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Why High Fructose Sports Drinks? Medical Alert Service: Philips Lifeline

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Please try to let your family, friends, acquaintances how harmful high fructose Corn Syrup Sugar is on their health. Many would be interested about why it causes Obesity. About 75% of Americans are either obese or overweight with obesity now winning out.

Medical Alert Service: Philips Lifeline Because I live alone and will eventually get too old to prevent a serious fall, I decided to get a Medical Alert Service. For some reason, I do not regard celebrity endorsements on television a reason to buy a product or service. So I have been waiting to find an alert system that records serious falls where the person is knocked out so they cannot push a button.

This is the first one that had a service where falls are recorded. Philips Lifeline is the largest by far and they do not advertise, but work with hospitals. 1-800-797-4191 For more information.

Also I got a Philips Lifeline recommendation from Medic Alert which I subscribe and wear their medical bracelet with instructions because special treatment is required such as no transfusion of blood unless specially tested and the white blood cells removed if I am in an auto accident.

I later found that my hospital Peace Health Sacred Heart Hospital handles the installation of Philips Lifeline. I guess my doctors saw healthy I was that they did not recommend it for me. The guy who installed my unit at home yesterday works in the Peace Health gerontology section.

In contrast to the product advertised excessively on television by movie starts and former high health officials, who force their clients to sign a two year contract that they cannot change. My contract allows me to cancel anytime before the next month begins. I took the more expensive $50/month service instead of the lower cost one at, I think, $34-$40/month which does not have the new fall detection device.

Many greatly obese clients who live on wheel chairs due to the excessive high fructose corn syrup sugar in all prepared foods including just about everything at fast food joints including MacDonalds. Don't use salad dressings or sauces which are loaded with high fructose corn syrup.

Surprisingly soon after I stopped basically taking in any high fructose corn syrup sugar, I started to lose weight! I guess the princeton study about this sugar and obesity verses regular sugar with the same calories gave different results with fructose not able to tell our brain to stop eating while cane sugar activated the satiation point so we do not overeat. Ghrelin from our belly Omentum organ makes us hungry so we won't starve. But if we don't satisfy our hunger fairly soon with non-vending machine good food, we tend to overeat at the next meal. High Fructose Corn Syrup Sugar prevents the Ghrelin from turning off when we should be satisfied so we keep eating and eating.

I found that when I stopped drinking orange juice, eating bananas, apples, and blue berries which have the highest levels of fructose, I very quickly started losing weight. I have a high quality digital scale so I can see the weight drop one pound and certainly can see the obvious two pounds I lost within days. But those who splurge on Fast Foods, it would not be as quick unless you drop this sugar completely because small amounts can activate your hunger pangs and get you to overeat.

Dr. Johnson had an usual finding when he was studying uric acid for gout. He found it causes high blood pressure and uric acid is produced from High Fructose Corn Syrup Sugar! So when I decided to drink orange juice containing Calcium Citrate to lower my blood acidity, I was doing precisely the wrong thing. I think my fasting blood glucose level went up because I ate delicious dark chocolates containing sugar, but I suspect it was high fructose corn sugar which is 55% Fructose and 45% sucrose to make it less sweet. Sucrose has a One to One ratio of glucose to fructose go the mixture is actually roughly 78% Fructose and 22% glucose instead of 50/50 of each in cane sugar or sucrose.

The glucose level is high enough to give me a 100 glucose instead of 90 even at the relatively low level I take in. I tried this many times with stuff I really like, and my fasting glucose always goes up to 100. Those who have the potential to get Diabetes must keep their glucose levels below 90. Keep these foods out of your home! You can make one week of simple foods which taste good and won't kill you or cause you to become obese. Buy vegetables and fruits in season and at farmer's markets when you can. They taste better and are lot cheaper than in the winter and early spring months.

Must read the easy to read book "The Sugar Fix: The High-Fructose Fallout that is Making You Fat and Sick" by Richard J. Johnson, MD. He published his work in peer reviewed journals and has submitted patent applications for this discovery.

High Fructose Corn Syrup Sugar is present in huge amounts in bitter Coke, Pepsi, all cola drinks except diet ones, lots in Gatorade but but also in restaurant foods and especially in FAST FOOD JOINTS.

In the Healthcare Bill, Obama forces the restaurants and fast food joints to list all ingredients. I will look for a copy.

Athletes who use a lot of energy such as in football or basketball can drink Gatorade and other sports drinks, but the rest of us should not. These high fructose sugar drinks go to the liver where part of the fructose converts to glucose which the liver stores as glycogen for sustained energy such as needed by marathon runners.

The glucose part of sucrose gives us high blood sugar levels. So much sugar is put in these drinks to make them drinkable. The first Gatorade was really awful. When Pepsi took it over, they put cheap high fructose corn sugar in it to provide extra stored glycogen energy in their liver for sustained energy.

Another source of glucose are fiberless carbohydrates such as White Bread, anything made from White Flour, and White rice. If you eat real potatoes. Fiberless carbohydrates start releasing sugar in your mouth and in your intestines and into your blood stream. Carbohydrates with fire such as whole wheat or grain, brown rice, and other with fiber are not liked by the commercial produces of food that is killing Americans because they do not cook as quickly and are more difficult to freeze. So the fiber is removed to give us a sugar high and diabetes! said if we take in 500 grams of fiber daily, our diabetes type 2 would go away! The damage won't.

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