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Is There a Good Non-Medicative Way to Treat Allergies?

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I was disappointed to hear that your remedy for allergies cannot work well after the season starts. Recipe below.

My primary care doctor, Dr. Lisa Emond, specializes in treating skin diseases and colleagues in a separate unit just treat allergies which is a big thing in Oregon with all the trees, grass, molds, and dust mite's fecal matter we have. I picked Oregon because we do not seem to have ragweed. She also sees the good alternative medicine can supplement Board Certified doctors.

The approved range for vitamin D metabolite 25-hydroxy-vitamin D is from 30-80 nano-grams/ml or ng/ml. But at about 30, only 30 percent of osteoporosis can be reversed according to studies by the Osteoporosis Foundation.

The Vitamin D council website which examines peer reviewed vitamin D research publications advices us to take 5,000 IU of vitamin D daily. If 2,000 UI of vitamin D which more Americans are starting to take based on doctor's recommendation, about a storage of 12 days is built up. At about 3500 IU of vitamin D, my metabolite went up to about 49 ng/ml. At 4600 IU of vitamin D, it went up to the low 70s so I shall learn if my pre-osteoporosis diagnosis can be reversed to no osteoporosis over a period of time.

Vitamin D does greatly improve our immune system because it activates the germ fighter T-Cells needed to fight everything including cancer cells. Cervical cancer cells are so deadly because they seem to be able to at least partly deactivate vitamin D. Although no double blind study has been done, enough epidemiology studies have been done to show a strong correlation with healthful results. How good these studies are in making conclusions depends how good the data within it are even thought vitamin D was measured but not studied before. But with very few exceptions, the data seems quite good.

What vitamin D does is also fix our immune system so it does not attack harmless stuff such as pollin. That is why I have successfully use it to fix my immune system so my body does not attack itself. It worked marvelously. I hope it does not take the usual 17 years for half the doctors to use scientifically and practically determined Best Practices.

My superb dental hygienist, Carmalita, has Spring allergies and takes 2,000 IU vitamin D which is probably not enough. She should take a vitamin D metabolite test of 25-hydroxy-vitamin D, but it can be expensive so make sure it is covered. If it is too expensive, start with 2,000 to 3,000 IU of vitamin D3. She should gradually go up and I am asking my great dentist Dr. Steve Hull to give this copy to her.

I had problems with dentists a lot in New Jersey and Los Angeles, Dr. Hull is the first one who has done everything well. Carmalita was the first person to persuade me to do the right thing to keep up my dental hygiene. My gums are now in much better shape. Like most Americans, we do not spend the required two minutes of brushing in circles to cover all surfaces and then flossing to remove food particles and paste in between our individual teeth. I have been amazed what I find there!

She told me today that plaque is normally the same color as teeth and only when it gets contaminated with crud does it becomes colored! Brush, brush, and brush some more. Floss, Floss, and Floss forever! Most should go three times a year. Two is not enough. Bacteria builds up when we sleep so brush your teeth first thing. I do! It has a huge effect on our health, especially heart disease.

At some point I will look at these studies in detail to give me confidence that assumptions and simplifications made in the analysis seems reasonable. Even Harvard studies can be wrong because we are all human and prey to our human frailties. Unfortunately these studies are impossible for laypersons to understand including many scientists. I learned to read horribly written articles so normally what I do is take it all in and then organize the information in my head to make sense of the information.

Jim Kawakami, April 20, 2010, http://jimboguy.blogspot.com

This series of vitamins boosts the immune system to fight the cause of allergies. They must be taken several weeks before the season starts. If you start taking them once you get the symptoms, they won't doing a thing for you. I take them all year because you can't be sure when the agents that cause the allergies effect you and this series of vitamin B's have other benefits for your health and cognition. These are relatively low doses that I have not been able to find in B complex tablet.

B-6 50 mg
B-12 500mcg
Folic acid 400mcg
Niacinamide 100mg

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