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I have to congratulate the President Obama administration for their successful efforts in combating the Swine Flu. They get good marks from almost everyone. Imagine what would have happened if the incompetent who ran the CDC was still in charge? The Republicans not only kept cutting money for Medicare, but severely cut the CDC budget and did not budget to study the Bird Flu in Asia!
About half the doctors used cortical steroids to ramp down the immune response so may have saved the lives of many children and young who have an over-active immune response producing more Cytokines which increases inflammation. Young persons did to react badly to flu because often the Cytokine Storm which increases inflammation in the lungs increases the chance for secondary infections of pneumonia.
Everytime there is an injury to tissue in the body, the body's immune response is activated by Cytokine detected by the C-Reactive Protein Test and young persons have a much stronger response and often leads to death among young children because the kidneys are shut down from 0157-H7 deadly E-Coli in hamburgers which are prepared from scraps from all over the world.
Although we already have 300 mutations of HIN1 Swine, Bird, Human Flu, certain surface proteins involved in attachment to the surface of cells has not mutated, indicating that we can exploit this weakness. Does explain why older people did not get this very contagious flu. The primary source of Swine Flu came from a Pig Factory Farm in Wisconsin, not Mexico.
Authorities are scared that this virus may incubate in pigs with other deadly viruses to produce a much more lethal virus. Viruses break up into eight segments when they reproduce and they reproduce extremely fast. For example Indonesia has the greatest number of very deadly Bird Flu which is able to attach to tissues and human to human transfer occurs due to genetic reasons. If this flu virus combines with our Swine Flu virus, a deadly combination results.
The reason that Pandemics of flu does not extend for years is that rapid mutations can change the surface attachment structure to human lungs so it no longer becomes infectious. But the opposite can happen if this flu virus incubates in a pig and combines with a deadlier flu as we observed in 1918 which occurred in two steps. A milder flu first and then the killer by mutating further in Pigs. PBS had a special on this and the sorrow and photos of a huge number of children getting sick and dying. This one had what is called the death gene!
A record number of people got the seasonal flu vaccine this year in Oregon. The vaccine is the same as last year, but everyone who took it last year should take it again to boost its effectiveness. The Obama administration has done what should have been done before by doubling the dose of seasonal flu next year. The seasonal flu vaccine also protected people from the HIN1 flu virus!
They have also approved a batch process for making vaccine, a process which greatly improves the amount of vaccine produced.
Elderly people over 65 overwhelmingly die from flu because their weak immune response does not allow the vaccine to work well. However, a doubling of the dose next year will help a lot helping reduce the criticism that the vaccine does not work.
This Cytokine test can also detect the injury caused by cancer and heart disease. Unfortunately the Sixty Seven Percent high rate of obesity and to a lesser extent overweight Americans makes it very difficult to avoid inflammation making them more likely to get diabetes and cancer. Fat increases estrogen which accelerates breast cancers.
Not well publicized yet, but animal and human cell studies show clearly that injury to tissue surrounding a cancer tumor causes it to spread. Injecting cancer cells into mice cause it to spread rapidly. However the same cancer cells introduced into the blood stream without tissue injury, did not spread. Exploratory surgery to find cancers may not always be a good idea. It has been known for more than a few years that cancer cells spread to an injured site. It is normally difficult for cancer cells to spread and normally they won't be fatal unless they spread. Probably the operation to remove cancer cells from Senator Kennedy's brain caused it to spread more rapidly.
Autopsies of people who died and did not have visible cancer invariably had cancer tumors. So just about every has small tumors such as in prostate cancer. It is very slow growing but can spread more rapidly for a number of unknown reasons except the presence of testosterone. I have observed that aggressive men with high testosterone such as politicians, football players, and military men seem to get more than their share of prostate cancer.
We found the government cannot control the cost of Medicare and Medicaid because politics is involved. Rationing is possible in the Private sector for profits. The best medical facilities have lower cost such as the Mayo Clinic because unnecessary procedures and tests are not done. Allen,Texas has Medicare costs double the national average even though they have a relatively healthy population.
The healthcare corporations tried to cut costs by excluding ineffective procedures and tests, but because of the uproar, decided to cut life-saving procedures and highly selective elimination of sicker patients by raising their insurance until the companies had to drop health insurance. Only Regulations and an advisory panel in the current Senate bill will help prevent this. Read the book Healthcare, Guaranteed by Ezekiel Emanuel, Rahm Emanuel's older brother.
Jim Kawakami, Jan 6, 2010,
Flu increasing nationally, but not in Oregon

Date: Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2010
Media questions: Alissa Bateman-Robbins, 503-490-6590,

Influenza disease activity increased nationally during the week of Dec. 20-26, 2009, after eight consecutive weeks of decline. Oregon, however, is in one of two out of 10 national regions where current activity is considered “normal” instead of “elevated” for this time of year.

“January is often when seasonal flu spreads, but we know a record number of people have already received a seasonal flu shot. H1N1 vaccination is the best way to keep flu activity from increasing in Oregon,” says Mel Kohn, MD, MPH, Oregon Public Health director.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the national percentage of people who visited the doctor for influenza-like illness increased during the week of Dec. 20-26, possibly because fewer people schedule routine doctor visits during the holidays. Overall hospitalization rates remained unchanged from the previous week, but the proportion of deaths attributed to influenza increased.

Since September 1, 2009, 1,303 people in Oregon have been hospitalized from the flu and 63 people have died.

“Flu illness is holding steady in Oregon. The likelihood of flu activity remaining steady increases as more people get vaccinated against H1N1 flu,” says Kohn.

Kohn says January is a good time to get an H1N1 vaccine to help prevent increased flu activity in Oregon this winter and spring. “It’s also a great time for smokers to quit smoking, which will decrease their chances of complications from the flu or any illness,” he says.

For more information, visit Beginning Jan 16, the Oregon Public Health Flu Hotline (800-978-3040) will change its hours to 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Mon.-Fri., and 9 a.m.-noon weekends and holidays.

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