Saturday, October 1, 2011

Chris Hayes MSNBC, Al Awaki Kill, Abortion Movement, When a Fetus is Human?

Tags: Chris Hayes MSNBC, Al Awaki Kill, Abortion Movement, When a Fetus is Human?

Chris Hayes MSNBC 2 Hrs Sat 7:00 AM ET, 4:00 AM PT, Sun 8:00 AM ET, 5 AM PT Good source to understand the real story behind the news

Hayes Up w/Chris Hayes brings in very knowledgable persons who with a few exceptions allow different views to be expressed without interruption.

This morning Hayes and his guests discussed the drone killing of USA citizen Al Awake and some of the legal ramifications with strong and civil arguments from both sides.

Surprisingly Chris invited the head of the Christian Right ban abortion movement who refused to separate religion from scientific reality. Should one radical minority religion tell the rest of us how we should behave?

With brutal and sometimes deadly attacks on abortion doctors by the Right, abortions in Republican states are almost nonexistent hurting the many poor Republicans and others in their states who really cannot afford more children or have medical problems.

This is very similar to the reasons why the Catholic and Mormon Churches ban abortions in a similar way that the Roman Empire under Constantine introduced abortions with the support of the State sponsored and controlled Christian Church to increase their religious, political, and military power.

Is our proxy empire now collapsing from essentially 30 years of Republican rule even during the Clinton Presidency? In some ways we are collapsing in the same way that China’s past regimes collapsed.

Just like China, elite families controlled the various regimes though the birth process which produces both brilliant and not so brilliant sons to carry on the business of governing. As many of us should know, outstanding ability is not spread equally even among siblings as we have seen in the more familiar English monarchy.

Now the religious right wants to define abortions as using the pill to prevent implantation of the fertilized egg. I deeply resent the convergence of religion with government, something forbidden by our Constitution.

My definition of human is the point when the neurons are largely connected with synapses the first three and more years after birth so we can begin to learn and think. Before that we are no different from other animals where the fetus has an initial tail and looks like many other animal fetuses.

I am sure that the Christian Right does not want to admit that we are all animals.

Jim Kawakami, Oct 1, 2011,

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