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Alzheimer’s Diabetes Brain New Theory Insulin Lack Toxic to Brain as are Nitrosamine Meats and Very Low LDL

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Alzheimer’s Diabetes Brain New Theory Insulin Lack Toxic to Brain as are Nitrosamine Meats and Very Low LDL

Our brain uses more sugar than any other part of our body. Diabetes of the brain is especially damaging to the neurons.

Bottom Line: Fructose metabolizes in the liver to triglycerides which further metabolizes to Very Low Density Lipoproteins which are toxic to the brain, one cause of Alzheimer's Disease. High source High Fructose Corn Syrup in processed soft drinks, (Sunkist soda equals 6 Breyer Oreo Ice Creams) processed foods, and Fast Foods Including most drinks including Starbucks Mocha (660 calories 95 grams sugar) and McDonalds coffee drinks and shakes enormous amounts of this sugar.

Diabetes off the Brain when insulin resistance results from High Fructose Corn Syrup and sucrose sugar. The difference is that the syrup can be place in much higher amounts in food and drinks without crystallizing out, and High Fructose makes foods more palatable.

Diabetes and Obesity mushroomed when Reagan in the mid-1980s, without FDA testing, subsidized corn to very high levels to make High Fructose Corn Syrup very cheap to help the processed food corporations greatly improve their profits and replaced sucrose as the sweetener of choice. Placement in soft drinks is probably the major cause of the diabetes, Obesity, and Alzheimer's crisis. Americans consume about 150 lbs yearly of this metabolic poison.

Nitrates used in preserving hot dogs, deli meats and some cheeses, turn into deadly nitrosamine which is toxic to our brain.

Very low density lipoproteins are toxic to our brain. Produced from triglycerides in the liver.

Fructose metabolism also produces uric acid from our cells after destroying them by destroying the mitochondria. Uric acid causes inflammation of the blood vessels leading to higher blood pressure and possibly inflamed brain protective membrane. Recent data shows that uric acid range is too high and uric acid levels (test) should be below 4.5 for males and lower for females. Most uric acid comes from the cell metabolism of fructose. Colas and juices, especially apple and grape juice have high amounts of fructose. Almost all processed foods still contain high levels of High Fructose Corn Syrup.
Fructose metabolism in the liver does lead to cirrhosis in a similar manner as sucrose and alcohol metabolism.

Using Round Up weed killer over our genetically modified crops results in residual toxic chemicals left on the food crop. Whether they cause any of our common diseases or bad health is unknown. Corporate producers do not allow academics, unless under contract, to study whether these foods are safe. Clinton and Bush approved their use after being convinced by Monsanto and other lobbyists and placing their top lobbyist in one step to the top in our FDA probably helped with the approval process without testing!

The theme of the Dr. Oz Show, ABC 3:00 PM, daily, was that what we eat can cause Alzheimer’s Disease. Dr. Suzanne DeLaMonte, a neuropathologist at the Rhode Island Hospital, appeared on the Dr. Oz show to explain her new findings on the cause of Alzheimer’s Disease. Before appearing on the show, Dr. Oz discussed it with many brain Scientists at Columbia who have been on the gene kick forever, including a Nobel Prize winner, and they apparently found Dr. DeLaMonte’s work well done.

I expressed my skepticism about so much emphasis on genes causing Alzheimer’s for many years. I explained that both genetic (Body can’t degrade very low density lipoproteins easily) and late onset Alzheimer’s are caused by a similar mechanism. Very low density lipoproteins. The LDL we get from routine blood tests includes it, but does not tell us how much of the deadly very low density lipoproteins are there.

Alzheimer’s and Obesity starting in the mid-1980s when Reagan arbitrarily approved synthetic High Fructose Corn Syrup using an enzymatic process starting from corn sugar developed by Japanese scientists in 1971. However corn was too expensive to make this sugar commercial. Reagan changed that by subsidizing corn in the mid-1980s so greatly that farmers make most of their minor income from just the corn subsidy which taxpayers provide which forces farmers to maximize their production of corn or starve.

The corn to ethanol program was also a partial subsidy for the farmers and high profits for the producers of ethanol. The higher demand increases the price of corn and its production so other food crops are now scarce causing a sharp rise in prices. Corn prices have doubled in the last several years. If we include all use of oil for its production, we really do not lessen the use of oil.

Why High-Fructose Syrup Causes Insulin Resistance: Dr. Mercola’s Comments: According to the latest statistics, new cases of diabetes have increased by 90 percent in the last 10 years, and diabetes or pre-diabetes now strikes one in four Americans. Those are absolutely astounding statistics to say the least.

There’s no doubt in my mind that one of the primary fuels for this epidemic is the excess consumption of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Several studies over the past few years have also come to this conclusion, including this latest study in Cell Metabolism, in which the researchers note:

“Insulin resistance is a common feature of the metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Both have reached epidemic proportions worldwide with the global adoption of the westernized diet along with increased consumption of fructose, stemming from the wide and increasing use of high-fructose corn syrup sweeteners.

It is well established that fructose is more lipogenic than glucose, and high-fructose diets have been linked to hypertriglyceridemia, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), and insulin resistance.” ...

Recently, I briefly discussed the narrowness of thinking about gene being relevant in most Alzheimer's cases about a recent article by Kolata of the NY Times about a large study showing that about ten genes were correlated (note correlated) with Alzheimer’s in a worldwide combining of DNA structure gene data. Sharon Begley, well ahead of we common folks in seeing the forest instead of the trees. Now with Newsweek, now a great news magazine, commented Alzheimer's: Still Barking Up the Wrong Tree? while at the Wall Street Journal.

Other related articles by Begley: that researchers think and do research in such a narrow field that they are unable think beyond that. …

Wikipedia Fructose: … Fructose Metabolism By The Brain Increases Food Intake And Obesity, Review Suggests (Mar. 26, 2009) — Scientists have built on the suggested link between the consumption of fructose and increased food intake, which may contribute to a high incidence of obesity and type 2 ... > read more ... See PDF.

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