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Politics and Obama Pushes Anti-Immigrant ‘Secure Communities’ onto State

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This is a case of an almost Federal mandate for States to implement procedures without supplying the money to implement these policies. Bush, Jr., implemented many unfunded mandates that cost states lots of money such as the mandate to test all students frequently for reading and math skills.

The Bush Tax Cuts for the Rich which was larger than publicly revealed was paid for a little by not giving States and Cities a return of tax payer money unless you lived in Texas. This raised our city and state taxes which ate up all the tax cuts and more for the rest of us, especially an increase in property tax unless you claim a farm like former Governor Whitman did for her estate. I voted for that bitch as a Republican! Her tax cuts in New Jersey left the government with inadequate revenue so property taxes soared community money was

I voted for McCain in 2,000 to keep Bush out, but when he won, I switched to Gore and helped a Democrat win in a Republican district for the House. A Harvard Law School graduate, Adam Schiff has won re-election since. He is a conservative Democrat who might be related to Al Gore's daughter's husband with the name Schiff, a well known name in New York.

Unfortunately the use of undocumented aliens to provide cheap labor started on a wholesale basis by Reagan has mushroomed after Clinton passed NAFTA plus a provision for a loan of $50 billion to Mexico who had a financial crisis which extracted a change where Mexico agreed to eliminate a provision in NAFTA to protect Mexican jobs, especially in agriculture and growing corn for their family income. Because of Reagan's high subsidies for growing corn, corn could be sold almost at cost by the USA where substantial subsidies provided their profit margins. Once they got the Mexican farmers out of the corn growing business, the corn prices were raised.

The huge number of unemployed Mexicans and Central Americans rushed to the border to find work making Reagan's strategy work superbly. I was against NAFTA and especially this corn provision. The corporations loved it so they could get low wage workers to harvest crops, build homes and apartments, become janitors, provide Nanny care, working in shipping departments, hotel workers, cleaning crew, and similar now low wage jobs. In the past these jobs provided a middleclass living.

What was Reagan's strategy? Excess workers lowers wages. It worked even better when middleclass manufacturing jobs were sent overseas which essentially forced the Middleclass to become the lower Middleclass or even lower class in income. When half of the families in the USA make less than $50,000 per year, a sum even singles such as myself would have a hard time adhering to easily, we might start thinking about the future implications of this when Americans may no longer afford food.

In the poor state of Oregon, $48,000 for a young family of four, leaves no money for routine eating out at a non-fast food restaurant, going to movies routinely, and even taking advantage of very high speed Internet for games, and HD Cable and HD televisions are sitting in the stores with prices dropping like our economy. Sure everyone has cell phones, but many Americans have these cheaper pre-paid cell phones. I had that, but I upgraded to Verizon senior plan at $30/month with limited calls and no texting.

The world history of abortion and race baiting are interesting and did not happen by accident. Both were instituted for political reasons by politicians such as Republicans starting with Nixon who developed the race-based Southern Strategy. Note states with many retirees such as Arizona tend not to like the "others." So the Illegal Immigrants have become still another race issue. In fact the law was financed with substantial funds from the American Nazi Party member.
Evangelicals rejected the urging of the Catholic Bishops for them to take up the abortion problem for decades. They finally used it at the behest of religious leader Falwell. about the 1980s when the Republicans saw an advantage in pushing this agenda to get votes.

Christianity became a viable religion when Emperor Constantine of the Roman Emperor in 350 AD needed cannon fodder for his empire wars where the elites no longer wanted to serve in their army. Even though methods to abort were not as effective as now, there were many chemical methods to induce abortions for centuries before that and was widely accepted by Christians and pagans alike.

The advantage was in founding a religion is that you can put what the religious leaders of the Church and Constantine wanted in their "new" Bible. The Evangelical, Mormon, and Christian Science religions were invented in the 1800s, only 1.5 centuries ago. The Evangelicals ignore the New Testament, except for using Jesus when they preach. I am exaggerating, but not by much. "The chance of the rich going to heaven is similar to trying to sew with a camel instead of thread. "

There were dozens of books for the New Testament, but they picked the ones which would be the most useful for their rule. The Church even modified the original Greek version to give them more power and income and found that images brought in more church members, something Jesus banned.

Both Emperor Constantine and the Church wanted more members so instituting abortion restrictions by law was beneficial in increasing their numbers. Perhaps the Republican Party has similar motives. Just out birth the Democrats. Religion has always been both a political force to control the masses even at the tribal state. Priests celibacy was instituted by the hugely corrupt Popes such as Borgia or Pope Alexander VI during the Renaissance. These Popes caused Christianity to split, a history well worth reading.

Showtime has a series on this which ended a few weeks ago, but watch for it early next year. Want to understand politics? Watch A Game of Thrones on HBO taking place during the Mid-evil period. It is similar to the Games of Wall Street. Who rules the money world? Who lives and who dies.

I love the original Martin's 1,000 page book! The drawback is that it reads like a Russian novel with a huge list of important characters! It helps you to understand why Republicans act the way they do because in some ways it does mimic European history and explains why the Irish are Democrats and the Scot-Irish are Republicans who are much more numerous and make up the Mormons and Evangelicals. They sure know a lot about constant wars and join the later join the military in great numbers. That is why the leaders almost always vote Republican. Scary?

With the power of God's Church and large army, why did the Roman Emperor collapse from the attack of the Huns who were just looking for more food? Apparently volcanic eruptions caused global cooling and food became scarce, especially in Northern Europe and more recently in the Middle East due to Global Climate Change. But that cannot be the whole answer.

While Europe collapsed, India was able to repel the Huns at the about the same time and had a thriving civilization in both the North and especially the South were they were able to invent superb methods of farming and a culture of cooperation, religious one, and educated one. Are the Hindu and Buddhist less violent religions superior to the Christians and Muslim ones? We shall see.

By that time we will likely approach closer to the point of no return, and may eventually become another Venus. Remember warming results not only from carbon dioxide alone. Lots of methane, about 20 times stronger in effect than CO2, can be released from the bottom of the oceans and in our huge Arctic and Siberian permafrost when they completely melt their enormous stores. It is starting already.

That is probably what happened on our sister planet Venus which is now uniformly at 800 degrees Fahrenheit with an atmosphere of CO2 and Sulfuric Acid, the so-called cooling gas. Methane oxidizes to CO2 in the air so methane eventually disappeared.

Carbon Dioxide can last up to a thousand years in the atmosphere. Sorry the projected increase in air travel will thwart every effort by us to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions. One article stated that the drastic cuts in CO2 by the UK will fail if they don't limit airplane flights to increase.

Humans seem to act as if there is no tomorrow. We may be right. BE PREPARED!

Enjoy the warm summer!


On Jun 9, 2011, at 12:30 PM, Uprising Daily Digest wrote: KPFK Los Angeles, CA

*** Obama Pushes Anti-Immigrant ‘Secure Communities’ onto States ***

The Los Angeles City Council this Tuesday voted 11-1 to opt-out of the Department of Homeland Security’s Secure Communities program.

Secure Communities is a pillar of current federal immigration policy. States enter into the program voluntarily and agree to share fingerprint data from local arrest records with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The Obama administration is reportedly pushing for program implementation in all states and counties by 2013. Secure Communities was sold to participating states as a way to track and deport undocumented immigrants convicted of violent felonies. (Many cities are cash strapped and it costs millions of dollars to implement this policy in a depressed economy. Jim)

States were led to believe they could opt-out of the program at any time. But now some states have been told that opting-out is not an option. The Federal government denied the state of New York’s request to end its contract. Massachusetts and Illinois have refused to participate. Meanwhile, in mid-May the Department of Homeland Security disclosed that Secure Communities will be investigated by the Inspector General.

The LA City Council vote on Secure Communities came a day after the US Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal challenging California’s policy of extending in-state university tuition to undocumented students. The Court’s docket was heavy with immigration related cases this year.

On May 26 the court in a 5-3 ruling upheld an Arizona State law requiring employers to enroll in a program that checks all employees for legal immigration status. On Monday the Supreme Court also ordered a Third US Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia to reexamine a 2010 decision. The Pennsylvania court ruled against laws punishing those who rent housing to, or employ, undocumented immigrants.

GUEST: Laura Rivas, organizer with National Network on Immigrant and Refugee Rights

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Glen Ford is a writer and radio commentator and the Executive Editor of The Black Agenda Report. This week’s commentary is on US Aid to Haiti

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