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Fructose Excess Insulin Most Important Cause of Aging Public Relations Bernays

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All habits are extremely hard to break, especially the kind of food we eat. About 95% of weight loss programs fail in 5 years and many in the first month. How can we individually create incentives for changing our lifestyle which could shorten our lives considerably. You need to create some reward system not related to eating to keep you going. We all need support from others to comply and the only way to keep going for a long time is to get to know your close by neighbors who might like to participate. The more the better because people will drop out.

Why are higher income Americans living longer and are healthier after retirement? Unlike what too many think, it is not because they are smarter. Whether through the influence of the mother, father, nanny, teacher, and genetics, these Americans develop these skills early of being able to wait for gratification whether for food, weight loss, learning, or money.

Dr. Mercola makes the case that high insulin levels can do the same thing, if I read his article correctly. He blames the high use of sugars, especially High Fructose Corn Syrup made chemically from corn sugar. It is usually 55 percent Fructose and 45 percent glucose as separate molecules. The reason why HFCS is so addictive is that it gives you an immediate energy boost. Gatorade contained HFCS which switched to cane sugar sucrose after many Americans complained, but recently reintroduced the HFCS product with a different name! Football players like HFCS because it boosts energy fast by quickly converting glucose to glycogen in the liver. The drawback is that it also produces 30 percent of low density lipoproteins, the bad cholesterol.

Even though the science of Epigenetics is in its early stage, Drug companies have already developed some products that can turn genes on or off. Our environment including diet influences which genes are turned on or off. Even those who are predisposed to violence, their environment can make this gene go off. Violent gang leaders have done this as well as religious figures. In order words good or bad genes interact with our environment to make us what we are which can included our economy. Wall Street Players get addicted to money which causes them to crave cocaine and prostitutes. Yes, power and money changes almost all people epigenetically. The Gold Midas Effect.

Why Politics Important and How Media Influences How We Think Very Effectively

Since most Americans are politically ignorant, it is easy for the Billionaire founded Think Tanks such as the Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, Americans for Prosperity, and even individuals such as the private oil conglomerate Koch Brothers to spend millions of dollars to influence how we think. The key is constant repetition through the media news soundbites they provide to very busy broadcasters in the 24 hour news cycle, and the professionally made campaign ads directed at making us fear what will happen if Democrats are in power.

The public relations (called propaganda then) campaign developed in the USA due to Walter Lippmann and Edward L. Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud who helped him considerably in understanding how the mind works, who both had the idea that the diversity of immigrants made it mandatory on influencing how they think by an extensive propaganda campaign at the jobs, radio, books, magazines, and now primarily television.

Appeal to their emotions, not the intellect of the voting public which the Democrats have largely used and lost. Now Democrats are starting to understand the power of emotions, especially when it affects the lives of seniors (drastic cuts) and their sons, daughters, and grandson and daughters.

That is why Republican use racial prejudices a lot in winning elections. For similar reasons Abortion is brought up a lot as we found that most of the legislation at the states and the House concentrated on gaining more control over women by trying to eliminate Title 9 programs in girl athletics in college, pass very stringent, likely unconstitutional abortion laws, more to win elections that change the law. If they did, they cannot use it in the next election. Some states in the Midwest and South have passed laws to make it extremely hard for many to register and vote in the elections.

We saw in Florida and Ohio that Republicans will use illegal tactics to win elections. In 2,000 Gore was ahead by 5% from exit polls. By midnight it was tied but FOX's Bush's cousin called it for Bush and Welch forced NBC to call it for Bush too! A similar thing happened recently in Wisconsin. The woman "found" 15,000 Republican ballots "uncounted" after the election after the Democrat won. She has done this several times already. How can she get away with it! Elect Republican Supreme Court judges. A huge amount of money is going to judges from the Republicans and the Rich. Vote against judges who have lots of ads on television!

"Wisconsin Supreme Court election & recount:

The Government Accountability Board has certified the recount requested by JoAnne Kloppenburg in her challenge to incumbent David Prosser. Prosser has won by just over 7000 votes. Legal action by Kloppenburg over voting iregularities remains a possibility.

Candidates are announcing challenges to a number of state senators in recall elections to be held in July.

Recently I watched a video where Larry Tye talk about his book The Father of Spin: Edward L. Bernays & The Birth of Public Relations. Video at which was first shown September 20, 1998 , when his book came out. He interviewed Bernays when he was 102 who was still remarkably alert in his PR campaign to sell himself. He died at age 103. He along with Walter Lippmann were involved in the campaign to get us into World War I. If you have read an honest history of that time, it would be a good example of where the Republican Party has almost brought us. Even talking about not wanting to go to war put a person in jail for ten years! Many professors on the left joined the government propaganda campaign to save heir University jobs.

Bernay's 1928 book Propaganda was used very effectively by Hitler to rally the German people towards a Fascist government and increased antisemitism and allowed him to go to war.

One example of the USA use of propaganda for war is illustrated by the life of Scott Nearing in his book, The Making of a Radical, A Political Autobiography, 1972 was teaching at the University of Pennsylvania and opposed the war. He was forced out and moved to Vermont during the Great Depression and fed he and his wife by selling maple syrup and planting vegetables and trading it with other neighbors. He spent six months of the year talking all over the USA about politics which made enough money to continue his lecture tours until his late 80s when he started to write his book. One presidential candidate was convicted and thrown in jail for ten years for opposing the war in one speech. Eugene Debs was also a Socialist candidate


From Publishers Weekly Dubbed the "Prince of Puff" and the "Baron of Ballyhoo," Edward L. Bernays, who died in 1995 at the age of 103, was arguably the most influential publicist of the 20th century. The nephew of Sigmund Freud, Bernays brought an astute grasp of human behavior to the nascent field of public relations, opening his own PR firm in 1919 and launching celebrated publicity campaigns for American Tobacco, Ivory Soap, United Fruit, book publishers, manufacturers of eggs and bacon and the platforms of presidents from Coolidge to Eisenhower.

In this comprehensive biography, Tye, a Boston Globe reporter, attributes Bernay's success to a marketing philosophy that he terms "Big Think," which combined high-concept publicity stunts, endorsements from doctors, national surveys and other forms of publicity whose actual product endorsement was cleverly veiled. To promote Lucky Strike cigarettes among women in an age in which smoking in public was still outre, for example, he arranged for a parade of smoking debutantes to march down Fifth Avenue.

To market Ivory soap, he created a hugely popular national soap-sculpting contest. A domineering and self-absorbed man who never missed a chance to promote himself ("in an era of mass communication," he often remarked, "modesty is a private virtue and a public fault"), Bernays eventually became a pariah in the industry that he helped to create. At times, Tye too blithely credits Bernays for shaping events and product success, rather than seeing his work as only one part of the welter of mass media manipulations that have long since transformed American life. But Tye succeeds in piercing the rapidly spinning mythology that perpetually surrounded the man who, he convincingly argues, pioneered the modern science of spin.

With the Republican takeover of the Presidency in 1980, the Republicans have largely been in charge even when they lost the House, Senate, and the Presidency because the rules of the senate allows the minority, unless one side has 60 compliant senators, to stop all legislation except the budget bill which just requires a majority. That is why Senator Harry Reid will bring up the Republican House bill that eliminates Medicare and make Republicans vote it before the primaries and election!

Yesterday, an always Republican district full of people over 45 because the young have moved away from the jobless Buffalo area, surprisingly voted for a Democrat Kathy Hochul who won yesterday in NY-26. “Democrat Kathy Hochul's defeat of Republican Jane Corwin in a special Congressional election in western New York seemed to pivot around preserving Medicare, something Republicans want to consider cutting. (May 25)”

(Media has been soft pedaling this reason by saying it was the Tea Party candidate that was splitting the vote. Note this person ran as a Democrat twice! When his polls went down, Kathy Hochul's gained. Yes, even with 9 times more Republican ads on TV than the Democrats did not help the Republican candidate. Where is the common sense. Yes, it is propaganda in the media.

Jim Kawakami, May 25, 2011,

Dr. Mercola Dr. Mercola, M.D., Eating Mistakes that Age You,

The number one source of calories in the US.

That would be fructose, but more generically all sugars which are, in my view, the single most important dietary variable that needs to be addressed. Please understand that this is a numbers game though and the only thing that is intrinsically toxic with fructose is the quantity that is being consumed. If you take less than 25 grams per day you are in the safe range, but the AVERAGE intake is 300% more than that and the typical American consumes 75 grams every day.

Fortunately, the research that is now starting to see the light of day in every way, what I've been warning about for over a decade.

Interestingly enough, while sugar, and fructose in particular, acts as a toxin in and of itself, and as such drive multiple disease processes in your body, excess grain carbohydrates, which are broken down into glucose, has been found to detrimentally affect your genetic expression and contribute to accelerated aging that way!

The Role of Insulin in Health and Longevity See

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