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Re: Glad to Hear Your Son is got well from flu and pneumonia! Injuries Spread Cancers

Glad to hear your son is OK! Make sure he gets the pneumonia vaccine. About 30 percent of H1N1 deaths were attributable to pneumonia. A large majority of flu deaths happen from bacterial infections when the lungs are inflamed due to our body'a Cytokine reactions to the virus infection. About half the doctors used prednisone to prevent the sick person's body from over-reacting to the infection and producing a Cytokine Protein storm which can even destroy our organs. Tamiflu and the excellent approach taken by the Obama Administration according to most experts helped save many lives even with inadequate hospitals and critical care units.

I again emphasize that you and your family should get the H1N1 vaccine because it will protect you partly or completely from mutated Swine Flu virus and the pneumonia vaccine which should strongly protect a young person more than the elderly. The seasonal flu vaccine will be twice as strong to allow seniors with a weak immune system to more likely develop an immune response. A single dose does not seem to work as well for seniors who never got flu vaccinations in the past. There would not have been a shortage of H1N1 vaccine because growth promoters were not used which would have increased the supply by a factor of three!

H1N1 victims who die seem to get better until they take showers and have a relapse! A young actress is probably the latest victim who died or got ill in the shower. Many people keep shower water tank at much lower temperatures so bacteria can grow. My father complained of getting sick whenever he took a bath so he stopped for a while. I increased the water tank temperature to above 120 degrees which helped.

Take up to 2,000 international units of vitamin D3 and not less than 1,000. I take 3500 units daily since I moved out of Los Angeles. The decreased stress in Eugene help me gain ten pounds a few years ago from my weight in LA with even with a more vegetarian diet! Vitamin D may also help with allergies even though I never saw anyone publish this. It does help reduce colds and increase your immunity to diseases from cancer to osteoporosis to Autism during the birth and baby growth process. In order to get through the birth canal, the baby's brain size is about half of its final size. Incredible growth occurs in the first few years and synaptic connections form. Autism is thought to be due to faulty synaptic connections. The lack of enough vitamin D in curing osteoporosis even with vitamin D with calcium supplements is likely due to our body grabbing the vitamin D for essential other tissues in our body. Kidney dialysis and transplant patients should get lots of vitamin D because they are often likely to suffer osteoporosis.

CANCER GROWTH CAUSE! My aunt and a close friend's cancer spread much more rapidly when she had exploratory surgery to find out why she had pain and difficulty in eating. That thought came to me immediately more than a dozen years ago and seemed logical to me. The surgery must have caused her cancer to spread fast, but I could not find any research confirming my suspicion.

Just a few days ago an article appeared in Science Daily which proved that any injury to cells around a cancer tumor will likely cause it metastasize or spread fast. Biopsies may help spread cancer, but so far no definitive data because no one thought about this until now. That is why when my close friend in New Jersey operated twice on a tumor in her hip, her cancer must have spread rapidly because she died so quickly that I had to go there immediately to see her and luckily I did not wait because she died shortly after I visited. Her chronic pain was horrendous even with pain killers such as morphine. Perhaps the new approach to killing severe chronic pain which was in the November 2009 Scientific American with some already approved drugs for other treatments can be used in cancer cases at the option of the physician and the patient.

Keep Well in 2010! Jan 2, 2010

Jim Kawakami, Jan 2, 2009,

Christopher's pneumonia finally responded to antibiotic - I thought it might be viral since 90 percent of orange county flu was H1N1. This is second time his flu turned to pneumonia. I had so many people staying at my house -thank goodness no one else got sick. Most already had their bout with flu. I just keep resting so I do not succumb -haha. Have a great new year - I hope 2010 will be better for so many people.

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