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Corporate Disaster Capitalism: Financial Collapses, Katrina, and September 11 Related?

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Goggle has greatly improved gmail. I am considering using it where I have an account and get away from comcast. Has anyone transferred old e-mails from comcast to Google? It is especially good for searching and storage. I will soon write a more detailed essay on the state of the market. The only time I spend more time on financial matters is when it gets even more complicated as it is now. No one seems to know what is going to happen when the Fed stops buying treasury bonds. I love exploring complex phenomena. Jim

Disaster Capitalism: Financial Collapses, Katrina, and September 11 Related?

I am sure the person that I recommended to buy gold convertibles several years ago is very happy. Convertibles are one of the few things you can have and not be hurt from higher interest rates. Hedge Funds which are speculating much less than the Banks, are heavy in convertibles. Great controversy about why PIMCO went completely out of Treasuries. The amount of speculation now is higher than it was in the Crash thanks to the Fed and lobbying efforts by the corrupt Bankers. Financials are now 63 percent of our GDP!

Tett did a good job in her column today explaining this today in the Financial Times which is becoming a must read. Gillian Tett is now the editor of USA operations and Financial Journalist of the Year in Britain. Tett said in the film that she got e-mails about the potential collapse and corruption for years before Sept 2008. Inside Job, a great documentary that will keep you glued to your seat for 2 hours.
Even though I have no absolute proof, I think Bush deliberately ignored the August 6, 2001 note from the CIA that the World Trade Center is the target for terrorists. Why hold no terrorist security meeting until one week before the attack?

Why was the most competent New York City FBI agent on Al Queda in the country fired on a frame job the summer of 9/11? Why was only one CIA agent responsible exclusively on Al Qaeda?

In the National Security Meeting, Condi Rice said more than once that in order to institute what we want to do, we need another Pearl Harbor. Sure she knew! She is now back at Stanford university along with others involved in Disaster Capitalism tenured at major universities or corporations.

Was this like Katrina and the Financial Disaster where all the major players were involved? We may never know for sure.

Corporations and their Republican allies have finally decided to put their cards on the table. Repubs will control the lives of Americans and the world whether we like it or not. The police that confronted the protestors in Madison, Wisconsin were not Madison or state police, but the nation's largest private police, British owned Wackenhut Securities or now G4S, from the town that the Governor ruled. Wackenhut has such a poor reputation based on its ill treatment of prisoners at their private prisons that we can understand the thuggish behavior by G4S guarding the Madison State House.

Power and Greed has the same effect as cocaine and prostitutes on the brain. Prostitutes and Cocaine used most by Goldman Sachs brokers as seen in the new video on the Academy Award documentary film, Inside Job. The pleasure brain chemicals gush out with Cocaine, Lots of Money and McDonalds! The Goldman Sachs people must have been roaring with laughter when governor Spitzer resigned from a made up charge of laundering money. No one should have been looking at $3000 cash deposits.

The Bush Gang had to be involved with their extensive spy mechanisms. Bush removed the FBI from White Collar Crimes and put them on the fake Homeland Security corporate profit bank. Don't forget that the Clinton administration told Bush and Condi Rice that the Al Qaeda attack will come soon.

As soon as Bush got in he removed the good Al Gore Airport Security at the airports. Why? I wonder what happened to the alternative government structure Bush/Cheney built? What is the status of the large prisoner of war camps Bush had built? Are they expecting revolution here?

The reason no one has gone to prison for this Massive Wall Street Ponzi Scheme is that everyone was involved! Top professors at Harvard and Columbia, our dear Bushy and the Republicans involved in the dismantling of regulations that led to 40 years of financial stability. Yes, Clinton was President, but he was neutralized with cooked up scandal when he vetoed the Bank bill that allowed credit card debt from Americans not be involved when declaring bankruptcy while corporations do this all the time!

Bush threw out 76 SEC regulators when he came into office, dismantled FEMA, destroyed the EPA and similar agencies because they wanted to have disasters including the Financial Crisis. Of course Reagan deregulated the S&L banks which gave the Bush brothers great profits without being thrown in jail. The latter established the "honesty" of Senator McCain. Neil Bush who crashed the S&L in Colorado also made hundreds of millions by the development of worthless educational software for Bush's education "effort."

The money the educational elites made from "consulting" came close to bribes by corporations. Summers, Geithner, and especially Paulson and Greenspan were heavily involved. Yes, they knew years earlier. Prince, CEO of Citigroup, made the comment that what will happen when the music stops before he lost his job? Rubin advised Citigroup to go into derivatives late. Only Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan understood derivatives. The latter made them. The hedge fund guy Paulson collaborated with Goldman Sachs to make sure to fail CDOs from the worst subprime loans.

This film is so well put together mostly with interviews minus the major players who refused to consent to an interview. The professors who thought they could outwit the interviewer were sadly mistaken started sputtering when it became obvious that there were had.

I guess President Obama had no choice but to appoint crooks because he knew that the Republicans would not let him appoint honest individuals such as Professor Warner from Harvard. One time Michelle Obama blurted out that Washington is a cesspool or similar words! It was soon buried by the news media so I did not get the details.

Corruption in this country is so widespread, that it is not even seen anymore. Just following orders! I guess we could understand the Germans under Hitler doing vile things. My experience in Academics and Corporations confirm the widespread corruption of those with power.

So the public finally reacting to it Wisconsin and Michigan and other places is truly welcome. Illinois today voted to abolish the death penalty which should be a national policy. Drugs are not legal now because it might impact the profits of Big Pharma and corporations who launder drug money. All the large banks had to pay huge fines but no one went to jail. The DEA for drug enforcement lobbied against the California legalization of Marijuana because they wanted to keep their profitable jobs, not from their salary alone.

Half the people in prison are in for just using drugs, not distributing it. Don't want to stop the distribution! If corporations are people, why are the executives as well as some Supreme Court Justices not in jail? and for some great programing on the power game being played by Republicans. Ed has brought in emotion to the news, something lacking in most news programs. Rachel, as you know, has brought in great intellect that is fun to watch.

Yes, just like the Renaissance Catholic Church Popes, who did not want to give up power and profits, killed the infidels by burning many at the stake who tried to become Lutherans or said the earth is not the center of the universe. The Borgia Renaissance Pope will be played by Jeremy Irons at Showtime soon. I just started watching reruns of Pillars of the Earth based on a Ken Follett book. I am enjoying it! Well acted. It is on Starz.

I usually check out the advertising of every program I watch on TV to determine which Demographic the show is for. ABC Family has some good show for kids with the help of Disney. Yes, I drive the netflix computer crazy because I have eclectic tastes. I go from very violent programs except Nazis and Mafia, to programs for women and children.

Jim Kawakami, March 11, 2011,

Today on Uprising - March 11, 2011

- Saudis Hold A “Day of Rage” Demanding More Freedoms
- Michigan Republicans Force Through Emergency Bill Undermining Democracy and Workers Rights
- Illinois Abolishes the Death Penalty
- ReThink Reviews: “Mars Needs Moms” Needs a Producer with a Soul

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*** Subversive Thoughts ***

"In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins - not through strength but by perseverance. -- H. Jackson Brown

*** Saudis Hold A “Day of Rage” Demanding More Freedoms! ***

Thousands of Saudi activists were expected to gather today for what activists called “A Day of Rage.” A week of protests leading up to today had smaller than expected crowds. There has been a call for two demonstrations this month, announced on Facebook, the first of which was to have taken place today across the country.

However, there are reports of protests taking place only in the Eastern Province city of Qatif where police apparently opened fire on protesters. Shiites form a large part of the Saudi dissident groups. They want the release of what are considered political prisoners. Protesters also want King Abdullah to hold elections since there has never been a Parliament or elected body.

According to Reuters, the activists comprise “[a] loose alliance of liberals, moderate Islamists and Shi’ites.” Shiite citizens complain of discrimination by the Sunni Monarchy, and may have been inspired by recent protests by Shiites in neighboring Bahrain.

Last November, Human Rights Watch reported that a Saudi journalist who wrote about public anger over frequent electricity cuts was sentenced to two months in prison, and 50 lashes. To attempt to quell the unrest, the Saudi King returned from a three-month trip and announced $37 billion in new public services and benefits.

His regime has been clearly rattled by events happening all over the Arab world, and in response to the Egypt revolution he accused protesters of “spewing hatred” and being “infiltrators.” Last Saturday the Saudi Interior Ministry grimly reminded the population of a ban on protests in the country, and warned that the ban would be enforced. Last year President Obama announced an arms deal with Saudi Arabia worth $60 billion. It is the largest U.S. arms deal in history. Together with the U.S., the Saudi regime has offered backing to many of the region’s strongmen.

GUEST: Ahmed AlMulla, writer and poet based in Saudi Arabia, joining us live from Qatif where police fired on protesters yesterday

Listen to this segment:

Michigan Republicans Force Through Emergency Bill Undermining Democracy and Workers Rights

Legislation approved Wednesday by the Michigan state Senate is being called worse than the anti-union legislation coming out of Wisconsin. The Michigan bill, referred to as the “emergency manager” law, greatly expands the powers of emergency financial managers. The law would allow the State to strip a city government or school board of its power if the Governor declares a financial emergency in the targeted municipality. A State appointed emergency financial manager would then be given broad powers, in pursuance of a balanced budget, to terminate union contracts, seize and sell assets, and fire elected officials.

Labor unions are calling it a union-busting bill. Many are voicing concern it renders the right to vote and the Democratic process null and void, with no public input on who is appointed manager or how the manager will operate once in place.

On Tuesday Naomi Klein, in conversation with Amy Goodman, called the bill, “a corporate coup d’etat.” Klein said the specific language of the legislation defines an emergency manager as a person, or a firm. This opens the door for governments to be replaced by corporations in what she described as “privatization of a whole town by fiat.”

"Only a Crisis--Actual or Perceived--Produces Real Change. When that Crisis Occurs, the Actions that are Taken Depend on the (Corporate Republicans) Ideas that are Lying Around." (Explained by Naomi Klein in the Ground Breaking book "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism." )

Milton Friedman, Godfather of he Modern Market.

(Many of its victims lie dead all over the world. Bush became President with the great help of his brother Jeb in Florida who deleted valid Democratic voters from the registration roll and installed voting machines that gave the vote to Bush no matter which button was pushed. Our Supreme Court led by Scalia, a character out of the Da Vinci Code starring Tom Hanks, stopped the recount which would have elected Al Gore by any permutation of the recount. jim)

Filmmaker Michael Moore, a Michigan native, said yesterday that the multi-state assault on labor unions and the power being transferred to corporations is a, “class war on the people of this country by those in power and the tools [the legislators] they have bought and paid for.”

GUESTS: State Senator Gretchen Whitmer, of East Lansing, Senate Minority Leader, Mark Gaffney, Michigan State AFL-CIO president

Listen to this segment:

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