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GoComics prevented me from saving the BP cartoon showing BP CEO holding a large bag of $6.08 billion in profits with the cost of a clean-up costing $6 million next to a burning rig. In 2003 an effort was made to pass a bill that increased safety regulations for Off-Shore Oil Rigs and remote control shut off valve and other safety devices to prevent a large spill. BP succeeded in stopping any regulation bills from passing. No problem in the Bush/Cheney Oil Cartel administration. All other large countries has these safety measures in place.

BP has beautiful ads saying how good they are, but the facts show that they ignore maintenance resulting in a large pipeline spill in Alaska and a plant explosion in Louisiana killing about ten people. They just don't do maintenance at all! Probably the reason for the explosion on the rig.

Remember that large corporations only care about profits and nothing else. The government safety organization OSHA had to be tripled in size by Obama as did the Auto Safety division that tries to keep us safe. The corporations have actuaries that determine the cost of not doing something to make it safer verses the cost of improving equipment or maintaining them. It is cheaper to not do it and pay for any lawsuits from people killed and injured becomes chump change!

Shows what happens when a corporate Supreme Court and a corporate government runs our country. We don't count!

Saw the former President of Harvard Bok talk on the Charlie Rose Show. . He was hawking his book on happiness! One thing he said right is that people really do not know what makes them happy. It is better to observe what they do and how they do it or just give them a well designed test.

Bok should have read the book "The Spirit Level: Why Greater Equality Makes Societies Stronger" by two British researchers, Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett, who actually have reams of data to prove their point. It took more than ten years to compile the facts. University Presidents are picked for fund raising abilities and not their ability to make an university to prepare students to tackle the real world. The Ivy schools unfortunately instill in their students that they are very special and deserving of great economic success, but not policies that will make our country greater for all people.

Yes, the Republicans talk about high taxes to prevent more equality because it sounds good. The middle 20% have been taxed to hell in our Zero Sum Game (google) while the taxes for the rich have fallen so much that they contribute less to improve our country and take more of government help than in the past.

Because taxes are so low for the affluent and rich, we normal Americans have to pay for more things which European countries provide for all. Because these countries to different extents offer many of the necessary things, it is not necessary to keep increasing profits for companies to survive if we did not have Wall Street and its equivalent. Lets get rid of these monstrosities We are the suckers. We need VAT taxes which are retroactive to 2000. In the 1950s when they had to be good citizens, about 50% of our school costs were paid by them. Now it is less than 10% and going down as their profits increased exponentially.

This is the conservative philosophy from God Crazy Chuck Asay. He is criticizing providing aid for those who lost their jobs. I am fairly sure he just reads the contradictory stories in the Old Testament to pick up the "Right" view and ignores the teachings of Jesus!

Arizona racist law was strongly supported by The FAIR Group which has leaders and associates who hug the neo-Nazi leaders. See video Rachel was able to get the FAIR leader who behaves like Bill O'Reilly of FOX and prevented Rachel from even asking questions or give replies to his diatribes. The next day she gave up the fact check and he lied almost 100% of the time while looking as if he was insulted. He is definitely a sociopath.

I watched the hearings on C-Span 3. I could not believe how arrogant they were! Goldman Sachs did what Wall Street has always done without significant punishment such as going to jail. The Enron collapse was set up by JP Morgan Chase and other Wall Street Firms. Goldman Sachs out-did them and nearly destroyed Greece! The stock market is reacting to the crooks at Goldman Sachs. Yes, Blame the Leader, Blankfein who approved everything. The big crook at City Group was our dear former Goldman Sachs chairman Rubin! Paulson set up the derivatives trade at Goldman Sachs in about 2001 after Bush got in by stealing the election with the considerable help of the Supreme Court. Those who read the jump page of the recount by newspapers of the New York Times would know that Gore would have won by any permutation of the recount in Florida. Jeb Bush did not go to jail for fraudulently removing 100,000 registered Democrats by calling them felons!

Rubin also was the strongest player in getting rid of Glass-Steagal Act put in by President Franklin D. Roosevelt which allowed Investment banks to use depositors money to speculate.

We should tax wealth instead of income heavily! Corporations are a fascist state with one ruler. Does California want more of Bush/Cheney?

Jim Kawakami, May 01, 2010,

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