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Autism Link Brain Disorders Vitamin D Deficiency Supported Swedish Minnesota Studies

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I heard briefly on TV about Autism and Vitamin D deficiency reported by Scientific American a few years ago. I recently started subscribing to Scientific American so I had access to its archives and found the article below. You can get the total 5 page article at the library or pay online a few dollars. This article with some other studies only strengthens my conclusion that Autism and widespread use of sunscreens of increasing SPF is the primary cause of Autism. Sunscreens were not mentioned in this article for whatever reasons.

In the 1980s both Australia and Sweden reported sharp increases Melanoma among Caucasians along with sharper increases among Somali Immigrants. In both cases sunscreens lowered vitamin D3 production which led to its deficiency.

Every to be mothers, and infants need to start taking much larger amounts of vitamin D3 due to a great loss in vitamin D from sun exposure. The vitamin D3 metabolite, 25-hydroxy-vitamin D, should be measured with blood tests. Do not let your doctor measure 1,25=dihydroxy-vitamin D metabolite which is produced by the kidneys. Every cell in our body converts 25-hydroxy D as needed into the active form to greatly improve our immune system to lower the risk of infections and autoimmune diseases.

Adults also need to start taking supplements of at least 2,000 to 4,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily. 10,000 IU over long periods have been found not be toxic. Even those who took one million IU daily for a month survived but got very sick from high calcium levels in the blood. Many patients take 50,000 IU of vitamin D3 every week for a month and then take it every other week to cure osteoporosis with much less risk than Big Pharma drugs. It does not happen immediately, but should help greatly over a year. The vitamin D3 metabolite gets activated in the intestines to help transfer the calcium into the blood stream.

Jim Kawakami, March 24, 2011,

What If Vitamin D Deficiency is a Cause of Autism? Scientific American. Gabrielle Glaser, April 24, 2009, At northern latitudes in the summertime, light-skinned people produce about 1,000 international units (IUs) of vitamin D per minute, but those with darker skin synthesize it more slowly, says Adit Ginde, an assistant professor at the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine. Ginde recommends between 1,000 to 2,000 IUs per day, calling current recommendations of 200 IUs per day outmoded.”

“The idea, although not yet tested or widely held, comes out of preliminary studies in Sweden and Minnesota. Last summer, Swedish researchers published a study in Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology that found the prevalence of autism and related disorders was three to four times higher among Somali immigrants than non-Somalis in Stockholm.”

“Gene Stubbs, an associate professor emeritus of psychiatry and pediatrics at Oregon Health & Science University, says the preliminary research is already intriguing. "We don't have proof, but I am certainly leaning in the direction that this hypothesis could be correct for a proportion of kids," says Stubbs, who has been studying autism for 30 years. He is launching a pilot study of 150 pregnant women who have at least one child diagnosed with the disorder. The women will receive 5,000 IUs of vitamin D3 during gestation and 7,000 IUs during lactation. "If we find that we are able to reduce the recurrence rate of autism within families substantially enough, others will want to study this in larger groups with larger controls."

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