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Financial Elites Wall Street Donates Millions to NY Police to Protect Them

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Why Corporate Elites Should be Petrified of Occupy Wall Street

The reason the corporate press media and corporations want a leader for this movement is to find a target to attack. They cannot easily attack a bunch of amorphous individuals who represent common Americans who have been trashed by money and power. The millionaires and billionaires get angry when President Obama tries prevent another financial meltdown and is trying to get them to pay more than a piddling tax and use laws and implementing the Volcker Rule regulations to prevent them from using bank accounts to play the Wall Street Casino Game. The Federal Reserve provide free loans of 16 Trillion dollars and some say 17 Trillion dollars to "fix" their injuries, but not the injury done to the 99% of Americans.

The 60 minutes program about the New York Police force and surveillance program was truly frightening. If you missed it watch, the video. http://www.cbsnews.com/video/60minutes/full_episodes/

The surveillance of 2,000 cameras in Manhattan, especially around Wall Street, with sophisticated software from the Pentagon which can now identify faces, clothing, and soon every person immediately. Their fire-power is immense. In the past I wondered with suspicion this overkill?

Then it came to me that the Oligarchy we now have in place realized that sooner or later there will be a rebellion by the American people who finally realize what Power and Wealth are doing to 99% of Americans.

In the article we see that recently JP Morgan Chase donated $4.3 million dollars to the police department. No wonder the New York Police department is so well armed and their weapons and surveillance programs are so sophisticated. With 50,000 officers which is equivalent to an Army Corp commanded by a Lt. General! They can stage a coup with the help of Republicans to take over our government.

JP Morgan tried to stage a coup after Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected. The highly decorated General refused to do it and told congress which ended the attempt.

Now they are much more sophisticated, but this hunger for 24 hour news makes it more difficult to keeps things a secret. Those who are servants of wealth & power may not like what their bosses are doing with so many electronic devices, such as throw away phones, it is easy to let out secrets without consequences.

Jim Kawakami, October 11, 2011, http://jimboguy.blogspot.com

Krugman takes charge: The New York Times’ resident economic think tank is on the Occupy Wall Street story. www,alternet.org

The New York Times let fly over the weekend with a trio of Op-Eds about the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations happening around the country, most notably (and most forcefully) Paul Krugman’s rumbling salvo, “Panic of the Plutocrats,” in which Krugman flames the nascent movement’s “remarkably hysterical” critics for their response to the protests and the people making them.

Also worth a look was celebrated communication scholar and media critic Todd Gitlin’s take on Occupy Wall Street vis-à-vis the tea party, as well as the paper’s editorial, which points out the plight of the young and the jobless, among other representatives of the 99 percent, and asserts that, “[a]t this point, protest is the message.” —KA

Paul Krugman in The New York Times:

Consider first how Republican politicians have portrayed the modest-sized if growing demonstrations, which have involved some confrontations with the police — confrontations that seem to have involved a lot of police overreaction — but nothing one could call a riot. And there has in fact been nothing so far to match the behavior of Tea Party crowds in the summer of 2009.

Nonetheless, Eric Cantor, the House majority leader, has denounced “mobs” and “the pitting of Americans against Americans.” The G.O.P. presidential candidates have weighed in, with Mitt Romney accusing the protesters of waging “class warfare,” while Herman Cain calls them “anti-American.” My favorite, however, is Senator Rand Paul, who for some reason worries that the protesters will start seizing iPads, because they believe rich people don’t deserve to have them.

Read more http://www.truthdig.com/eartotheground/item/this_just_in_kind_of_nyt_catches_up_to_wall_st_protests_20111010/

Chris Hedges, www.truthdig.org October 10, 2011. Consistently Webby best website. http://www.alternet.org/story/152684/why_corporate_elites_should_be_petrified_of_occupy_wall_street?page=entire Ketchup, a petite 22-year-old from Chicago with wavy red hair and glasses with bright red frames, arrived in Zuccotti Park in New York on Sept. 17. She had a tent, a rolling suitcase, 40 dollars’ worth of food, the graphic version of Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States” and a sleeping bag.

She had no return ticket, no idea what she was undertaking, and no acquaintances among the stragglers who joined her that afternoon to begin the Wall Street occupation. She decided to go to New York after reading the Canadian magazine Adbusters, which called for the occupation, although she noted that when she got to the park Adbusters had no discernible presence.

The lords of finance in the looming towers surrounding the park, who toy with money and lives, who make the political class, the press and the judiciary jump at their demands, who destroy the ecosystem for profit and drain the U.S. Treasury to gamble and speculate, took little notice of Ketchup or any of the other scruffy activists on the street below them.

The elites consider everyone outside their sphere marginal or invisible. And what significance could an artist who paid her bills by working as a waitress have for the powerful? What could she and the others in Zuccotti Park do to them? What threat can the weak pose to the strong?

Those who worship money believe their buckets of cash, like the $4.6 million JPMorgan Chase gave to the New York City Police Foundation, can buy them perpetual power and security. Masters all, kneeling before the idols of the marketplace, blinded by their self-importance, impervious to human suffering, bloated from unchecked greed and privilege, they were about to be taught a lesson in the folly of hubris.

Even now, three weeks later, elites, and their mouthpieces in the press, continue to puzzle over what people like Ketchup want. Where is the list of demands? Why don’t they present us with specific goals? Why can’t they articulate an agenda?

The goal to people like Ketchup is very, very clear. It can be articulated in one word—REBELLION. These protesters have not come to work within the system. They are not pleading with Congress for electoral reform. They know electoral politics is a farce and have found another way to be heard and exercise power. They have no faith, nor should they, in the political system or the two major political parties. They know the press will not amplify their voices, and so they created a press of their own. They know the economy serves the oligarchs, so they formed their own communal system. This movement is an effort to take our country back.

This is a goal the power elite cannot comprehend. They cannot envision a day when they will not be in charge of our lives. The elites believe, and seek to make us believe, that globalization and unfettered capitalism are natural law, some kind of permanent and eternal dynamic that can never be altered.

What the elites fail to realize is that rebellion will not stop until the corporate state is extinguished. It will not stop until there is an end to the corporate abuse of the poor, the working class, the elderly, the sick, children, those being slaughtered in our imperial wars and tortured in our black sites. It will not stop until foreclosures and bank repossessions stop. It will not stop until students no longer have to go into debt to be educated, and families no longer have to plunge into bankruptcy to pay medical bills. It will not stop until the corporate destruction of the ecosystem stops, and our relationships with each other and the planet are radically reconfigured.

And that is why the elites, and the rotted and degenerate system of corporate power they sustain, are in trouble. That is why they keep asking what the demands are. They don’t understand what is happening. They are deaf, dumb and blind.

“The world can’t continue on its current path and survive,” Ketchup told me. “That idea is selfish and blind. It’s not sustainable. People all over the globe are suffering needlessly at our hands.” ... http://www.alternet.org/story/152684/why_corporate_elites_should_be_petrified_of_occupy_wall_street?page=entire

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