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Why Former CEOs Fail in Governorships and Presidents?

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Want to find out what is really happening in the world? Firms such as Reuters and AP were started by Wall Street to get the information out very fast. If you are interested in what is really happening in the world, the financial newspapers or those who cover it in more than a cursory manner is the place to go.

Normally the jump page from front page stories or the jump pages news reporting in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and the superb Financial Times tells you what is happening in a more truthful manner. Why? Money is involved so investors must get the truth of what is really happening.

In the latest Bloomberg Business Week, , the first story was about the flight attendant who got angry after the plane landed and a passenger started removing his luggage from the overhead bin and when the hostess tried to tell him to wait, the passenger continued to remove his luggage and it fell on the former's head! The rest you know.

In the page one article "Mad As Hell" Bloomberg Business Week writer Devin Leonard said the 180,000 people who left a message on Flight Attendant Steven Slater's Face Book page "seemed to spring from the collective imagination of a hot, angry, overworked, and underpaid America." Then Devin continues talk about Johnny Paycheck's song, "Take this Job and Shove It." The median income of American families is now $44,000/year! In Oregon which is a poor state, this salary for a family of four gives a family only the basic necessities of shelter, food, and home entertainment. Even going to a movie is prohibitive.

As CEOs they ruled absolutely, but as governors and presidents, they have to compromise, as in the case of President and Governor, on any decisions they make unless they control 60 votes in the Senate and have majorities in both the House and Senate. Bush as having two failed oil companies in spite of support from the Saudi rich, took his failures including his Napoleon complex to the White House.

Whitman who is running for the governor of California and Fiorina who is running for the Senate are running for the wrong jobs based on how they behaved as CEO's of E-Bay and HP where they played a ruthless game of beating on their employees. Fiorina and the current just fired CEO Hurd increased profits by firing lots of people and hiring temp workers at very low salaries for periods longer than legal.

Obama's ability to compromise problem is that a former Heathcare company executive, Nebraska's Senator Ben Nelson (D) almost always votes with the Republicans so often he needs at least two Republicans to vote with the Democrats. On some bills he gets the two Maine Senators Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe to vote with the Democrats, but not on most bills except some major bills where their votes are needed.

Remember almost all moderates in the Republican Party has been removed in the primaries where the radical Republicans vote en mass. That is why I switched from a moderate Republican to an Independent to a Democrat. I even voted for McCain in California in the Republican primaries because I knew from Bush's past history he will fail. Note that some of our recent good Presidents came from the Senate such as Johnson minus Vietnam and to many John F. Kennedy. Johnson passed two bills that were not passable. Medicare and the Civil Rights Bill when the Southern Democrats were in the House and Senate!

Historians may even consider President Obama in this class, if he survives, for passing the not passable Healthcare Reform Bill and Financial Bill in spite of almost 100% opposition by the corporate elite Republicans.

Why do voters vote for Republicans? The rich and affluent often vote for Republicans because it is in their best interest. But a large majority vote for social and religious reasons. Emotion trumps Logic.

Why do so many smart people also tolerate or support political policies and bills that are not for their best interests? A recent brain scan study indicates why. When people listen to their friends, their thinking ability is active. They turn off their thinking brain when watching television whether shlock news or the News Hour on PBS because when experts talk the thinking part of the brain turns off! Trust Us We're Experts is a must read book on propaganda. A previous study by the Wall Street Journal came to the same conclusion. The brain goes into almost a sleep mode when watching television! I almost always actively challenge what is being said on television constantly to avoid this trap.

Jim Kawakami, August 20, 2010,

Can Meg Whitman spend her way past Jerry Brown in polls?

By Jack Chang | The Sacramento Bee

Since Republican Meg Whitman and Democrat Jerry Brown won their parties' nominations in June, tens of millions of dollars have been spent trying to break the statistical tie that's gripped the race for months.

Whitman, in particular, has blanketed the state in radio and TV ads touting her corporate experience and depicting Brown as a failed career politician. Brown hasn't spent anything on advertising yet, but his union allies have aired commercials attacking Whitman as the heartless former CEO of the online auction firm eBay.

With the general election season now at its halfway point, 10 weeks from the primary and 10 until the Nov. 2 vote, the campaigns remain stuck where they started — tied in every public opinion poll.

That presents a perplexing challenge for Whitman, who's been running paid advertising in the state for nearly a year — starting with a radio spot introducing her to voters last September.

Californians may now be tuning out all the ads or even turning a skeptical eye on them after watching for so long, said Clayton Critcher, a social psychologist and assistant professor of marketing at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business.

"With repetition, there's a positive effect even when people aren't paying close attention to those ads," Critcher said. "If Meg Whitman keeps talking about creating jobs, it strengthens that association that she is the jobs candidate.

"But the negative is once you start hearing these claims for too long without a strong substantive argument to back them up, what may at first be advantageous can change because you're waiting to hear how exactly that is going to happen. Once you don't have to devote too much attention to understanding what's being said, you can focus on what's behind the message."

On top of that, voters typically tune out during the summer and only start paying attention after Labor Day, said Field Poll director Mark DiCamillo.

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