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Alzheimer’s Merck High HDL Patients Had Less Dementia than those with Low HDL

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Kawakami: My recommendation is cut out meat as the major part of your meal and simply use it as a condiment to flavor other foods as the Chinese and Greeks do.

Not emphasized enough is the fact that low LDL and very low density lipoproteins VLDL do the same thing to our brains as they do to our blood vessels and heart. Early onset Alzheimer’s occurs because some do not the ability to use up VLDL and LDL long term occurs at smaller levels of LDL. The brain uses LDL more than any other organ for neurons and other structures. LDL builds the walls of cells.

Merck has recently come out with a drug that increases HDL more than any drug at the same time lowering LDL. The data so far looks very good. One thing rarely if ever discussed with the public or among doctors is that if we have advanced artery disease from plaque deposition, what would be the consequence of sharply reducing LDL?

In trying to explain why some patients with advance plaque deposition start using high levels of statins to reduce LDL experience dementia which stops when they go off the pills can have a variety of explanations including individual susceptibility. One I have thought about is that LDL receptors atrophy when LDL levels are high so there are fewer of them available for LDL absorption do also to extensive plaque formation.

I suspect the plaque forms in our arteries due to an oxidation process, damage to the arteries for a number of reasons, and the heart attacks and strokes occur when fresh plaque breaks off. So I believe the first role of using statins is to reduce fresh plaque formation and then gradually reduce old plaque in our arteries.

My experience using ten milligrams of Lipitor statin daily, the most popular Statin drug, is that a combination of Lipitor and a meatless diet with a diet of eggs, beans, chicken, and fish has increased my HDL substantially over the years and lowered overall cholesterol. My HDL to total cholesterol ratio is Two and my triglycerides is in the sixties, well below normal.

My extensive reading of the medical literature indicated to me that if you watch your lipids, it should be the ratio of HDL over triglycerides which form the deadly belly fat. Triglycerides lead to the formation of LDL and VLDL. Not well known is that our liver takes fructose and converts 30 percent of it to VLDL and triglycerides. Fructose from High Fructose Corn Syrup in soft drinks and processed foods and condiments such as salad dressings stops our body from knowing when we eat enough by turning off Leptin in the belly Omentum organ. Cane sugar does not do this.

From 1985, when Reagan highly subsidized corn and High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), the obesity rate mushroomed to double the number in the 1990s. A year or so ago mice studies at Princeton showed that when equal calories of regular sugar and HFCS were fed to mice, the ones fed HFCS because fat because they kept eating more mice chow. The sugar fed mice did not get obese.

When President Clinton lent Mexico $50 billion dollars which Mexico paid back, Clinton or his advisors Greenspan and Reuben, extracted the concession that their president allow subsidized corn into Mexico. Mexican farmers and business which received income from the farmers went out of business which caused a sharp movement of immigrants to the USA where corporations in diverse businesses such as meat packers, airplane assembly, construction, and many more businesses wanting cheap labor displaced the higher wage Americans. My brother’s income as a forklift operation was cut in half eventually even though he belonged to the powerful Teamsters Union.

A taxi driver in Manhattan drank six Pepsi cans or more every day and increased his weight to 300 pounds. He changed to water and in only one year decreased his weight 100 lbs to 200 lbs. He changed nothing else on purpose.

My recommendation is let others be the guinea pigs for the new Merck Drug. Many of these drugs are tested by physicians paid to recruit volunteers and the number tested is often too low to mean anything. Merck, if my memory serves me right, is testing 50,000 patients for the final test so hopefully it is more meaningful.

Their other pain killing drug Vioxx by Merck was fraudulently put on the market by hiding side effects of the drug including heart problems so as Reagan said trust but verify.

Jim Kawakami, Dec 13, 2010,

Good Cholesterol HDL Reduces Alzheimer’s Nicole Ostrow

Dec 13, 2010, … Researchers in the study included 1,130 Medicare recipients from northern Manhattan who were age 65 and older and had no history of dementia or memory problems. They were followed for four years.

The men and women were divided into four groups. Those in the highest group had HDL levels of more than 55 milligrams per deciliter of blood, while those in the lowest group had levels of 38 or less.

Over the course of the study, 101 people developed Alzheimer’s. Of those, 16 were in the highest HDL group and 32 were in the lowest HDL group.

The researchers also found that those with the highest HDL were 20 percent less likely to develop the disease compared with those in the middle two groups, Reitz said.

Total cholesterol levels consist of three components: HDL, LDL or low-density lipoprotein and triglycerides. While high total cholesterol can increase the risk of health problems including heart disease, HDL is the exception and is thought to protect against heart attack, according to the American Heart Association. …

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