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BCS Bowl Right Wing Auburn vs Liberal Eugene, OR

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BCS Bowl in Arizona Features Football Teams from Right Wing Town of Auburn, Alabama and Liberal City of Eugene, Oregon

In the South, college football is a mania because Republicans like wars and ROTC. In pro football, it is still largely violence that attracts many to pay a lot of money to see it in person. It is never portrayed this way as far as I have read. Recently I sent a blog about why the radical Republican politicians do what they do to get what they want regardless of their violations of Christian beliefs and ethics they claim to adhere to. Their brain works differently than liberals who would rather discuss things than use their fists. I think baseball is more universally popular in America because it does not have the violence of football.

I watch Oregon play football and basketball, but my interest stops there mostly because I decided long ago that spending 5 hours on weekends watching football and basketball was no longer worth an investment in my time. Yes, I played varsity basketball and tennis in high school with a passion and also loved pitching in playground baseball. I decided to get back to my childhood love of reading books on a variety of topics and my fiction reading goes from popular fiction to literature. I find the latter more compatible with my thinking temperament.

Auburn, a town about the size of Corvallis, Oregon, is basically an university town where everyone either works there or works for the many Baptist churches. It has an very high level of college educated citizens, whatever that means, a football stadium holding about 87, 400 fans, with 60% right wing Republicans. Eugene has a relatively high 35 percent.

However, the voting patterns for mayor shows that Oregonians are not rabid liberals or republicans. Near the University, 87 percent voted for Obama who is really not a liberal, but acts like he is a moderate Republican in a country that shifted to the right in the last election. Oregon is largely a rural state with Portland area and Eugene the only liberal hot spots in the state. So we tend to have Republicans or Democrats winning the statewide political races.

Auburn's professors are also liberal while the students are not. I guess this reflects the difference between those who like to think and those who like to act and make money, whether ethical or not. That is why CEOs are rarely liberal.

Jim Kawakami, Dec 11, 2010,

BCS Bowl in Arizona Features Football Teams from Right Wing Town of Auburn, Alabama and Liberal City of Eugene, Oregon, Bob Welch, Register Guard, Dec 11, 2010 ... Auburn is deeply rooted in the historic south. Here in Oregon, the “Civil War” is a yearly football game; in Auburn, the real deal closed the then five-year-old college, which was turned into a training ground for the Confederate Army in 1861. (UO would not open until 1876.)

ROTC is big at the university — and the city is home to lots of retired military folks.

Not surprisingly, the city is as conservative as Eugene is liberal, the percentage of Republicans (59.3) far above the national average (45.6) and far, far, far above Eugene’s (34.9).

“With liberal professors and conservative students, the joke at Auburn is about brainless professors teaching heartless kids,” Gibbs says.

Auburn has nearly three times the national average number of Baptists and only a tenth the average number of Catholics.

“In Auburn, you’re either employed by the university or a protestant church,” Zacharias says. “God plays a way bigger part in their football than in our football out here.”

Meanwhile, in Eugene, a close town-gown connection has never been anyone’s bragging point.

“In Auburn, everything revolves around the college,” Gibbs says. “On Sunday mornings, city employees are cleaning up the mess at Toomer’s Corner. And they’re happy to do so, since a few hours before they were helping create it.”

And come Jan. 10? “If Auburn beats Oregon,” Gibbs says, “I expect a serious toilet-paper shortage.”

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