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Fracking for Gas Aquifer Contaminated, Economy, Legal Drug Killing Teens, Truth in News

Tags: Fracking for Gas Aquifer Contaminated, Economy, Legal Drug Killing Teens, Truth in News
Fracking for Gas: Not well publicized is that only several Fracking gas wells are very productive with many cracking shale wells yielding only a one week supply of gas. Wyoming which is a dry climate relies heavily on aquifers for their water for raising cattle, agriculture, and drinking water. Don't be deceived. Fracking gas will be sold to the highest bidder worldwide. A large portion of the oil in Alaska was sent to Japan because they were willing to pay the highest price. So is the oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

Oregon will have on our coast liquified gas units which the companies claim will give Oregonians cheaper gas. Again the highest bidder with get the gas.

Because we have hydroelectric power mainly for the northern half of Oregon including Eugene, many of the call centers are located here such as Netflix and expanding Cruise Call Center in adjacent Springfield, OR. Google is also in Oregon. Computers and servers require lots of electricity to operate.

Information Age of Television, not the Internet: Most Americans rarely get their news from the Internet. What is not discussed openly on television where even the well educated get their information from after coming home from a long and stressful hours at work which makes television corporations the primary venue for news information.

The New York Times articles of 1800 words are too long for most people to read regularly, but worth reading select articles obtained at very few other sources. Their bit blogs are excellent for those interested in the iphone, ipad, and similar devices. Today's Times had an article in the business section for using a device that measures all activity placed around your wrist at $100 that has an iphone app

I finally heard on Bloomberg television that half the consumption in America is done by the top 20 percent that I have mentioned a number of times. So a greater deal of confidence among this employed group will do much for the economy.

The top 20 percent starts at about $113,000 per family and goes up sharply when we approach the final top one percent and even more sharply at the top 0.10 percent. The popular ipads are almost entirely bought by this group and businesses and is becoming very popular with physicians.

Where to Get Brief and Clear Information on What is Happening in Politics, Government, and Corporations , , , , Columbia Journalism Review, gives us a brief review of important articles by super journalists. Based at Columbia University, their goal is to hold journalists accountable for their reporting to improve the quality of journalist's reporting.

Matt Taibbi in (Well worth subscribing to this magazine. The photo of George Clooney on the cover Nov 24 issue Confessions of a Dirty Mind. Today I went to see my doctor. I read my Rolling Stone Mag during my wait. Dr Kratka said I love Matt Taibbi! If you want the whole truth, read Matt Taibbi, a young reporter who is much better than the old folks we now have giving us old beliefs which no longer apply. What he discovers with hard work is amazing. Even if his article is longer, it does not appear long.

When I lived in Los Angeles going to one of the best hospital Cedars Sinai Medical Center which unfortunately follow the conventional script. Two of my doctors in Eugene Dr Reed Kratka and Dr Lisa Emond, my Internist and primary care doctor, are able to think beyond the conventional and use common sense to give me the best treatment. I was always sick in Los Angeles, but soon became very healthy and fixed a still untreatable invariable skin disease causing fatal infections.

I would not have beeb allowed to take vitamin D3 at higher levels if I were still in Los Angeles because the establishment would have banned it because it increases our T-Cells to fight infections. Dr Emond told me that vitamin D3 also helps prevent autoimmune diseases which was largely unknown at that time. Dr Kratka also approved!

Our Catholic non-profit hospital is not on the list of the best which is, I think, based on the wrong time of information, but it practices best methods soon after it comes out and not the 17 years it takes for half the doctors to follow.

Even though Harvard has a superb reputation, I sometimes wonder if it is as good as claimed when it took Dr. Groopman many years to get them take a patient knowledge approach instead of strictly measure of blood and other tests to treat patients. He wrote a book on this several years ago and recently wrote one for patients to drag out the best treatments from your doctors. Ask many questions and bone up on your illness, especially from support groups for the illness who really know a lot more than doctors because they went through the wrong and wright experiences with doctors.

The New York Times has combined some studies with ProPublica due to the latter's superb investigations.

The website Think Progress is partially funded by George Soros. The Chinese woman who ran it and did some of the best news stories is now at the "new" It is a good place to get a variety of opinions. Think Progress is still quite good, but does need donations to expand their work. Low salaries makes investigative reporting more difficult to do a long time. The reporters usually need another job at the same time to support themselves and their partners.

Television: MSNBC Comcast 128 and 790 has a variety of views from liberal to conservative Republican. A former Right Wing congressman who was heavily involved in the Impeachment of Clinton who now has a TV ad for the show with Bill Clinton! Morning Joe, 3hours 6 PM ET, 3 AM PT

I am a lifetime Republican who is now a liberal even though I have not changed my views at all. Murdoch's FOX cable news has moved everyone to the right with help from other television news programs such as CNN. MSNBC is moderate, but considered liberal by the radical conservatives.

The guest panel for Morning Joe are usually mainstream actors such as Time Magazine, New York Magazine, the president of the chief foreign policy corporate/political who plan what to do to maximize corporate profits in foreign countries. Most of what Reagan did in Central America such as San Salvador, Nicaragua, and other countries in this region and South American was in the Foreign Affairs Magazine in 1980 before Reagan was elected. Reagan carried out these wars for profit as directed. I can't stand the rants by Joe so I don't watch his show.

Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz are my favorites. Rachel is my favorite, but Schultz is fun to watch because he is so passionate and successfully helped the Ohio Fireman and Police reverse the No Union Law the Republican Governor and legislature passed by 2:1 with more than a few Republicans voting with the Democrats. I hope this portends change back to sanity.

Do Republicans need a smart President? One thing I noted is that Republicans do not need a smart President because most of their policies are directed by billionaire and corporate funded Think Tanks such as the Heritage Foundation which usually gives the soundbites that all Republicans repeat word for word now so that it goes into the memory banks because of constant repetition of even those who disagree.

In the Republican debate Perry accused Gingrich getting his instructions from the Heritage Foundation. Gingrich admitted that but made excuses. All Republicans really do this. Perry became governor by not debating. He sounds good in the professional political ads. It must take many takes to get it right.

Only Jon Huntsman, the two term effective governor in Utah was the only Republican candidate worth the Republican votes. Newsweek points out that being a CEO does not matter for being President. Government is not a dictatorship, but Cheney and Bush with the help of Justice Roberts and Alito in the Appeals court and on the Supreme court are leading us to a Fascist State. Google fascist states.

Reagan got his policy briefs as movies. Remember he had Alzheimer's Disease in the first term, possibly after he was shot by the son of a family close to George H.W. Bush, the Vice President. Papa Bush was also a superb CIA agent for oil resources. He made the deal with the Saudi government in the 1970s for cheap oil, USA protection, and weapons. That is why the CIA named their headquarters after him, not for his short tenure as the head.

Propaganda works very well as the Nazis used it to perfection by constant repetition. All the Republicans repeat the same audience tested sentences and words so it sticks in our brains and memory.

Our gut feelings takes what is in our memory which essentially tell us whom to vote for. Good looks, tall, and superb talker also helps. But money helps the most for TV ads. About 94% of candidates with the most money won!

Our gut feelings comes from our memories and not logic. That is why FOX News is so effective in guiding Republicans and so-called Independents even though the number of lies reflect the straight face lies that James Murdoch is now lying to the British Parliament about the wire tapping of phones in the UK and USA.

It takes practice to lie well as many Republican politicians have developed to perfection. I also notice this in the actor ads by Big Pharma which includes foreign companies too. For example, drugs like Ambien and Lunesta are horrible drugs to take with many side reactions. Lunesta, a Japanese sleep drug, did not list any side reactions for a long time because it takes time for government to get around to catch the lies. The penalties should be severe. Now Lunesta tells us of all the dreadful side effects.

Legal LSD type deadly drug brominated Dragon Fly Killing and Hospitalizing teenagers: Dr. Oz interviewed two mothers who had wonderful children who died from this drug. where It is legal so it must be OK to take! A Democrat is trying to write a law that prevents people from modifying drugs to make them legal. The steroids used in sports is another example where this is done to escape detection. show on CBS at 4:00 PM ET/PT talked about this. He also talked about children dying from swallowing a designer drug like LSD which is legal so far and can be bought on the Internet.

When Tammy was cutting my hair, she said that she and her boyfriend read and discuss the articles in The Economist magazine. I praised her for it, but asked them to try Bloomberg Business Week, which I believe, makes an effort to explain what is happening much more clearly with less economic bias. The Chicago school has a very strong influence on many economists. I hope the better New York University economics department which has unconventional economists would prevail more often. I love Ha-Joon Chang of Cambridge and his latest book Bad Samaritans: The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism. Paul Krugman at the NY Times and 13 Bankers: The Wall Street Takeover and the New Financial Meltdown by Simon Johnson at MIT and James Kwak

Jim Kawakami, Nov 10, 2011,

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