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Income Stagnation Articles Analyzed by CJR, Propaganda by Emphasis, No Time to Read Articles

Tags: Income Stagnation Articles Analyzed by CJR, Propaganda by Emphasis, No Time to Read Articles

Kawakami: Whether you are an activist or investor, this analysis is worth reading carefully. No one is completely objective because we are influenced by our life, genes, and experiences.

I will have additional comments between Chittum’s analysis. Edward Bernays established the Public Relations Industry in America and was writing another book when he died at age 104. He sold us the hearty breakfast in 1910 and got us into World War I under Wilson.

The propaganda against labor unions allowed Wilson to put a labor leader in prison for opposing the War! He also made the Huns the scourge of the earth and their lives were threatened and taken by Americans. Wilson also created a climate with propaganda to force Universities to fire any Professor speaking out against the war.

Hitler read his 1928 book Propaganda in prison and used it to win over the German people and created the Climate for the Holocaust where the Germans, Polish, French, Russians, and others joined in the killing of at least Six Million Jews plus gypsies, homosexuals, and other people the command found undesirable. Propaganda has consequences.

Propaganda is now used primarily directed at the elites who support wealth and power and consumers so they can impart through the media their corporate or government truths about what is happening here and in the world. Corporations use it extensively in election ads which greatly distorts the truth.

Part of the reasons that Journalism Schools were established is to control what the public watches, hears and sees. They believed that Public cannot know all the truth because they do not have the training or intelligence to understand the truth. The Internet including Face Book and twitter for good or bad, has changed that. Book Propaganda by Edward Bernays

Media Professor Crispin Miller of NY University has a wonderful introduction to Edward Bernays’ book Propaganda, 1928 reprint. $10.

Kawakami: Modus Operandi for NY Times. Because I was so busy in the past with hard work, tennis, skiing, amusements, and watching football games, I only read the first six paragraphs of the NY Times story. After the 2,000 faux election of Bush, I started to read other sources such as Noam Chomsky and Amy Goodman to find out what was really happening to our country.

I found that reality did not come from skim reading of the front page of newspapers, but an examination of books and opinions which differ from establishment news. Even Rachel and Keith have to be careful what they say and if they say the wrong thing the seven-second delay allows producers to delete segments which happened quite a bit with Rachel until she complained on the air which reduced the censoring. Professional journalist know what not to say so Olbermann tends to stick with them.

Jim Kawakami, Sept 22, 2010,

Economic Crisis Income Drop the Last 30 Years Poverty Increased Faux News Ryan Chittum, Sept 19, 2010,

… There is a difference this time: In the prior three recessions, incomes fell after years of upswing, then resumed growing once the downturn ended. The decline this time comes on top of a long period in which incomes stagnated even through the recovery of 2003 to 2007. …

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