Thursday, October 22, 2009

Don't Drink the Water: NY City and Eugene, Oregon Superb Clean Water

The regulator for the Coal Industry was also a lobbyist for the Coal Industry! That is why residents living in a town where Coal companies have polluted the ground water with arsenic, lead, and other toxic chemicals has caused a huge upsurge in cancer in many of the residents, skin diseases from showers and baths. Nothing was done until now. Every department in the Bush/Cheney regime had crooked or favored industry profits or safety and well being of Americans. Their Reconstructionist Christianity allows them to lie, steal, cheat, deceive,stealth, etc. as we have seen the Bush people do. See Chapter 4, "Republican Gomorrah" by Max Blumenthal who interviewed many of the principals in this movement.

I also heard from an MSNBC news program that the regulators of our nations parks and wilderness knew absolutely nothing about how to do their job except cut people and give industry all they wanted. Natural gas production in dry places such as Montana and Wyoming were depleted of their aquifers from the gas companies using water to get the gas out. They depend greatly on aquifers in many parts of their perpetual drought states.

I also mentioned previously that during the Bush FDA testimony to Congressional Oversight committee I found that no one there seemed to know very much. They had to continually say I will get back to you. Conservative Democrats such as Stupak became livid at the stonewalling and apparent ignorance of those at the FDA. Stupak, D-MI stayed in the C-Street "The Family" house, the same house which is now a tourist spot for the now empty building, as famous sex scandal Republicans such as Stanford and Ensign R-NV. The FDA was basically run by a Monsanto top lobbyists which allowed genetically modified foods to be allowed without any testing which some studies allowed to be published showed serious side effects. When I ate GMO tofu made from GMO soybeans I consistently got diarrhea while switching back and forth with organic Non-GMO made tofu stopped the diarrhea. Japan now uses only organic soybeans for Tofu.

Bush/Cheney Republican Gang practically destroyed the country including our Financial System where the guy running the SEC knew nothing about how the run the place honestly and rejected repeated efforts to investigate the Banks and Madoff. These guys knew in April 2008 that the system will collapse, but did nothing. The guy in charge worked previously for Goldman Sachs. Perhaps Goldman Sachs wanted to dispose of the risky derivatives and short them which they did for sure.

See Sorkin of the New York Times

Andrew Ross Sorkin is the chief mergers and acquisitions reporter of “The New York Times,” a position he has held since July 2000 after having served as the newspaper’s European mergers and acquisitions reporter based in London, England since July 1999.

Sorkin is also the founding editor of DealBook, an online daily financial report published by “The Times” and he writes a column of the same name for the paper on Sundays. Sorkin has been named one of the 30 most influential financial journalists in the nation under the age of 30 by TJFR/NewsBios for the past 4 years. He began writing for “The Times” in 1995 under unusual circumstances; at the time he started writing for the paper, he hadn’t yet graduated from high school.

Source -UCLA

Jim Kawakami, October 22, 2009,

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