Sunday, April 4, 2010

How to Measure Blood Pressures and We Should Stop Eating Fast Foods

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Taking accurate Blood Pressures at home is one way to tell if something is going wrong with your body. Unusual body pains may indicate cancer so have these checked out. Indigestion could also mean Pancreatic Cancer. Go to to check out all the things that are clues to serious diseases.
I aways wondered why blood pressures at the doctors office are often higher than at home.

This is what I learned.

1. According to research done here and in Italy and probably other places, we need to wait up to ten minutes after we sit down. I found that my blood pressure stabilizes after about 4-5 minutes of sitting. Italian researchers said an average of ten minutes is required to stabilize Italians. Americans normally take about 6 to 7 minutes.

2. Also the doctor or technicians asks you to jump on the doctor table just before they take your blood pressure. Of course our blood pressure jumps when we do this. So no matter where they tell me to sit when I go into the examination room, I jump onto the examining table.

3. I also found that I make sure I do not stop breathing during the test which will raise your blood pressure.

4. I also found that even though many doctors do it, taking a blood pressure over clothing tends to increase the blood pressure. I am not sure this holds at the doctor's office.

5. I also found that loose initial wrapping of the cuff will result in higher blood pressure. This happens even at the doctor's office.

So don't rush to take your blood pressure and try to take it regularly if you have high blood pressure. I take it every other day because salt, depending on how much water I drink. My blood systolic blood pressure is below 130 and can go as low at 108 depending on how much salt is in my system. The lower cut off point for sodium is 135 and mine is normally at 130, my doctor's cut off point.

6. My doctor at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center said I should you diet and exercise to lower the amount of drugs I take because every drug has side effects. My blood glucose has been at 100 the last two times and I want to get it down to about 90 or below. My triglycerides are now down to 70 and my HDL is about 85. I take 10 mg of Lipitor daily. The HDL/Triglycerides ratio is most indicative of heart disease based on recent studies.

7. You need to eliminate all sources of High Fructose Corn Syrup sugars which Americans get 140 lbs/year. It is in all the fast foods, prepared foods, and restaurant foods. It makes us eat more because our natural appetite suppressant mechanism is thwarted.

I was able to drop my blood pressure pills and other pills from 15 to 3.

8. High Fructose Corn Syrup sugar is the primary cause of us becoming an obese country where we get most of it in cola drinks and fast foods. They load it with sugar and salt to make it addictive and suppress you ability to tell when you had enough to eat. This Sugar activates our brain to pour out dopamine, the pleasure chemical. This Sugar also cross-links our liver in a similar way as alcohol does to cause cirrhosis of the liver. Sugar can also cross-link your DNA!

Jim Kawakami, April 4, 2010,

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