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Vitamin D Sunlight and Tanning Salons Low Pressure Fluorescent Lamps UVB UVA

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Source Resource Guide in The Vitamin D Solution: A 3-Step Strategy to Cure Our Most Common Health Problem, Michael F. Holick, Ph.D., M.D., Boston University Medical School He spent his entire career doing research on vitamin D and health. He found that zoo animals get sick from not being exposed to sunlight so he designed them so they got sunlight and restored their health.

1. Those with Lupus and Cold Sores might activate these diseases on exposure to UV by sunlight or tanning beds.

  1. High Pressure Lamps only generate UVA so not appropriate for exposure. Although not unequivocal, the penetrating UVA is thought to at least be partly responsible for melanoma. It does occur in many areas not exposed to sun so have your doctor or you check all skin areas. Google melanoma check.

  1. Resource Guide Index by Dr. Holick.

Low Pressure Fluorescent Lamps Mix UVA and UVB similar to sunlight. Vitamin D Producing Light Sperti Lamp mfg. By KBC, Inc. 859-331-0800 and

Light Boxes for Seasonal Affective Disorder fix your sleep cycle can be restored and also reduce depression.

  1. Americans seem to believe that if something works at small levels, increasing the levels other than foods has to be better for you. Not necessarily. Good non-manufactured Foods help nutrients go slowly through the intestinal track due to fiber. So the Primate Center in Wisconsin found that separate vitamins, unless deficient, do not seem to work as foods with these same nutrients at lower levels. They get absorbed by the body while separate pills tend to go through without being absorbed as well. Added fibers as in some commercial cereals probably don’t work as well, but I do not really know.

  1. Dr. Holick recommended the max dose of tanning salons with the right kind of lamp should be less than half of they recommend as the maximum dose. You are not trying to get a tan, but trying to produce vitamin D3 on exposing much skin. Eye protection with carefully sanitized salon googles or your own googles bought cheaply online. Don’t forget to sanitize the bed. Ask they if you can use rubbing alcohol instead of their solution which may not get rid of MRSA often on skin of people who use soaps containing anti-bacterials that tend to get rid of the good bacteria and leave the more resistant one on your skin.

  1. Consult your primary care doctor before continuing with the tanning process because they might have objections to you using a tanning salon because the official word is that they cause Melanoma. It is still controversial. I trust Dr. Holick more than the establishment because he speaks to me in a scientific manner with many examples of how successful he has been in promoting the health of his patients. He has over 300 peer reviewed articles in the major medical journals and has treated many human patients.

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  1. This is Dr. Holick's website on vitamin D. I recommend his 2010 book highly. Jim