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Dr Mercola Worried about High Dose Flu Vaccine

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Dr Mercola Worried about High Dose Flu Vaccine as Well as Many More Vaccines

  • The Fluzone High-Dose vaccine, designed specifically for seniors, contains four times the amount of antigen compared to the regular flu vaccine. Yet there is no scientific evidence to support the theory that a higher dose of antigen will result in decreased risk of flu and related health complications.
  • Effectiveness studies, comparing the high-dose flu vaccine to the regular vaccine, are not scheduled to be completed until 2015. But "gold standard" scientific reviews have repeatedly concluded that flu vaccine does not work in seniors (and can be ineffective for other age groups as well).
  • Compared to the regular vaccine, Fluzone High-Dose has been found to cause more side-effects, including slightly higher rates of Serious Adverse Events.
  • Over 200 viruses cause influenza and influenza-like illness with identical symptoms. At best, vaccines might be effective against influenza A and B, which represent about 10 percent of all circulating viruses. If the vaccine is partially matched to the circulating flu strains, 100 people must be vaccinated to prevent ONE case of influenza-like illness.
  • According to a review of the scientific evidence, influenza vaccine use does not affect the number of people hospitalized or working days lost. But flu vaccine has been associated with Guillain Barre syndrome (GBS) and it has been estimated that, at a minimum, one case of Guillian-BarrĂ© syndrome occurs per one million vaccinations.

I had high dose Fluzone last year and this year. The only difference I noted was that it made my arm hurt for two days. If you are taking flu vaccine for the first time, I recommend the regular dose first if you are scared. However, as I experienced when I restarted taking the regular flu vaccine again, I did get a mild headache and a mild fever. The second time on did not affect me at all.

As in all vaccines, it was tested on real people first before being recommended for all. The antigen levels doubled in seniors when Fluzone was given. It does not prove it works, but regular vaccines for flu did not seem to work well for many seniors.

From vaccines in the past, a higher antigen levels indicates that it will work better for the disease. As in all vaccines because of different immune responses, vaccines do not work for everyone. Children below six need two vaccinations to work because their immune system is still weak. The best way to protect children is for the mother to pass on antigens during the birth process. This will protect babies during the first six months.

I don't know how many mothers get the child vaccines. I think it is a great idea if you plan to have a baby.

Remember unless people who get flu go to the hospital, it is not counted as flu. Just watch how many of your friends and acquaintances get the flu, but rarely go to the hospital. They are not counted.

Apparently Dr Mercola has vaccine phobia for whatever reasons and always seem to look at side effects as deadly as the flu. Each year flu has killed 32,000 seniors each year whether they got the vaccine or not. Since deaths among seniors did not lead to headlines, I assume nothing unusual happened to those taking the high dose even though it is still at a low level, thanks to reports such as by Dr Mercola.

Where has a knowledge of probability statistics gone? We get scared of unknowns. This infects intelligent people more than the general population who search the Internet without knowledge of how science works and if one in a million has side effects from the vaccine, it means nothing. Driving is much more dangerous.

First of all the effectiveness of vaccines depends strongly on our immune response to the stuff in the vaccine in this case are dead viruses. During the Obama administration, the new director directed the CDC to determine why the regular vaccines did not seem to work as well as it should on seniors. They found that the number of antibodies formed after the vaccine was still quite low and varies depending on the health of seniors and I might add the level of vitamin D3 they take daily.

Dr Oz says 1,000 IU daily, my doctors asks all her patients to take 2,000 IU daily because Oregon has the highest MS and Autism rate in the country because we get lots of rain and people use lots of sunscreen during the summer so their skin does not make vitamin D3 which is formed by the burning rays UVB. My more extensive reading of the scientific literature indicates to prevent cancer that blood inactive metabolite 25-hydroxy-vitamin D levels of above 40 nanograms per milliliter ng/ml or if nanomoles/liter unit is used, divide it by 2.5 to get ng/ml.

The inactive metabolite is activated in all our cells to improve our resistance to disease including colds, flu, MS, Autism, and cancer. That is the reason that White people living north of Los Angeles latitude are more likely to be extremely deficient in vitamin D3 production from the sun when they get sun without sunscreen for about 15 to 20 minutes. The tanning comes from UVA, the aging and melanoma causing part of the sun rays.

Seniors who take cholesterol lowering drugs at higher levels lowers cholesterol production in our liver at an early stage has the drawback of preventing other cholesterol structure hormones such as vitamin D and other life enhancing hormones to be made. Statins main function is to prevent strokes and heart attacks is to reduce inflammation which causes plaque formation. Fresh plaque is the culprit in heart attacks and strokes.

Seniors in Better Health Survive Serious Illnesses More Successfully

I now take Costco's TruNature Digestive Probiotics daily 20 minutes before breakfast to place in a neutral stomach.

This probiotic also helped greatly when I got infected during an endoscopy and got diarrhea. The same endoscope used in colonoscopy has infected Veterans Administration patients with diseases ranging from HIV to other deadly illnesses.

Now the deadly Clostridium difficile is pervasive in hospitals and is hard to prevent infections of patients. Mayo Clinic cut the incidence by 50% by cleaning all possible sources with bleach every day. The infections are reported at some of the best hospitals in the country and is very hard to clean up. C. difficile forms spores when it is attacked with antibiotics which protects them so antibiotics do not work. Only a healthy colon can prevent infections. We should stop using antibiotics so often.

About one-third of the patients have a resistant strain and one-third of these patients die.

C. difficile comes in gram positive or aerobic and gram negative which in anaerobic. The latter can acquire genes easily and these cases usually results in death. Wikipedia has a good discussion, but for some reason left the cure in the last two paragraphs of the long article. As I said a number of times, poop from someone who has a healthy colon can up survival rates by stopping antibiotic treatments and adding the poop up their colon in small amounts. As I recall survival rates were in the high nineties and most patients were out within two weeks for observation.

Repeated hospitalizations are common for seniors because the spores open up after the antibiotics are gone.

I know that it is extremely hard to do, but I found that when I stopped eating processed foods in Eugene, my daily bouts of diarrhea stopped and my weight went from 132 in Los Angeles to 155. I found that eating lots of fruit and fruit juices was contributing too much fructose sugar which resulted in higher blood pressure which even at below the low limit of sodium, I had difficulty bringing down my blood pressure from hitting 140/90 too often.

Dr. Richard J. Johnson, MD, Nephrologist and Diabetes expert, at the Colorado Medical School, showed me the way to lower my deadly belly fat and my blood pressure in his book The Sugar Fix: The High-Fructose Fallout That Is Making You Fat and Sick. He hired a well experienced good science writer Timothy Gower to take his scientific writing and make it readable. This is one book that was hard to put down!

Fructose metabolizes in the liver and in our cells to form deadly very low density lipoprotein fats which is known to result in early onset of Alzheimer's when people do not have the enzymes to digest this well.

But when we get lots of this fat in our system, even normal people can't stop it from going to our brains. We get Alzheimer's in our brain, but few know that we get diabetes in our brain too which is also destructive based on work by a Brown University professor.

The cheap uric acid test is no longer done routinely as in the past. Research has now shown the upper normal limit should be about 4.5 for men and 4.0 for women instead of the 8 I had before eliminating fruit juice.

Once I limited myself to one or two fruits daily and stopped drinking fruit juice, my blood pressure has consistently been 110/70 for a year even when I now consume more sodium chloride, but still at moderate levels. Previously my blood pressure was still high when my sodium was below the lower limit.

Jim Kawakami, October 17, 2011,

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