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Dudley: Debate Reveals His Plan Help Rich, Tax Us

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I watched the TV debate between Governor Kitzhaber and Dudley. Dudley blamed Kitzhaber in his popular two term governorship for not passing certain laws. Dudley did not know that it was his Republican pals that prevented the passive of some very good laws such as the rainy day fund. Kitzhaber looked like the governor while Dudley looked like a new employee knowing little about Oregon by not living here and avoiding taxes.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats passed over 400 minor and major laws. But almost all have not been considered by the Senate even though many were passed with enthusiastic support by House Republicans! The Republican Senate using the 60 vote rule has stopped or tried to stop almost every bill up for consideration. About the only bill they did not try to stop is the Bailout of Wall Street.

If the Republicans get control of the House, they have said they will not pass one bill but investigate the Democrats and try to Impeach President Obama. The Republicans also scared the Democrats into not expressing pride at passing the Healthcare Bill which is very popular when the people know what is in the bill.

Republicans are better at campaigning because they have billionaires giving them loads of television ad money and hiring the best public relation psychologists to fool the American people about the Democrats and about what they are really planning to do. We still do not know the extent of the harm that Bush/Cheney/Republicans did to our country because they kept everything secret. Our drinking water quality has gone down so much that most health officials recommend at least using a filter for tap water. Bottled water in many cases come from tap water, sometimes untreated. It's a scam.

It is no accident that we had lots of bad drugs approved by Bush's FDA with a Big Pharma lobbyist in power giving us bad drugs and contaminated foods, including Avandia for diabetes drug and pain medication Vioxx which could kill or make people really sick.

Bush/Cheney put corporate lobbyist in charge of regulating our health and safety heads. Many of them were former lobbyists for Healthcare, Oil, Coal, Metals, Big Agriculture Food Companies, and the like. The CEO who ignored safety regulations is on the Board of the Chamber of Commerce, a Republican and Big Business and so-called small businesses with 70,000 employees. They mean private companies with a small number of owners such as Hedge Funds, Lawyers, and oil companies such as Koch Brothers, billionaires who have donated a large part or 97% of Karl Rove's Republican slush fund to win races in Oregon, California, and other states.

Democrats got almost all their donations from Americans donating less than $200. How many? 95 percent! Republicans got almost all their money from corporations after our corporate Republican Supreme Court made corporations people who can donate any amount of money in the Citizens United Case this year!

Yes! Elections have consequences!

Jim Kawakami, October 5, 2010, http://jimboguy.blogspot.com

Olbermann on Dudley: "That's a rich former athlete explaining how he's going to keep everybody else poor."

Kari Chisholm

Here in Oregon, it's easy to think that what's happening in Oregon isn't connected to what's happening around the rest of the country.

But tonight, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann connected the dots between Republican candidates all across the country. From Senate candidates - like Joe Miller (AK), Linda McMahon (CT), John Raese (WV), Dino Rossi (WA) - to gubernatorial candidates - Bill Brady (IL), Tom Emmer (MN), and... Chris Dudley of Oregon.

In fact, Dudley comes in for the strongest opprobrium from Olbermann: "That's a rich former athlete explaining how he's going to keep everybody else poor."

Oh, and a bit of an aside: We're doing the happy dance here at BlueOregon -- as Olbermann cited Jesse Cornett's 9/21 column in his report.

Here's the video. Dudley appears at 2:45 (though you should watch the open, too.)


On the jump, the full transcript of the bit about Dudley...

Chris Dudley also has a problem with "waitresses." The Oregon gubernatorial candidate made headlines last month when he said that "it doesn't make sense that our waitresses are getting tips plus the highest minimum wage in the country."

How high is the Oregon minimum wage Dudley has a problem with? $8.50 an hour.

The website BlueOregon reporting this means an average salary of 35 to 50 thousand dollars, well below the 450,000 that is the minimum wage for Dudley's old job in the NBA.

Why haven't you heard about this from Republicans? Ask Dudley:

(Dudley, on tape): I'm not going to make a forefront campaign issue out of it, because it's something that I think is a hot button that people don't really understand. But at some point - I'm well aware of the issue.

That's a rich former athlete explaining how he's going to keep everybody else poor.

I couldn't say it better myself. Thanks, Keith! http://countdown.msnbc.com

Countdown: 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM Daily . Also don't miss Rachel Maddow at 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM Second showings Monday-Thursday and not on Friday. http://maddowblog.msnbc.com Also on Satellite radio stations.

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