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Climate Change "Confronting the Climate Cranks,"

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Warming Equatorial and Arctic Waters Changes Ocean Currents and Wind Directions Contributing to More Violent Storms and Severe Droughts

I wrote a blog which takes a more scientific approach why all of us should be worried. Being passive as Americans except the far Right Wing, makes it inevitable that we will eventually believe those who are willing to fight for what they believe, for their own profits at the sacrifice of future generations. The link to the whole blog is at .

My article is on the more technical scientific side, but I hope clear enough for most of you to at least partially understand. That is why I did not e-mail my earlier blog out, but today I decided to do that anyway.

Dee Walmsley from Canada sent me an article about global warming from The Nation "Confronting the Climate Cranks," today in the hopes that more of you will take the time to try to understand why climate change also produces unpredictable storms and droughts now affecting our nation and that it is a crisis which will become worse when we continue pumping more warming gases into the atmosphere. Not many realize that the moisture in the atmosphere due to warmer oceans also provides an atmospheric blanket which enhances warming.

In our more recent earth's history or about 12,000 years ago our ocean released a huge amount of carbon dioxide which led to a sharp warming of earth which stayed stable until the last century due a switch from whale oil and wood to petroleum oil.

Based on what I know so far, volcanic eruptions, possibly due to the extra weight of all the glaciers melting during the Pleistocene era which ended about 11,000 years ago, distorts the earth's mantle which led to more volcanos erupting put out particles which shield us from the sun's radiation.
This started the cooling of the earth which possibly led to the fall of the Roman Empire where failing crops caused huge social eruptions.

Climate Change will become a huge problem for China which is already experiencing desertification of Northern China where half of the wheat crops are grown. The South thanks to the cooler face of the Himalayas still has increasing glacier buildups unlike the India face where glaciers are receding. This is
now happening in India which resulted in a huge jump in food prices.

The huge problem we have is that Reagan through Bush have transformed our middleclass society into one where the top few percent have benefitted while the rest of us live in largely quiet desperation.

How can we afford to buy or keep our homes? How will be able to afford helping our sons and daughters go to college? How much food and medicine do we have to cut without sacrificing our health? Will we become another Third World nation with the rich using armed guards and bullet proof cars with armed guards guarding our children as it is now in Brazil and Mexico? Do we need to have another Great Depression before we wake up again? How can we prevent the rich from buying our government for their own profit even more than it is now?

As I see it, our only hope is for the aggressive and violent right wing of our society to really understand that what is happening to them economically is due to corporations controlling our government and its officials to help them get low tax rates or pay no taxes at all which half of the major corporations do not pay taxes including General Electric whose CEO is now an economic advisor to the Obama administration. During the Bush administration 50,000 plants were closed and sent overseas to China and other Third World nations with a loss of FIVE MILLION JOBS.

Note that overseas holdings are not taxed until brought back to the USA. The Republicans fixed that under Bush by allowing corporations to bring back overseas holdings without having to any taxes at all for one whole year!

If you listened carefully to Olbermann in his farewell statements, it left me no doubt that Comcast has already intervened to change the format and freedom given to Olbermann to report the facts as he saw them. Just like he refused to report on the fake Monica Lewinsky scandal to undermine Clinton and enable the Republicans to pass laws that led to the collapse of our financial system in 1,999 and 2,000. He quit MSNBC then as he has now done. He is a independent maverick, a rare commodity in our highly hierarchical society where we almost always agree with our bosses. MSNBC will, I'm afraid, become more like CNN.

Jim Kawakami, Jan 24, 2011,

Dee Walmsley sent me an article about global warming from The Nation

Confronting the Climate Cranks

"These anomalies could triple the probability of cold winter extremes in Europe and northern Asia," says Vladimir Petoukhov, lead author of the study and climate scientist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. "Recent severe winters like last year's or the one of 2005-06 do not conflict with the global warming picture, but rather supplement it." …

Changes in Winds Resulted in Cold Winters in Europe and USA, Far More Severe and Longer-Lasting Cold Due to Changes in Flow of Warm Atlantic Ocean Currents ScienceDaily (Jan. 15, 2011) — The unusually cold weather this winter has been caused by a change in the winds. Instead of the typical westerly winds warmed by Atlantic surface ocean currents, cold northerly Arctic winds are influencing much of Europe.

However, scientists have long suspected that far more severe and longer-lasting cold intervals have been caused by changes to the circulation of the warm Atlantic ocean currents themselves.

Now new research led by Cardiff University, with scientists in the UK and US, reveals that these ocean circulation changes may have been more dramatic than previously thought.

The findings, published January 14, 2011 in the journalScience, show that as the last Ice Age came to an end (10,000 -- 20,000 years ago) the formation of deep water in the North-East Atlantic repeatedly switched on and off. This caused the climate to warm and cool for centuries at a time.

The circulation of the world's ocean helps to regulate the global climate. One way it does this is through the transport of heat carried by vast ocean currents, which together form the 'Great ocean conveyor'. Key to this conveyor is the sinking of water in the North-East Atlantic, a process that causes warm tropical waters to flow northwards in order to replace the sinking water. Europe is kept warmer by this circulation, so that a strong reduction in the rate at which deep water forms can cause widespread cooling of up to 10 degrees Celsius. ...

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