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Cheap Genetic Disease Test for Devastating Diseases before Pregnancy

Obama's Rebuke of Republican House , Cheap Genetic Disease Test for Devastating Diseases before Pregnancy

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Investors Move in Herds, Up or Down. Financial Times Jan 29, 2010, John Authers.

Authers says serious money can be made by spotting when the herd is gathering to make a decisive move. I noted the last few days that US stock market volatility is up indicating a decision point, possibly on the upside. Day to day look at the market is useless to base your investing, but spotting trends in the next few days and weeks may indicate that either a downward or upward move. My guess is that it would be up. Before Obama became President, GDP was down 6 percent. Since it is up 6 percent now, I look on this as optimistic. Asia and commodities may be headed down.

French President Sarkozy Demanded that Bretton Woods Currency Movement Plan Be Restored Financial Times Jan 29, 2010 Gillian Tett, Best British Financial Journalist in 2009, reports that Sarkozy being the head of Economic Davos Forum for the next year and going back to Bretton Woods has many in favor in it which gives him lots of power. The Republicans and Wall Street often selectively quotes Adam Smith as a financial genius in his book "The Wealth of Nations" which I have in the complete and unabridged edition, makes the comment that the free flow of currency will hurt weaker countries as we have seen in recent times and it has to be regulated. Sarkozy said that we owe Bretton Woods to the remarkable prosperity after World War II.

Debt Ceiling Raise opposed 100% by Senate Republicans by a vote of 60 to 40. NY Times 1/29/10

Must See/Read: President Obama Answered Poll Tested House Republican Questions January 29, 2010 at 5:58 PM EST

The President Holds an Open Discussion Across the Aisle

Today the President led something unusual in American politics – an open dialogue with members of the opposite party. I hope his talk with Republicans gets through Obama's thick head that Democrats essentially have to go it alone with the caveat that there is a more conservative large group of Independent voters. Be liberal and complete as possible for healthcare even if part of it has to go through the Conciliation Process and pass those parts that Republicans cannot stop bills popular as banning pre-existing conditions and stopping Health Insurance Corporations from dropping people who have an expensive illness by arbitrarily rejecting all expensive treatments as Humana did at one time according to the testimony of former Humana doctors.
Published: January 28, 2010

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — The new movie “Extraordinary Measures” is based on the true story of a father who starts a company to develop a treatment for the rare genetic disease threatening to kill two of his children before they turn 10.

Now, a Silicon Valley start-up is making the bold claim that it can help eradicate that disease and more than 100 others by alerting parents-to-be who have the carrier genes.

The company, Counsyl, is selling a test that it says can tell couples whether they are at risk of having children with a range of inherited diseases, including cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sachs,spinal muscular atrophy, sickle cell disease and Pompe disease (the one afflicting the children in the movie). Once informed, Counsyl says, couples can take steps like using in vitro fertilization with genetic testing of the embryos, to avoid bearing children who would have the diseases, many of which are incurable and fatal in childhood.

Some genetic testing of prospective parents is done now, but only for a few diseases like cystic fibrosis and Tay-Sachs, and only for certain ethnic groups. Each test can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Counsyl’s test, which analyzes DNA from saliva samples, costs $349 for an individual or $698 for a couple. Similar tests from others are on the way, experts say. The trend shows that new technology could make possible widespread screening for the risk of passing on rare diseases, something that was simply not practical before. ...

Author of 2 Million Best Seller People's History of the United States Has Transformed How Americans in High School and College Students Think and Know About American History Died at Age 87 of a Heart Attack While Swimming

Rare Rebuke of Supreme Court's Reversing 100 Year Law on Corporate Funding of Campaigns at State of the Union

Less Water Vapor Slows Earth's Warming Trends: Climate Science Exceedingly Complex with Many Factors Influencing Climate and Seemingly Contradictions Selectively Picked to Deny Climate Change
As a scientist, I fully appreciate its complexity from my own experience. Most of my career involved solving problems of all kinds where other scientists and engineers could not solve the problems because of contradictory data which could not be resolved. I have the ability based on a large store of knowledge to decide which data are irrelevant and solve these problems fairly quickly. The book Blink addresses people's ability to come to instantaneous conclusions based on a large store-house of knowledge and imagination. For example an expert on art forgeries knows almost immediately that a forgery is a fake, but relies on scientific tests to confirm what he already knows. This latter knowledge helps often for solutions to come when they are not thinking about the problem. This has been true for me. Jim Kawakami SINDYA N. BHANOO

Popular Attorney General Cuomo Gets 20% of His Political Contribution from Real Estate Interests to Protect Against a Large Number of Lawsuits for Shoddy Construction The Times articles distorts the truth in its headline and first few paragraphs to frame the issue in support of Republicans. Cuomo gets five times more money from other sources!

Climate Change which Increases El Nino Rain and Droughts Affects the Northwest States Such as Oregon which Had 50% Less Snow than the Previous Year. Oregon and Washington need snow for hydroelectric power. The change is due to Warm Waters in the Central Pacific which has Different Consequences than the Usual El Nino from Southeast Asia El Nino. Eugene, OR and Portland are experiencing one of the hottest January in history.

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