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Coburn (R-OK) Stops Bill Preventing Medicare Pay CutsTaking Effect April 1

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Please forward to all seniors and interested voters. Yes, definitely send it to your Republican friends.

Coburn (R-OK) Puts a Hold on Solving the Massive Medicare Pay Cut Which Will Take Effect April 1 and Can't Be Voted on Until April 12, who knows whether the Republicans will find another Senator to block it. In 2011, the Dems have a chance to change the Senate rules as Bush did in 2001 and threatened to invoke the Nuclear Option if ignoring the Senate Rules.

The Massive Medicare Pay Cut Will Take Effect April 1 and Can Be Only Reinstated on April 12th which is the time required for the block by Coburn (R-OK) to expire. Obama and the Democrats are trying to avoid what the Bush Republicans did during their eight years, have Democrats-generated deficits. So they are looking for ways to cut somewhere else.

The Republicans under Bush, Jr have been automatically cutting Medicare every year to destroy Medicare. The addition of the Big Pharma heavily subsidized Medicare D drug plan without paying for it was also added by Bush installed Supporting President of AARP who left after the deed was done. Also Bush lied about how much it cost, prevented revealing the true costs. It actually cost $200 Billion dollars more, but told the actuary to not say anything or he would be fired and ostracized.

Delay (R-Texas) who is still under indictment for breaking the law, lost the Medicare D in the normal 15 minute House, but kept the voting open for three hours to threaten and cajole those Republicans who voted against the bill for fiscal reasons without even knowing about the extra $200 billion in costs.

Now many doctors cannot afford to take on Medicare Patients. I had a hard time getting a doctor in Eugene, Oregon because Medicare pays Oregon doctors one-third what they pay the larger states.

The Republicans in Texas have made it impossible to sue doctors by packing the Supreme Court of Texas where Delay used illegal funds to get them elected. The Texans (R) then gerrymandered Districts in their state and got Supreme Court approval. A full Third of poor Texans have No Insurance or medicaid care, because they made it almost impossible or difficult for Texans to navigate through the difficult Texas requirements. I pity the poor Baby Boomers which is about half the whole Boomer population finding out that in Texas, who won't be covered until Medicare but if the Republicans take control again, they will find a way not to give benefits. Eventually Medicaid should be a National program because some states such as California and New York which make it easier to navigate the process, pay much more State portion of funds for Medicaid than Texas ever will.

But Doctors in McAllen, Texas get double the national average in Medicare payments by doing unnecessary procedures, while an equivalent population in a larger city gets the national average in payments.

Because most of the Mexicans lived on beans because they were too poor, the older ones are more healthy than typical Americans. Of course their younger generation because of High Fructose Corn Sugar are both Obese and Diabetic.

I am almost ashamed to get care from my low paid doctors and I gladly pay any bill they send me.
Now Senator Coburn, MD, (4-OK), one of the most radical Republicans and an Obstetrician who only takes care of young mothers and delivers babies, is also corrupt and advised Senator John Ensign (Nevada) on how to avoid the publicity of having sex with the pretty wife of one of his advisors by paying him $100,000 possibly from his campaign which is illegal even though he said his parents paid it off. Then he used campaign funds to pay off the husband in "severance" pay which is definitely illegal. He also lobbied to get the cuckold husband a job lobbying for someone else before the one year deadline which is also a crime. Ensign got all this advice from Coburn or most of it!

If you have a friend or family member, it is important to tell them if they are on Medicare or are considering voting for any Republicans. Except for Bush Sr, Right Wing Republicans have committed crimes during Reagan where Time magazine had page after page of head shots of Republicans who had to resign because of fraud. It was more than three pages and could have been around six.

But no one is even close to what Bush,Jr did during his 8 years. If justice prevailed he and his fellow Republicans should be put in jail including his lawyers who were exonerated by a Republican bought judge.

Jim Kawakami, Mar 26, 2010,

March 26, 2010

Massive Medicare Pay Cut Will Take Effect April 1
In the name of fiscal responsibility, Sen. Tom Coburn, MD (R-OK), blocked a vote on a bill that would have extended the effective date of the 21.2% pay cut to May 1.
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