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The Republican advertising campaign won’t work in France because Frenchmen and women discuss politics all the time because they realize that it has a great effect on their lives.

Americans think it is too dirty to talk about in polite company based on a propaganda campaigns run by corporations since 1945.

Our gut feel about who to vote for only works if the correct information is stored in our brain! We know how to judge people but Republicans use actors to make up their campaign commercials and politicians had plenty practice lying so they can sound sincere even when they are lying.

Which Party is trying to scare you so your judgement goes out the window? Who does it better? Why did we go to work in Iraq? The war propaganda television campaign begun in September 2002 had done its job by March 2003 when Bush declared war based on knowingly telling us lies by selecting known unreliable intelligence which the Hawks believed was true.

We were able to survive all the dangers even in the pre-human state because our emotional brain told us when there was danger. When our prefrontal cortex developed, something not prominent in Apes and monkeys, we could start to figure what was really dangerous and not dangerous. We seemed to have lost that ability by the constant draw and pleasure of buying things instead of relying on the real road to happiness, good friends and family. No, television will never replace this need.

Jim Kawakami, Oct 18, 2010,

GOP Gains Fundraising Advantage Ahead of Midterm Election Newly disclosed campaign records show Republicans have benefited from a surge in campaign donations in recent months. The Wall Street Journal reports the Republican candidates in the ten closest Senate races raised $41 million in the third quarter, nearly three times as much as their Democratic candidate opponents. The difference was most striking in Nevada, where Republican Sharron Angle raised $14 million, seven times as much as her opponent, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Meanwhile, the Center for Responsive Politics reports outside groups, including some funded by secret donors (domestic and foreign), have spent $167 million so far in the 2010 election cycle. … That’s up from about $70 million four years ago. A recent study of TV ad buys in September and early October found that outside groups were spending nine times as much on Republicans as Democrats.

Scores of Stimulus Opponents Sought Money out of Public View

A new report from the Center for Public Integrity shows scores of Republicans and conservative Democrats who voted against the $787 billion stimulus subsequently wrote letters requesting funds for projects in a massive, behind-the-scenes letter-writing and phone-call campaign.

Those asking for money include Tea Party favorites like freshman Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown and Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, former presidential candidates Ron Paul and John McCain, and Republican congressional leaders like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana.

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Campaign in Ohio

To help struggling Democratic candidates, President Obama hit the campaign trail over the weekend. On Sunday he and First Lady Michelle Obama addressed a crowd of 35,000 at Ohio State University in Columbus. It was the first time the President campaigned with his wife since 2008.

President Obama: "The Republican leadership made a calculation. It was a tactical decision that if they just sat on the sidelines, if they didn’t lift a finger to help, if instead they opposed us every step of the way, if they said no even to policies that historically they had agreed to, that historically they had sponsored and adopted, they figured they could ride people’s anger and frustration all the way to the ballot box."

(Pelosi’s House passed 400 bills, many with strong support from Republicans, but the Republican Senate tactic of delaying or stopping all bills they can, even those they would normally support, has prevented the Senate from even considering them. Jim)

Recent polls suggest the Republican strategy may be working. As many as 100 House seats are seen as in play on November 2, almost all of which are held now by Democrats. Republicans need a net pickup of thirty-nine seats to take the House. (Vote unless you want the American Taliban to take us back to the Stone Age. Jim)

EPA Official: Reject Permit for Mountaintop Removal Mine in WV

The Obama administration has moved a step closer to retroactively revoking the largest mountaintop removal mining permit in West Virginia history. A regional official from the Environmental Protection Agency has recommended denying the Clean Water Act permit for the Spruce Mine, in part because it will bury nearly seven miles of streams. The EPA estimates the mine would also destroy 2,300 acres of forest. (Many toxic metals leach into the well water of families living along these streams. Jim)

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