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2,000 IU Vitamin D for those with Osteoporosis and High Levels for Seniors and Those with Low Sun Exposure

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I normally watch Bloomberg about 10 AM PDT so I have missed Margaret Brennan. Immediately saw from her eyes and face that she was extraordinarily intelligent like Bill and Hillary Clinton. I did not know she was one of the hottest stock babes at CNBC. But the excerpt from the Observer proves once again that I can read intelligence without a person speaking. Just the power of observation, but I think we all have this skill, because we tend to be immediately without speaking attracted to and marry someone with very similar intelligence levels.

The New York Observer, Felix Gillette, June 24, 2009, Margaret Brennan Leaves CNBC for Bloomberg
... Prior to joining CNBC, Ms. Brennan majored in foreign affairs at the University of Virginia, studied Arabic at a university in Jordan as a Fulbright-Hayes scholar, and interned at CNN's international newsdesk.
"I'm going to be anchoring there, and hopefully expanding my reporting as well," Ms. Brennan told The Observer on Tuesday. "It's a tremendous opportunity to join an already great team. My background and my interest is in international news. I'd love to tap into that. I've been covering the consumer and retail for a few good years now at CNBC....I think across the board, you can't separate the business stories from the international political stories any longer. Covering the global consumer, covering the global markets--all that is going to be a part of the canvas here." ...
I often quote President Obama saying that it takes 17 years for half of the doctors to use proven Best Treatments for their patients. Doctors are now forced to see at least twice as many patients to cover their overhead costs and it is extremely hard to keep up with thousands of publications appearing daily. So it is especially important have a board certified Internist or Family doctor as your primary care doctor if possible. Pick doctors who take the time to answer your well thought out and written questions. They don't have time for small talk.

Remember this truism: Corporations, television news, experts or even well read scientists such as myself are often wrong or make bad guesses or are intentionally misleading us for their profit or the profit of their organization. I hope I am not the latter. Of course honest opinions can also be wrong. That is why I try to read a wide range of reasonable and logical opinions, a privilege or inclination very few people have these days. I even question what Dr. Oz, Dr. Mercola, Oprah, and other wise individuals say what they think is correct. Below is an heavily excerpted Oprah/Dr. Oz interview.

Many doctors are now recommending higher levels of vitamin D for osteoporosis and older people.

In the past doctors have been recommending more and more calcium tablets for their patients with osteoporosis which, of course, does not work if our body does not have enough vitamin D! I hear 1,200 mg daily a lot now for calcium, but I think 800 mg is probably enough if you take enough vitamin D. How do I know? Go back to the past when the amount of calcium used then got calcium from food and pre-sunscreen days where we produced plenty of vitamin D. Remember to add 200-300mg of magnesium because they go together.

I take in more fat calories by adding two 8 oz glasses of low fat milk daily and sun flower and pumpkin seeds for more magnesium and other nutritious stuff. My weight is holding steady at ten pounds lower than my top weight. Fat from my stomach area has largely disappeared. This is the Omentum organ fat which is flat when healthy, but loads up with the most deadly fat. It is a storehouse for fat for survival purposes in our long history with sparse food. Now we have too much cheap Fast Foods and Drinks.

Dr. Oz says. "We're born with omentums that we can store fat in. So we're supposed to be able to have it get bigger and smaller."

You also know that your target omentum measurement is 32 and a half inches for women and 35 inches for men. If you have trouble remembering that target, Dr. Oz has a shortcut—your waist shouldn't be any larger than half of your height.

But what is the best way to measure your omentum?

Dr. Oz says to first find your belly button. Then, before you measure, suck your stomach in as much as you can. "We're not concerned about how lax your muscles are or your posture. What we want to figure out is what's going on inside the muscles, where the omentum is. You can't suck your omentum in," he says. "If you're sucking as hard as you can and taking a deep breath in, if that lets you measure your waist to just get the omentum, you're doing fine ... (continued)

What did we get when we elected radical Republicans into office in 1980? We got the rapid spread of AIDS and thanks to radical Republicans who convinced Ugandan's to stop use condoms, an epidemic in AIDS again! Here is an incomplete list of deadly foods and medicines and social programs we got from the Republican controlled Congress or President or both.

1. Under a fake WhiteWater and minor sex scandal ridden situation and having Greenspan and Rubin as financial advisors led Clinton to sign the bill that eliminated the Banking control act in 1999 Glass-Steagal Act and 2,000 Banking De-regulation both led by Republican Senator Armey who now runs a lobbying firm involved in stopping Healthcare and now Financial Reform.
2. Under Reagan we got cheap corn and deadly High Fructose Corn Syrup which could be used in frozen and other prepared foods at levels unattainable with cane sugar which crystallizes out and led to convert unpalatable foods based on GMO Corn and Soybeans to be eaten by Americans in huge volume. As I said many times, GMO SoybeansThe metabolic products produced in metabolizing Fructose by our liver leads to cirrhosis in a similar mechanism that alcohol does, raises our uric acid level which can lead to gout and raise our blood pressure.

Just by cutting out apples, but continuing eating oranges, my fasting blood glucose dropped from 101 (Abnormal) to 85 in my test a week ago.

3. They allowed corporations to work us to death by ignoring the Wagner Act
Wikipedia: The National Labor Relations Act (or Wagner Act, after Robert F. Wagner) is a 1935 United States federal law that limits the means with which employers may react to workers in the private sector that create labor unions, engage in collective bargaining, and take part in strikes and other forms of concerted activity in support of their demands. The Act does not, on the other hand, cover those workers who are covered by the Railway Labor Act, agricultural employees, domestic employees, supervisors, federal, state or local government workers, independent contractors and some close relatives of individual employers. ...

4. Reagan Wars: Largely supported by the Establishment including the New York Times. The civilian population of Europeans saw the horrors, evils, and devastation of wars in-person. We did not experience it here, so we seem to tolerate wars on others much more easily.

5. Bush/Cheney: Too numerous to list!

Jim Kawakami, May 10, 2010,

Older adults need up to twice the amount of vitamin D than is typically recommended, according to guidelines released Monday by the International Osteoporosis Foundation, LA Times, Shari Roan May 10, 2010
Concluding a meeting in Switzerland, the group urged adults, defined by this group as 65 and older, to aim for a 25-OHD blood level -- the primary marker for vitamin D in the blood -- of 75 nanomoles per liter. To reach that level, one would need an intake of 20 to 25 micrograms per day (or 800 to 1,000 international units) of vitamin D.

That is significantly greater than the U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance of 10 micrograms (400 IU) for people ages 51 to 70 and 15 micrograms (600 IU) for people 71 and older. Moreover, the international group cautioned that intakes of up to 50 micrograms or 2,000 IU may be necessary for people who are obese, have osteoporosis, have limited sun exposure or who have problems absorbing vitamin D. ... See

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