Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tax Cuts for Rich Why Did It Not Help Now or Ever for the Rest of Us?

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If tax cuts for the rich help so much, why did the Bush tax cuts for the rich make so many Americans poorer during his eight years without including the horrendous deregulation policies in things that matter to us including approving toxic drugs, sending drug production to China resulting in lots of fake drugs and toxic so-called real drugs, not enforcing laws that protect us from deadly e-coli in our food supplies including organic packaged lettuce and who knows what else.

I try to buy food made in Oregon or Washington and avoid anything made in China or Mexico. If I were a beef eater, I would live in Oregon because it is possible to buy meat and chicken not fed antibiotics and hormones to make them grow faster. Yes, the milk and meat has residues and go into our water supply. People also dump unused pills into their sink which our purification system does not effectively remove in many cases. No wonder antibiotics no longer work!

Those who get the antibiotic resistant MRSA mutant stapf is very hard to get rid of completely. It keeps coming back to cause some people to be sick for years.

Obama had to practically double the size of the staff to make sure our automobiles such as Toyotas are safe. No one had the skill to check out the cars electronics and only an alert Los Angeles Times reported was able to find the problem in the new 2010 Toyotas.

In 2005 Bush made the ruling that an oil leak larger than the one by BP could be quickly controlled so deep water oil rigs could be built without any real regulations. We allowed the regulations by countries that don’t even produce oil to govern how to inspect the oil rigs! Trans Ocean who was also the company which was responsible for the huge Gulf Oil leak which took six months to stop!

BP was so unregulated by the Bush gang that they had 753 severe violations of safety regulations resulting in at least 35 deaths in multiple accidents due to breaking safety regulations. The other major oil companies had one or two.

Jim Kawakami, August 7, 2010,

Pawlenty’s Plan To Extend The Bush Tax Cuts For The Wealthy: Take From The Middle Class As Republicans double down on the need to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, most have been unwilling to a offer a way to pay for the lost revenue they represent, while others have concocted a fantasy world where tax cuts pay for themselves.

In an interview with Bloomberg’s Al Hunt yesterday, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) called for the extension of all the Bush tax cuts, and at least attempted to provide a way to pay for them — use unspent stimulus money to find $40 billion:

HUNT: Okay, alright. $40 billion is what those [Bush tax cuts for the wealthy] cost in one year. Where you take the $40 billion from?

PAWLENTY: That’s easy. You can start by going back and looking at the stimulus package, which is still half unspent, which is not a good package. That could be redesigned and redeployed. And number two, if you look at the growth in federal spending, whether it’s in the entitlement side or the mandatory outlay side or on the discretionary side, you could easily find $40 billion. …

But more importantly, Pawlenty is suggesting taking tax cuts away from the middle class in order to give them to the rich. Contrary to conservative talking points, the stimulus package actually cut taxes for 95 percent of working Americans, and there are still $55 billion in tax benefits that have yet to be expended. So removing funds from the stimulus to pay for tax cuts amounts to raising taxes on all of those people.

The tax benefits in the stimulus include the Making Work Pay Tax Credit, which will give up to $400 to working individuals and $800 for working married couples this year; the Additional Child Tax Credit, which makes more families eligible for tax credits; and the Earned Income Tax Credit, which increases tax credits to taxpayers with three or more children. Bottom line: Pawlenty’s proposal is to take money from the middle class and give it to the rich.

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