnic groups excelling in science and other fields, we have become more entrenched in our old beliefs to avoid cognitive dissonance.

(Cognitive dissonance is an uncomfortable feeling caused by holding conflicting ideas simultaneously. The theory of cognitive dissonance proposes that people have a motivational drive to reduce dissonance. They do this by changing their attitudes, beliefs, and actions.[2] Dissonance is also reduced by justifying, blaming, and denying. … )

This is seen clearly in the realm of our political and religious beliefs which brings out strong emotional cognitive dissonance to reject ideas contrary to those we own. The same occurs with scientists because we are human and this has occurred among some Alzheimer’s scientists who cannot still believe that it is not just genes, but our poor diet that is the major cause of developing this dreaded disease whether for the very minor genetic reasons or for the large majority old age cognitive decline due to our poor diet.

In India, for example, Alzheimer’s is not a serious a problem. Helps to eat a poors man’s diet except for Americans who can only afford to buy fast foods packed with calories and sugar to allay their hunger pangs for a short time which can be cheaper than buying food at the supermarket. Older Mexicans here are in good health because they could only afford beans for protein, but the young ones on fast food are the most obese with diabetes an epidemic. Beans are my primary source of proteins.

Even Autism is likely due to blocking of vitamin D3 formation by the widespread use of UVB sunscreens allowing the melanoma causing UVA to penetrate our skin in the same way it can go through car window glass. UVA is about 98 percent and UVB about 2 percent of the sun radiation. It explains why Autism is a disease of the affluent.

Yes, UVA goes through clouds too which may explain why melanoma is high in Ireland where they don’t have enough UVB which is blocked by clouds to form vitamin D3 which helps protect against melanoma. The authorities are recommending more sunscreen use and if this economically deprived country uses the fake UVA block cheaper sunscreens, the malady will only worsen. The higher than usual level of schizophrenia there may be a similar phenomena due to a lack of UVB blocked by clouds.

It is no accident that many of these diseases were initiated due to deregulatory policies of Reagan and others. If Big Pharma says it is safe and effective, it must be policy. Bush, Jr., added Monsanto lobbyists in the FDA and possibly in the patent department at high levels to allow GMO foods which became patentable. Round Up weed killer is now found to be much more toxic to us than previously acknowledged.

Residues of partially decomposed Round in all our foods many be toxic to humans as recent research seem to indicate. No problem for Monsanto. The media has ignored this frightening news. Making Round Up at one place in the USA is causing severe ground pollution because many toxic compounds such as uranium are removed from the phosphorus used in production.

Although epigenetics is new and explains why our effort in finding genes to cure our diseases has not gone well as we expected, it has not caught on because it is a difficult science and only Big Pharma seems to have gone full force because of the huge economic implications.

They are really worried that vitamin D, a cheap epigenetic agent discussed in Holick’s book and a change in our diet may fix many of the ills that we now experience including cancer, bacteria and virus infections, Alzheimer’s, obesity, and a whole host of diseases common now as well described in the research of Professor Michael F. Holick, Ph.D., M.D., Boston University Medical School in his book The Vitamin D Solution: A 3-Step Strategy to Cure Our Most Common Health Problem. April 2010.

Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals and subsequent books are a must read. He looked at all the diets of humans from the past and present and made the alarming conclusion that the so-called American diet of manufactured diet is the only one that makes us sick! He adds that if a manufactured food has more than FIVE additives, don’t eat it!

Also add High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) which we eat and drink up to 150 lbs a year. The Sugar Fix: The High-Fructose Fallout That Is Making You Fat and Sick, by Richard J. Johnson, M.D., with Timothy Gower. For whatever reasons, this sugar forces us to eat more as the Princeton study with rats showed. Equal calorie amounts of HFCS and cane sugar were given to genetically identical rats along with unlimited amounts of rat chow. The HFCS rats became obese from overeating rat chow while the cane sugar one did not. It is more than calories. Regular sugar satiates our appetite while HFCS cuts it off and we eat more.

Here is an excerpt of the fairly clear blog explaining why Epigenetics is so important by a senior in biology at the University of Chicago.

Jim Kawakami, May 14, 2011,

Excerpts Epigenetic Blog: While the discovery that layers of information beyond DNA sequence are equally important to life is in many ways as fundamental a revelation as the discovery of DNA, it has not received such widespread recognition. This is surprising, considering that there are medical implications from choice of diet to cancer treatment. Epigenetics, as this fascinating range of mechanisms is called, deserves your attention and imagination because for the foreseeable future this new paradigm will be behind advances in our understanding of multicellularity, genome-environment interaction, and human disease.

All of the cells in your body have the same genetic code, and hence the same set of instructions, but carry out drastically different functions. This begs several questions. How does a cell know which instructions to carry out? How can the genetic instructions of a cell or an organism respond to their environment? How can some cells become cancerous while others remain healthy? …

DNA, by itself, does not do anything. It is chemically inert, and the information it contains is only relevant when accessed by proteins and RNA machinery. The central idea of epigentics is perhaps that the genomic information is not just a jumble of sequence to be read in a linear manner: the information is finely organized through a series of overlayed mechanisms that control how that information is utilized. …

Epigenetic mechanisms explain why two individuals with extremely similar genome sequence can have different physical characteristics. Identical twins have identical genomes, and are epigenetically identical at birth, but as they age, different environmental factors cause their methylation and histone modification profiles diverge, and they end up with differing patterns of gene expression and disease [7]. These changes arise within a single lifetime, but some epigenetic traits can be inherited across generations. For example, the diet of pregnant mothers can change DNA methylation patterns in the fetus, which may lead to various diseases later in life for their children [8]. …

Epigenetics: What It Means and Why You Should Care, Justin Demmerle, May 12, 2011, Justin Demmerle is a fourth-year biology major at the University of Chicago. Please join The Triple Helix Online on Facebook. Follow The Triple Helix Online on Twitter.

The central idea of epigentics is perhaps that the genomic information is not just a jumble of sequence to be read in a linear manner: the information is finely organized through a series of overlayed mechanisms that control how that information is utilized.


Fundamental shifts in the way we understand our world and ourselves are rare, and when they do happen it is often with uproar. When discovery of the DNA double helix by James Watson and Francis Crick in 1953 showed us that all of nature was bound together by a common molecular mechanism, it was assumed that the information held by the DNA sequence would be the primary determinant in the biology of any organism.

After the last forty years of biological research and the completion of the human genome sequence a decade ago, the overwhelming realization is that the information contained in the DNA sequence alone is only a fraction of the total information needed to animate the cell, coordinate multicellular behavior, and orchestrate life’s unfathomably complex sequence of biological events. …

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Bedbugs Canada MRSA and Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus faecium VRE CDC

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Canadian bedbugs carry superbug bacteria: study

(AFP) – 1 hour ago

As many as 31 percent of people living in that section of Vancouver, known as Downtown Eastside, have reported bedbug infestations, and both VRE and MSRA infections are commonly seen at the nearby Saint Paul's Hospital, the report said. …

Frosty Wooldridge, a regular blogger, author, and speaker on the dangers of immigration and population increase regarding disease spread to our country. I have attributed the spread of deadly organisms mostly due to Factory Farms Animal Factory: The Looming Threat of Industrial Pig, Dairy, and Poultry Farms to Humans and the Environment by David Kirby. Kirby worked at these places undercover because inspection is prohibited. HIV patients are a vector for transmitting resistant TB bacteria in Africa and perhaps the case for bedbugs in Vancouver, BC might be similar. So far no proof on whether the bedbugs infected with MRSA and Vancomycin, the antibiotic of last resort, have been transmitted to humans.

Most hospitalization for serious diarrhea is caused by Vancomycin resistant C. Difficile bacteria (one-third) and nonresistant bacteria (two-thirds). It is likely that a gram negative bacteria in 37 states and epidemic in New York hospitals is resistant to all antibiotics. The big scare is that this gene is easily transferred to other bacteria such as e-coli. Pneumonia deaths are increasing fast most likely do this antibiotic resistance.

  1. Difficile which forms spores when attacked is extremely hard to get rid of permanently. For example Vancomycin is a bacteriostat which stops it growing, but does not kill the bacteria and the antibiotics that kill the bacteria often do not do it completely so in this infection, it often comes back. So a healthy colon is a requirement to avoid infections.

As I reported earlier, some early studies indicate the feces from a healthy colon spouse has cured 23 patients by one doctor from almost fatal C. Difficile. Nothing worked. Other doctors are getting similar results. I know that babies soon after birth carry some of these deadly bacteria already in a small study. So perhaps the diet of the mother may affect the diet of the baby.

Remember Scientific results are unproven until many other researchers get similar results. That is what was wrong with the child vaccine scare from now revealed fraud. I never believed that study because no one else was able to repeat the work in one of the top Medical journals, Lancet. Although it is not full-proof, go to places such as the Mayo Clinic . I find it more trustworthy than Harvard. NIH and Cleveland Clinic are several good sources.

Back in the 1980s I logically decided not to use antibacterial soaps because I knew that the good bacteria on our skin keeps the deadly ones low or nonexistent. About ten years later this was proven by a peer reviewed article appearing in the Journal of the American Medical Association, but not reported repeatedly in the media for obvious commercial reasons.

Apparently the soap makes the antibacterial not work well, and the population of deadly e-coli in most meat is not completely washed off. This might be due to sloppy handwashing as is often done with these alcohol based hand cleaners and not enough rubbing. The best way to clean kitchen counters and sink to get rid of bacteria is to use vinegar with gloves. These wipes most likely do not work very well even though the claim is that they do. “You Lie”

I strongly recommend you do not use antibiotics for viral infections or bacterial infections unless recommended by the doctor after a discussion of the seriousness of your infection. The antibiotics destroy the bacteria in our colon which provide great resistance to deadly bacteria provide you eat the lower carbohydrate (sugars especially) diet.

Many seniors have bugs that indicate that they eat a high carbohydrate diet. It will take time to change the bugs in your colon, if you make meat and chicken as flavor condiments instead of your major source of proteins, you decrease your chance for infections. Fresh local yogurt or probiotic pills may help. Fresh yogurt really helped my digestive health greatly.

For the above reasons, I do not take airlines except in emergencies and stay only at the more expensive hotels where they go to more effort to keep bedbugs out, but check them out by removing the bedding (don’t put anything on the floor) and look at the seams for bedbug fecal material. They come out at night.

Jim Kawakami, May 11, 2011,

Bedbugs Canada MRSA and Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus faecium VRE CDC


Could bloodsucking bedbugs get any creepier? Turns out, the answer is yes.

Bedbugs carrying potent drug-resistant staph bacteria have been found in a poor section of Vancouver, Canada, said a report released by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday.

Five bedbugs were plucked off the bodies of three hospitalized patients from a rough section of downtown Vancouver where rates of poverty, HIV and injection drug use are high.

The bugs were tested and found to be infected with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium (VRE), said the CDC's Emerging Infectious Diseases report.

It was unclear whether the people infected the bugs or the bugs infected the people.

"To our knowledge, no conclusive evidence has demonstrated disease transmission by bedbugs," said the study, which called for further research due to the admittedly small sample of patients.

"Bedbug carriage of MRSA, and the portal of entry provided through feeding, suggests a plausible potential mechanism for passive transmission of bacteria during a blood meal."

In other words, contamination could theoretically happen if a person scratches where a bedbug has attached to the skin, causing an abrasion that allows the bacteria room for entry.

MRSA is a staph infection increasingly seen in hospitals that can turn deadly if it gets into the bloodstream or a surgical wound.

VRE is a type of bacteria that can live on the skin and in the intestines without harming a person, but can cause serious health issues in people who are ill or have weakened immune systems.

Both bacteria have developed resistance to many antibiotics.

As many as 31 percent of people living in that section of Vancouver, known as Downtown Eastside, have reported bedbug infestations, and both VRE and MSRA infections are commonly seen at the nearby Saint Paul's Hospital, the report said.

A boom in bedbug populations has been witnessed across North America and western Europe over the past 10 years. Researchers believe the surge may be fueled by increasing world travel and growing resistance to pesticides.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Corporate Crime Corruption Bribing Congress Hard to Eliminate Need High Capital Gains Needed to Provide Tax Revenue

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Economic Crisis, The Audit — May 4, 2011 07:23 PM

Audit Notes: Globalization and Corporate Crime, Capital Gains, Auto Correct

By Ryan Chittum

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Why Corporate Crime So Hard to Wipe Out

Columbia’s Jeffrey Sachs is riled up these days. He has an interesting piece on how and why corporate crime has gotten so hard to stamp out. His answer: Globalization and campaign finance:

Hardly a day passes without a new story of malfeasance. Every Wall Street firm has paid significant fines during the past decade for phony accounting, insider trading, securities fraud, Ponzi schemes, or outright embezzlement by CEOs. A massive insider-trading ring is currently on trial in New York, and has implicated some leading financial-industry figures. And it follows a series of fines paid by America’s biggest investment banks to settle charges of various securities violations.

There is, however, scant accountability. Two years after the biggest financial crisis in history, which was fueled by unscrupulous behavior by the biggest banks on Wall Street, not a single financial leader has faced jail. When companies are fined for malfeasance, their shareholders, not their CEOs and managers, pay the price. The fines are always a tiny fraction of the ill-gotten gains, implying to Wall Street that corrupt practices have a solid rate of return. Even today, the banking lobby runs roughshod over regulators and politicians.

Why Corporate Corruption is Out of Control: Two Main Reasons

Corporate corruption is out of control for two main reasons. First, big companies are now multinational, while governments remain national. Big companies are so financially powerful that governments are afraid to take them on.

Second, companies are the major funders of political campaigns in places like the US, while politicians themselves are often part owners, or at least the silent beneficiaries of corporate profits. Roughly one-half of US Congressmen are millionaires, and many have close ties to companies even before they arrive in Congress.

As a result, politicians often look the other way when corporate behavior crosses the line. Even if governments try to enforce the law, companies have armies of lawyers to run circles around them. The result is a culture of impunity, based on the well-proven expectation that corporate crime pays.

Super Rich Pay Low Taxes Due to Low Capital Gains and Dividend Taxes

Gary Rivlin of Newsweek is good to focus on why the super-rich pay far lower tax rates than most people think they do. It’s the capital-gains taxes.

We tax investment income for the richest at less than half the rate we tax work income.

Many of the super-rich see virtually all their income as capital gains, and capital gains are taxed at a much lower rate—15 percent—than ordinary income. When Warren Buffett talks about paying a lower tax rate than his secretary, that’s because she sees most of her pay through a paycheck, while the bulk of his compensation comes in the form of capital gains and dividends. In 2006, for instance, Buffett paid 17.7 percent in taxes on the $46 million he booked that year, while his secretary lost 30 percent of her $60,000 salary to the government…

It wasn’t always this way. Until the 1990s, the capital-gains tax was 28 percent. The rate was lowered to 20 percent during Bill Clinton’s tenure—and, lo and behold, says Johnston, the tax rate paid by the country’s 400 wealthiest souls fell by the same 8 percentage points. When the second President Bush lowered the capital-gains tax another 5 points along with his other tax cuts, the country’s richest citizens saw their tax rate fall another 5.5 percent, Johnston says.

Fracking Well Contamination Earthquakes Tied Gas Production Scientifically

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Fracking Gas Wells Tied to 1000 Earthquakes in Arkansas, Huffington Post, Sarah Eddington, April 20, 2011, LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- Two natural gas exploration companies have agreed to extend the shutdowns of two injection wells in Arkansas as researchers study whether the operations are linked to more than 1,000 unexplained earthquakes in the region, a state commission said Wednesday. …

Fracking Gas Duke Scientists Found Proof Associating Home Explosions Deaths and Contaminated Flammable Drinking Well Water to Fracking Gas Analysis, Pro-Publica, Abrahm Lustgarten, May 9, 2011,

For the first time, a scientific study has linked natural gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing with a pattern of drinking water contamination so severe that some faucets can be lit on fire.

The peer-reviewed study, published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, stands to shape the contentious debate over whether drilling is safe and begins to fill an information gap that has made it difficult for lawmakers and the public to understand the risks.

Drilling Regulatory Staffing in Your State

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  1. Search for how many wells have been drilled and how many gas regulators are in your state.


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  1. What is Hydraulic Fracturing?
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  1. Anatomy of a Gas Well


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  1. A Reporter’s Journey
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  1. The Faces of Dimock

The research was conducted by four scientists at Duke University. They found that levels of flammable methane gas in drinking water wells increased to dangerous levels when those water supplies were close to natural gas wells. They also found that the type of gas detected at high levels in the water was the same type of gas that energy companies were extracting from thousands of feet underground, strongly implying that the gas may be seeping underground through natural or manmade faults and fractures, or coming from cracks in the well structure itself.

“Our results show evidence for methane contamination of shallow drinking water systems in at least three areas of the region and suggest important environmental risks accompanying shale gas exploration worldwide,” the article states.

The group tested 68 drinking water wells in the Marcellus and Utica shale drilling areas in northeastern Pennsylvania and southern New York State. Sixty of those wells were tested for dissolved gas. While most of the wells had some methane, the water samples taken closest to the gas wells had on average 17 times the levels detected in wells further from active drilling. The group defined an active drilling area as within one kilometer, or about six tenths of a mile, from a gas well. …