Sunday, October 11, 2009

Will the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Reveal the Known Fraud Committed by Wall Street and Banks?

Books by Chris Hedges and Ron Suskind "Empire of Illusion" and "A Hope in the Unseen" respectively, talk about the kind of thinking largely absent from our plutocracy and their Ivy League implementers. The soon to be published book by Barbara Ehrenreich, "This Land is Their Land," is about always illusionary positive thinking helping us progress to disaster and death with a smile.

We are a country of illusions since cousins Bernays and Freud introduced to the world a powerful the mechanism of propaganda and public relations to control people as we saw in abundance during our congressional trip to Healthcare Disaster unless we have a miracle. tells us the money story and congress. Senator Baucus (D-Mt) and other conservative Senators have made sure that the profits of the Healthcare industry will remain intact and even enhanced.

Thanks to C-SPAN and Book TV vital and current information are available from the thinkers of the world who have not been brainwashed to respect authority or die trying. The Chris Hedges interview by Ron Suskind is an interview you should not miss! During the interview with Suskind, Hedges told of deciding to go his own way at the New York Times and tell the whole truth. The Times gave him a warning and then fired him.

I strongly urge you to buy Hedges' book Empire of Illusion. In the book he talks about how Professional Wrestling on television perfectly reflects our society. Even though too many have referred to Hitler's Germany in the 1930s, it is exactly the fear and racism being generated by the crazy Right Wing including Limbaugh and Glen Beck and FOX Cable that is something we should really be worried a lot about. I sometimes think that the Republican leadership has also breathe in the crazy dust too. Do they really understand the consequences of their fear and hate rhetoric leading to? Wall Street and Banks are only one example of our corrupt society which is going downhill very fast.

Jim Kawakami, Oct 11, 2009,

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