Thursday, September 9, 2010

Economy Bottom 80% Do Much Better Democratic Presidents One Graph Shows Why

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Americans no longer learn or can learn much from the written word tragically. That is why increasing emphasis has been put into pictures and videos to pass the message they want. The BP propaganda ads are quite good where we see smiling “common workers” praising BP for its work. Very effective. The Big Pharma ads work this way too even though they warn viewers about the train load of bad side effects, viewers only see the smiling images.

Republicans use images and scary music in their political ads taking advantage of hired psychologists to shape the voters mind with fear by constant repetition. Thanks to the Roberts and Alito Corporate Supreme Court, unlimited amounts of money can be spent through front groups as the Chamber of Commerce run by the board members such as Blankenship whose poor safety record killed 29 coal miners. Do we want those people to run our country? Radical religious work the same way.

When Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, was asked why German is doing so well, she emphatically stated “We Make Things!”

We do not really have a Free Market system except the powerful countries penetrating poorer countries. So we have to make a choice. Do we favor Americans or do we favor International Corporations only? Do we want to have dictatorial capitalism such as Hitler, Mussolini had or as China has now? We are rapidly approaching a Fascist State where wealthy controls everything if we are not there now.

How do they control us? They Keep us dumb and entertained. Orwell in 1984 prescience transcends time by anticipating what is happening to our democracy. He saw how governments work, the Communist, Fascist systems, and so-called Democracies where the wealth and power rule. in the Spain Civil War which he was involved. Good people turn bad to survive. That is where we are now.

Based on the recent economic data, only the top one to two percent are making big advances while the bottom 99% during the Bush Republican to 2005 regime went down to 1973 average income levels.

Jim Kawakami, Sept 9, 2010,

Why elections matter, in one graph I've been trying to figure out how to link to Timothy Noah's series on inequality, which falls under the rubric of "things you should read that I have nothing to say about." One thing I can say is that Noah, Catherine Mulbrandon and Slate have put an enormous amount of work into creating visuals to accompany the articles, and the results are really impressive. This graph, for instance, is the best visualization I've seen of Larry Bartels’s striking data showing how different income groups do under Republican and Democratic presidents:


Much more here.

By Ezra Klein | September 8, 2010; 11:44 AM ET

The United States of Inequality


ENTRIES Computer Exceptionalism

By Timothy Noah

Posted Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2010, at 11:07 PM ET


ENIAC computer, late 1940s or early 1950s

"What you earn," Bill Clinton said more than once when he was president, "is a function of what you can learn." That had always been true, but Clinton's point was that at the close of the 20th century it was becoming more true, because computers were transforming the marketplace. A manufacturing-based economy was giving way to a knowledge-based economy that had an upper class and a lower class but not much of a middle class.

The top was occupied by a group that Clinton's first labor secretary, Robert Reich, labeled "symbolic analysts." pastedGraphic_2.pdf These were people who "simplify reality into abstract images that can be rearranged, juggled, or experimented with" using "mathematical algorithms, legal arguments, financial gimmicks, scientific principles, psychological insights," and other tools seldom acquired without a college or graduate degree. At the bottom were providers of "in-person services" like waitressing, home health care, and security. The middle, once occupied by factory workers, stenographers, and other moderately skilled laborers, was disappearing fast. …

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