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Vaccines MMR Autism Fraud Vaccine Fears Causing Measles, Mumps, Flu, Deaths

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It is truly ironic that epidemics of diseases such as Autism and Vaccine Phobia inhabits some of the most intelligent well educated and well read communities. In California Autism is considered an affluent disease. In Marin County north of San Francisco and in Ashland, Oregon, vaccine phobia and disease is rampant.

Listening to a DVR of Joe Scarborough’s Morning Joe on MSNBC 6 AM ET and 3 AM PT, I heard him say his son has a mild form of Autism. His son was probably born in Pensacola, Florida.

It is amazing that so many smart people do not see the relationship with the introduction sunscreens and a sharp increase in Autism! We need lots of vitamin D3 made from the noon day sun on short exposures of about 15 minutes for White skin individuals. That makes 22,000 IU of vitamin D3 in the skin.

Every cell in our body has activated vitamin D receptors which lead to improved health retarding infections, cancers, obesity, and metabolic diseases. Affluent people listen to the official experts more carefully and suspend common sense so that is why their babies get Autism. Vitamin D activates our T-Cells which can fight infections and disease. It also keeps our genes working right by turning them off or on as required. It kills cancers cells at the early stages. Cancers over time develop proteins to block the vitamin D receptor so it is more difficult cure cancers long neglected such as pancreatic and lung cancers.

Today the official word came out that the original child multi-vaccine caused Autism was based on outright fraud. I knew it was a fraud a long time ago because this result could not be duplicated by other scientists, the Gold Standard for authenticating research done by others. This is the Dark Side of the Internet as commented on by Stanley Fish in the New York Times recently.

Internet users too often forget that an article on the Internet does not mean that it is factual. Because Autism was a disease of the affluent, word of this study got out massively by persons who were not trained in the Scientific Method which states that if a study cannot be confirmed by others, it is likely fraudulent or the researcher left out crucial elements in their research experiments. The scientists said there was no proof, but they were drowned out on the Internet.

Frauds are usually caught early by other researchers. Unfortunately Big Pharma research is largely secret and many times they lie to the FDA or get bought academics or doctors to verify the safety of drugs. This was done a lot during the Reagan administration and Bush administration by not doing a thorough job. We still don’t know if Gene modified plants by Monsanto and others is really safe in the long term because they were never tested. That also holds for high fructose corn syrup used in prepared foods in high amounts, especially in Colas. Fructose is also high in juices like Apple juice which we get almost all from China.

I thought it amusing on the Letterman Show last night when he was interviewing Dr. Oz about how to lose ten pounds. Dr. Oz told him that he had too many calories for lunch and David Letterman got angry. The latter also said he was hungry all the time, another symptom of eating too much fructose. Read “The Sugar Fix: The High-Fructose Fallout That Is Making You Fat and Sick” by Richard J. Johnson, MD and search his work in We do not have the ability to metabolize so much fructose in the liver safely because unlike today, sweet fruits were rare tens of thousands years ago. The by-products of fructose metabolism gives us deadly triglycerides and very low lipoproteins, leading to heart disease and dementia. One by product of fructose metabolism in cells is to produce uric acid which can inflame our blood vessels increasing our blood pressure and possibly inflaming our brain altering what nutrients can get in and out efficiently. This may be one reason that we get excess protein accumulation in our brain which leads to Alzheimer’s Disease. Somehow we are altering the ability of our body to destroy excess proteins.

Most people depend on anecdotal information to make erroneous conclusions. We have seen that very intelligent people make these errors. As the saying goes Garbage In, Garbage Out.

The California H1NI flu virus has now become our seasonal flu virus. The vaccines is working very well and for seniors taking the High Dose Vaccine is necessary because our immune response is much weaker than others. We shall see whether seniors who take the vaccine get sick and die. In 1918 the first H1N1 virus killed people, but not many. The second one a year or so the latter killed many children because their immune response destroyed their organs. Older people had some exposure already so they did not die. Search Autism at my blog in the titles on the left over many months and even years.

Jim Kawakami, Jan 6, 2011,

Frontline PBS Portland Tribune Jennifer Anderson, April 22, 2010, The show (, centers on the debate in Ashland, which has one of the highest rates in the country of parents who claim a “religious exemption” from vaccinations that the state requires for children enrolling in kindergarten.

The exemption rate there is 24 percent; Multnomah County’s is 6 percent. Those numbers are on the rise, however, as an expanding group of liberal, well-educated parents pride themselves on providing their kids a natural environment that may not include all vaccinations.

Amy Lyden and Annie Adams are two of those moms. Both have sons who attend Portland Village School, a Waldorf-inspired North Portland public charter school that happens to have the second-highest rate of kindergarten vaccine exemptions in the county, at 43 percent.

“I just think the human body has the capacity, with proper nourishment, to manage viruses that can attack the body,” Lyden says, noting that the family eats organic, limits its TV exposure and gets plenty of outdoor exercise.

Both she and Adams say they took the advice of their pediatricians with their first child and had them get all of their vaccines. But they later regretted that decision as they did research, opted for a more holistic lifestyle and heard opinions from other parents.

Both mothers say that when their younger sons start kindergarten, they’ll check the religious exemption box because they’ll be picking and choosing which vaccines they receive, rather than following the CDC’s schedule.

When a child in her son’s fifth-grade classroom came down with whooping cough in February, Adams says, the county sent notes home, stirring a buzz among school parents.

Adams says she and others who questioned vaccinations were labeled as “those hippie parents,” but she just took it as an opportunity for dialogue: “I wanted them to come and find out why, and not just judge me.”

Other Portland schools also exceed the statewide average rate of 5 percent exemptions for one or more vaccines. (There’s no public data detailing how many vaccines children don’t receive, or specifying which ones, because parents aren’t asked to provide that information.)

At the top of the list is the private Cedarwood Waldorf School in Southwest Portland, whose 78 percent exemption rate even exceeds Portland Village School.

In fact, the top 18 county schools with the most exemptions – of 10 percent or more of their students – are all Waldorf, Montessori, alternative, private, charter or magnet schools, rather than a plain old neighborhood public school.

Increasingly, parents are claiming a "religious exemption" for not having their children vaccinated, which decreases the overall immunity of children in the classroom.



What about the herd?

County health officer Gary Oxman says he respects the rights of parents to ask questions about vaccines. “They have a different view of what’s healthy for their kids and different view of the social contract of immunization, but they’re not irrational,” he says.

Yet Oxman cautions that there could be public health implications down the road, because as greater numbers of children opt out of vaccinations, the phenomenon known as “herd immunity” breaks down.

That’s the term for the general population’s resistance to the spread of disease, due to those who’ve been immunized.

As long as the population meets a certain threshold of people who’ve been vaccinated (80 percent for most diseases; 92 percent for pertussis), the herd immunity will be strong, experts say. …

Katharine Mieszkowski, NY Times, July 10, 2010 … statewide whooping cough epidemic has not changed how Danielle Lawson of San Anselmo feels about vaccinating her 5 1/2-month-old daughter.

A nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization providing local coverage of the San Francisco Bay Area for The New York Times. To join the conversation about this article, go to

Ms. Lawson has declined almost all of the standard vaccines recommended for infants, including DTaP, which protects against whooping cough.

“I haven’t categorically ruled them out,” she said. “But I just think at this point she’s too young, and her immune system is still developing. Nothing goes into my baby right now, except for breast milk, so I don’t feel comfortable injecting her with strange chemicals.”

Public health officials in Marin County, which is by many measures the wealthiest and healthiest county in the state, said this kind of attitude toward vaccinations might be one reason that the county, with a population of just 250,000, currently accounts for about 15 percent of all reported whooping cough cases in California.

Of 58 counties in the state, Marin is ranked seventh — and No. 1 in the Bay Area — in parents’ choosing not to get their children the immunizations required for kindergarten. Some 7 percent of kindergartners in the county had a “personal belief exemption” in 2009. …

ScienceDaily (Jan. 5, 2011) —

The BMJ has declared the 1998 Lancet paper that implied a link between the MMR vaccine and autism "an elaborate fraud."

Dr Fiona Godlee, BMJ Editor in Chief says "the MMR scare was based not on bad science but on a deliberate fraud" and that such "clear evidence of falsification of data should now close the door on this damaging vaccine scare."

She is struck by a comparison between researcher Andrew Wakefield's fraud and Piltdown man, that great paleontological hoax that led people to believe for 40 years that the missing link between man and ape had been found.

She also questions the veracity of Wakefield's other publications and calls for an investigation "to decide whether any others should be retracted."

A series of three articles starting this week reveal the true extent of the scam behind the scare. The series is based on interviews, documents and data, collected during seven years of inquiries by award-winning investigative journalist Brian Deer.

Thanks to the recent publication of the General Medical Council's six million word transcript, the BMJ was able to peer-review and check Deer's findings and confirm extensive falsification in the Lancet paper.

In an editorial, Dr Godlee, together with deputy BMJ editor Jane Smith, and leading paediatrician and associate BMJ editor Harvey Marcovitch, conclude that there is "no doubt" that it was Wakefield who perpetrated this fraud. They say: "A great deal of thought and effort must have gone into drafting the paper to achieve the results he wanted: the discrepancies all led in one direction; misreporting was gross."

Yet he has repeatedly denied doing anything wrong at all, they add. "Instead, although now disgraced and stripped of his clinical and academic credentials, he continues to push his views. Meanwhile the damage to public health continues."

"Science is based on trust," concludes Dr Godlee. "Such a breach of trust is deeply shocking. And even though almost certainly rare on this scale, it raises important questions about how this could happen, what could have been done to uncover it earlier, what further inquiry is now needed, and what can be done to prevent something like this happening again."

The BMJ will explore these and other questions over the next two weeks.

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