Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blood Pressure Best Indicator for Disease Uric Acid from Fructose High BP

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The latest recent American Society of Hypertension (ASH) was for the first time attended by more people from diverse areas and countries showing how important Hypertension regulation is for our healthy lives. The 14 minutes video and transcript of the video talked about for essentially the first time about the role of High Fructose Corn Syrup in the production of Uric Acid which causes inflammation of our blood vessels which increases the chance for plaque deposition, heart attacks, and strokes and not mentioned, but know is that cancer spreads with blood vessels are inflamed.

I have urged all of you to really drastically cut fructose in your diet, especially HFCS which is much worse than sucrose for not completely understood by doctors but readily explained by scientists, especially doctor-scientists who study metabolism.

I have urged all of you to routinely or at least once a year, get a uric acid reading, especially if you have high blood pressure which needs to be regulated with medication. All drugs have unintended side effects. When Americans consume high levels of fructose and up to 150 lbs per year by some estimates, mainly from drinks such as colas or special gatorade, all our cells develop enzymes to metabolize the fructose which through a number of steps including destroying our cells produce uric acid as an endpoint.

When I reduced my uric acid level from 8 which is "normal" by current standards down to more recent scientific standards of less than 4.5 by stopping my habit of drinking orange and apple juice at breakfast and sometimes during the day, my uric acid level dropped to less than 4.5.

My blood pressure dropped from 130 plus systolic to routinely to 115 or lower without medication. My kidney transplant drugs increases blood pressure and can cause diabetes unless I keep my fasting glucose down to below 90. It is routinely below 90 now. Also eating too much of any foods such as sardines which I limit to once a month produces purines which convert to uric acid. The destruction of cells with metabolizing fructose results in purines. In the liver, fructose is metabolized to a number of products but the major one is low density lipoproteins, a source of heart disease, strokes, and Alzheimer's Disease.

When we evolved, sweet fruits was not readily available so our system was not well designed to make non-toxic products from it. Fructose HFCS does not satiate our appetite as sucrose does so we keep eating more and more. Extra calories can pack on weight where two-third of Americans are now obese or overweight with obese Americans now passing those merely overweight. The epidemic started mostly after Reagan subsidized corn so much that High Fructose Corn Sugar because as cheap as dirt so it replaced sucrose in our diet. It also had the advantage of being so soluble in foods and liquids that enormous amounts could be added that could not be added with crystalline sucrose.

In men with waist size over 40 inches and women over 35, are obese. Belly fat is extremely dangerous and can weight more than 15 pounds. It is not the external fat you can see, but resides next to organs near your belly. The organs develop layers of fat which decreases the efficiency of the organs to do their job and in woman it can even deposit layers of fat on the outside of blood vessels.

Jim Kawakami, June 15, 2011,

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