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Financial News: 30 Minutes: Pimco's Bill Gross on Bloomberg's Margaret Brennan:

Headline inflation more accurate than core in future. Commodities sharp drop in oil and copper indicates a slower economy. Jim: Average investors now increasing their investments in stocks and corporate bonds, the wrong timing. Expect slower growth than predicted by the experts. Hedge funds dropped 20 percent of their investments in copper indicating to me a slower market. Bloomberg: Consumer goods inflation expected to be around 6 percent in 2011.

My own experience is that it will be even higher based on my shopping experience. Apple and other technology firms going down sharply on the Nasdaq. Stay in Big Cap Value stocks. Silver price sharp drop indicative of a slowing economy. So we will have what Britain is now experiencing due to their sharp cuts in spending. Worse economy, lower government revenue, and inflation. Debts in the Britain higher than the Euro based Greece, Spain, and Portugal.

Emerging Market growth is three times higher than the USA. Even though it is a volatile market, take a chance and stay in this market. The decision I made not to cut my allocation which is fairly high. Pension funds are heavily moving overseas and individual investors are doing the same, but seem to be still high in cash.

So wide allocation-diversification through mutual funds or ETFs throughout the world for the long term is probably the best course. Rebalance high profits in one area such as the Nasdaq into other areas every six months or so based on my guess. Vanguard has the lowest investment costs because the fund is owned by the investors, I think.

Analysis of an amateur investor based on lots of contradictory information and comments by the experts. Take my comments with a little grain of salt. Know your temperament and determine your real tolerance for risk based on what you did in previous downturns and risk taking in apparent upturns. Leaving or investing at the wrong time a common malady of many investors. Jim

My thoughts on diets: Losing weight fast diets will not keep you slim. Slow loss of weight by changing your diet permanently will keep you slim.

Food Borne Diseases Can Be Fatal: Because corn and beef bi-products fed are the main diet of cows, beef cattle, and pigs, eating corn by cattle changes the acidity of their stomach which allows the deadly 0157-H7 e-coli to form and survive in a lower acidity stomach juices, and is excreted in their feces which contaminates our water supply and crops using 0157-H7 laden water wash.

If the cattle producers stop one week of corn feed and allowed them to eat natural grasses, the 0157-H7 disappears. But they won't do that because the unnatural diet of corn makes them fatter. Now half the meat we get at our grocery store is contaminated with 0157-H7 that often destroys the kidneys of small children due to an over-responsive immune response when bacteria level gets higher and higher, which attacks many organs. Perhaps the high throughput of blood through the small capillaries may make kidneys more susceptible.

Sure perfect complete cooking meat well destroys these bacteria, but takes the good juicy taste out. Almost all chickens are contaminated with several deadly bacteria. Never buy hamburger where the fast growing e-coli is distributed throughout because meat for hamburgers are combined from cattle from all over the world, not just the USA. Normally waste products go into hamburger. Have you local butcher wash the solid meat and then grind in a cleaned machine. Pay a premium, if needed, to keep you well if you cannot give up hamburger.

McDonald's does the best job in keeping e-coli down. Only company does their own inspections at the producer plant before buying the cattle. I have never heard of an e-coli infection in these restaurants.
From my personal experience, going to McDonalds in a poor neighborhood is not recommended.

To make things worse, e-coli, a gram negative bacteria, has acquired a gene which makes them resistant to essentially all current antibiotics.

This same gene has switched into the gram negative pneumonia bacteria so many patients are now dying of pneumonia no matter how good the hospital is. New York Hospitals, some of the best in the world, have the largest number of cases and has now spread to 37 states. By avoiding hospitalization by eating bad foods or 2-3 day leftovers and other good health habits, you can avoid this hospital acquired deadly pneumonia more easily.

Probiotics either in yogurt or pill form will help us fight C-difficile, and intestinal infection which is often fatal with diarrhea than cannot be controlled with almost all antibiotics effectively. About one third of the infections are becoming untreatable. What happens is hospitable treatments might get you well enough to leave, but it often returns because it is not all wiped out. Vancomycin and other newer ones which are the antibiotics of last resort, often do not work.

Eating high carbohydrate Processed food is not good for you even though they all make health claims. High Fructose Grape Juice is not good for you. It is one of highest sources of fructose next to apple juice. Our body metabolizes unnatural High Fructose Corn Syrup (fructose and glucose separate molecules) sweetener made from about half the corn crop in the USA differently than Sucrose (Fructose and glucose chemically bonded) such as Cane Sugar.

The HFCS goes to our liver faster and our liver spends all its resources to metabolize the glucose into glycogen and the fructose metabolism produces 30 percent low density lipoproteins and perhaps Alzheimer's causing very low density lipoproteins are made at the same time which is likely.
I will look into this.

Fructose causes us to eat more and sucrose, in contrast, satisfies our hunger appetite. Rats fed equal calories of HFCS in one group and sucrose for the other rats resulted in obese rats fed HFCS who could not stop eating rat chow. The sucrose fed rats did not get fat.

Jim Kawakami, May 16, 2011,

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