Thursday, October 22, 2009

Charlie Rose Discusses Swine Flu, OverEating, and Deadly e-coli 0157-H7

Deadly E-Coli 0157-H7 cannot be avoided in prepared hamburgers because of the means of production, the diet of cows, and unchecked imports of scrap meats.

The whole program is well worth watching. Michael Moss has a good article in the NY Times about how deadly e-coli 0157-H7 which grows so fast that only one bacteria is needed to cause havoc. His study shows that we should all follow his advice of not eating pre-made hamburger.

Hamburger is made from combining all the waste scrap products, much of it not inspected because they do not want responsibility for deaths and kidney failures in children and even paralysis of a girl and six months in the hospital as Moss writes about from occurring. They also buy who knows where such as the contents of hamburger intermediates from places such as Uruguay run by a dictator. The do not test many of these scrap meats for hamburgers to avoid future liability.

When 400 cows are processed each hour, it is impossible to avoid getting cow shit from contaminating the product. They did not talk about why this acid resistant form of e-coli develops. Eating cheap heavily subsidized by taxpayers nutrition-less Corn totally disrupts their digestive system which becomes less acidic so the e-coli that survives is more acid resistance and can survive your stomach acids.

Over-the-counter acid reduction pills such as Prilosec when combined with the blood thinner Plavix kills the patients with a heart attack. Their ads don't mention heart attacks when combined with Prilosec! The more drugs you take, the greater the chance of getting dementia. Drugs if they are the right size and chemical structure can block the body's ability to produce enzymes that get rid of excess proteins in the brain. These proteins can block the hippocampus to prevent memory formation. Talk with your doctor and tell them about the new research that shows that drugs similar to antihistamine are especially bad. One antihistamine was so bad that it prevented the destruction of excess proteins in our muscles because it blocked enzyme that gets rid of excess protein from being released.

The health insurance companies can save $500,000 per patient if diabetes can be prevented.

Swine Flu: Experts discuss why a safe vaccine produced the same way as seasonal flu in eggs and did not use large batch process. Each egg produces three doses. Purity is higher than in the past so side reactions. When you take the vaccine, you will feel a little lousy because your body thinks a virus has invaded your body and may give you a slight fever, but will be gone in a day.

Now demand exceeding supply and injectables running out faster now than attenuated virus applied in the nose. If you and your children are healthy, this may be the best to get it earlier. As I suggested earlier, it seems to be a very good idea to take the pneumonia vaccine because 30 percent dead patients die from this in hospitals because the inflamed lungs are easily invaded by bacteria. Call and ask your doctor and if they refuse, ask them for a referral to a specialist. This was not discussed on the Charlie Rose Show on Tuesday, October 21, 2009.

The good news is that the Swine Flu does not seem to be mutating. As I said before, most of the speculation about the vaccines not working is based on bad science where the workers or journalists just looked for information at supported their assumptions. For example many site old Russia studies to say that microwave ovens change the structure of the food to make them toxic, or fluoride scare by citing high concentrations 4 ppm of fluoride in water supply that has harmed the teeth of some people.

The way good scientists work on confirming a theory is to try to disprove their hypothesis. In the political area we see FOX News either make-up facts or use non-proven facts to prove their radical views in support of corporations. If you read "Republican Gomorrah," you will see that the founders and followers can be diagnosed as mentally ill or mentally challenged developed around a bogus 19th Century version of Christianity to justify greed, selfishness, lying for the cause, etc. as we had seen in the sex scandals by three prominent Republicans, two of them considering running for President. See Show with Sharlet as the guest in his book "The Family." It was #20 on the recent New York Best Seller non-fiction paperback list.

Why Americans are Obese and Overweight? Former FDA chief Kessler says stopping overeating is impossible to do. All we can do is change what we eat such as switching to a Mediterranean Diet which is probably one of the best. Don't go on diet, but eat much more slowly and don't watch television while eating. Family meals are the best.

Fat, sugar, and salt as Kessler found from research being done at Universities are similar to illegal drugs. Lots of pleasure by increasing the output of dopamine! So when we eat what we get especially at Fast Food restaurants and regular restaurants, we want more and more food. That is why McDonalds was able to super-size their portions. We also eat at all times of the day instead of eating largely at our regular meal times.

By eating slowing, our brain has time to catch up and tell us we are satiated or full and we extract more of the healthy nutrients in food, especially in vegetables. Eating slowing also helps you taste the food and Fast Foods become less palatable.

All Americans eat to fast and many are doing something else while eating so they don't chew their food well. By really slowing down our eating process by eating with people and having fun conversations and not solving conflicts during meals will help you eat more slowly. Tell your kids that everyone has to stay at the table until the adults are finished.

Jim Kawakami, October 22, 2009,

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