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Uric Acid Fructose Sugar Fruit Juice Soda Dangers BP Obesity Diabetes Aging Kidney Failure Heart Disease Cancer Spread

Tags: Uric Acid Fructose Sugar Fruit Juice Soda Dangers BP Obesity Diabetes Aging Kidney Failure Heart Disease Cancer Spread

Inflammation of either blood vessels or organs will make it easy for cancer to spread and also leads to heart disease. The metabolism of fructose by our liver yields about 25 percent the most deadly form of low density lipoprotein or LDL. It also forms uric acid by killing our cells by draining its ATP energy component from fructose metabolism. The DNA and similar purine components convert to uric acid. The current safe levels of uric acid are not correct. It has to be much lower. Asians are prone to diabetes so we must be especially sensitive to fructose metabolism.

Although I lost 10 pounds and am keeping it off and lost 3 inches off my belly, my uric acid is still at the high level recommended by Dr. Richard Johnson. My blood is especially acidic with a pH = 5.5 so I plan to try the two week fructose fasting diet at the end of the month after I get another comprehensive blood test. Kidney blood floor calculation should be included if you are middle age and older. Depending on how many medications you take or have had a MRI or Cat Scan, you kidneys may be degraded. Uric acid harms our kidneys.

Anytime we change our diet, weight, blood glucose, or any other change in eating and exercise habits, if you can afford it go see your primary care doctor to get both comprehensive and metabolic blood tests including a urine test and a blood uric acid level determination which is both cheap and covered.


Uric Acid Fructose Sugar Fruit Juice Soda Dangers BP Obesity Diabetes Aging Kidney Failure Heart Disease Cancer Spread Dr. Richard Johnson is the chief of the division of kidney disease and hypertension at the University of Colorado, and author of The Sugar Fix, ($10 one of the best books on the market on the dangers of fructose. (Hired good writer for book. Easy reading.

As one of the physicians on the cutting edge of sugar metabolism research today, his focus is on how the overabundance of sugar in the American diet -- particularly fructose -- is causing obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and a number of other health problems.

Richard J. Johnson Interview by Dr. Joseph Mercola June 19, 2010,

… Uric Acid as a Marker for Fructose Toxicity

One of the surprising facts discussed in our first interview was how detrimental the impact of fructose is on your uric acid levels. It appears as though that process is essential to the damage that fructose causes, and it’s actually an excellent marker for toxicity from fructose.

According to the latest research in this area, the safest range of uric acid is between 3 and 5.5 milligrams per deciliter, and there appears to be a steady relationship between uric acid levels and blood pressure and cardiovascular risk, even down to the range of 3 to 4 mg/dl.

Dr. Johnson suggests that the ideal uric acid level is probably around 4 mg/dl for men and 3.5 mg/dl for women.

This is actually the only major biochemical marker that I need to optimize at this point in my life, which most likely suggests that I am particularly sensitive to fructose intake and that it’s best for me to keep my levels as low as possible.

This is most likely due to genetics and would explain why most of my paternal relatives have, or have died from, diabetes. That side of the family is most likely particularly sensitive to fructose.

So I would STRONGLY encourage everyone to have their uric acid level checked to find out how sensitive you are to fructose. (I’ll discuss this strategy further, in just a moment.) ... Video

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