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Bad Things Happen to People Every Day at Predictable Rates, Sometimes During Millions of Vaccinations

Unfortunately, the public's general absence of knowledge about the concepts of statistics and science leads many to incorrectly associate coincidental and unrelated health events with a particular vaccination program such as the current Swine Flu and seasonal flu vaccines.

For example the unfounded fear of a very small amount of a mercury compound to prevent bacterial contamination possible during multiple shots given of flu vaccines during a vaccination program for the same vial. This has forced the health officials to use single use vials for children without mercury preservative. Multiple studies have shown no problem with the mercury preservative with all kinds of brain disorders such as Autism.

Yes, it has increased enormously since the Republican Reagan administration when not enough care was used in widespread use of sunscreens with only UVB burning rays protection and prevents production vitamin D3 from the sun. The companies ignored blocking the UVA penetrating sun rays which with enough exposure probably leads to melanoma. Unfortunately once a commercial product is introduced whether adequately studied or not, it is hard to stop because of large commercial interests. Deadly tobacco smoking is only one example.

I suspect strongly that the sharp increase in neurological diseases may have been due to the excessive use of sunscreens which prevented the body to store enough vitamin D3, a situation deadly for fetuses and babies in the first few years who rely heavily on vitamin D provided by their mothers.

Yes, vitamin D is critical for brain development of the fetus and baby. We can store about two months worth of vitamin D3 for the winter months, but most Americans do not have this store and current studies show a large majority of Americans lack enough vitamin D which is really a hormone required by every cell in our body and not just for our bones.

I suspect that the mushrooming of osteoporosis is due to small amount of vitamin D in our blood is diverted from our bones to other parts of the body. One doctor in Eugene, Oregon administered 30,000 International Units (IU) of vitamin D3 daily to one nurse to get her body stores up to par. Light skin persons can produce 22,000 IU of vitamin D during the summer in just 15 minutes of exposure!

Even though Oregon averages as much sun in a year as Florida, we have lots of rain and clouds during the winters and Oregon has one of highest level of Autism in the nation. As melanoma increases we are urged by Dermatologists to use more and more sunscreen lotion with a high SPF all the time. UVA most likely activates melanoma because it does not apparently burn but it sure ages our skin underneath our external skin layer and mutates our melanin precursor. But just like Global Warming, the evidence has to be overwhelming! Al Gore knew about Global Warming 40 years ago from his Harvard education!

Smart people are manytimes are so smart they find trivial deviations from warming theory to disprove a general concept which is experimentally obvious. Why is Venus 800 degrees? It has a carbon dioxide atmosphere!

Studies have also shown that vitamin D3 reduces the incidences of all kinds of doctors, greatly reduces colds in people who regularly get colds. Consumer Reports On Health called it the discovery of the decade.

"Vitamin D is shaping up to be the nutrient of the year—if not the decade. Researchers have discovered vita­ min D receptors in most tissues and cells in the body, and evidence is mounting that the vitamin is vital to the health of a wide variety of body systems. Studies suggest that the vitamin plays an important role in reducing the risk of a host of illnesses, notably osteoporosis, and possibly certain cancers and autoimmune, infectious, and cardiovascular diseases.

Unfortunately, blood levels of vitamin D have dropped over the past decade to the point that, according to a recent study, 77 percent of Americans have insufficient amounts. What’s changed? Well, some of the decline may stem from new testing methods. But we also go outside less often and, when we do, it’s under cover of hats and sunscreen." ...

Jim Kawakami, Nov 6, 2009,

ScienceDaily (Nov. 6, 2009) — The effectiveness of pandemic flu vaccination campaigns -- like that now underway for H1N1 -- could be undermined by the public incorrectly associating coincidental and unrelated health events with the vaccines. ...

"Regardless of whether someone gets the vaccine, bad things happen to people every day and generally occur at fairly predictable rates," said Steven Black, M.D., lead author and a physician in the Center for Global Health and Division of Infectious Diseases at Cincinnati Children's. "Identifying real safety concerns with new vaccines means we have to untangle actual safety signals from background medical events, which are those that would happen without vaccination." ...

The problem the authors identified is that public concern regarding medical events can interfere with important vaccine programs, even if the vaccine is not the cause. One example they cited is the interruption of a 2006 seasonal influenza campaign in Israel, where four deaths occurred within 24 hours of immunization. The clustering of fatalities and close timing of vaccination resulted in global news coverage, public trepidation and compromised the inoculation campaign.

In actuality, the four patients who died all were in a group already at high risk for sudden death from age and underlying medical conditions. Their deaths were consistent with a cardiac cause of death, and the number of deaths was lower than would be expected normally for such a high risk population. ...

The authors also revisited one of the concerns raised during the 1976-77 swine flu vaccination program. The vaccine in that campaign was associated with an increased number of Guillian-Barre Syndrome cases, in which the body's immune system mistakenly attacks part of the nervous system. Guillian-Barre normally affects about one out of every 100,000 people a year. Based on this Guillian-Barre background rate, if 100 million people in the United States are inoculated in a pandemic flu vaccination campaign, the researchers said one would expect 215 new cases of the disease within six weeks of vaccine. These cases would be expected to occur whether or not the vaccine had been given. ...

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