Sunday, March 14, 2010

Understanding Vitamin D and How to Get Enough John Jacob Cannell MD

Recent Scientific Articles on Vitamin D. Archives

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The Vitamin D Council seems to be authentic. From a link provided by where I modify this search engine to things I am interested in. One is Vitamin D. . See

However, when I go to a website that link to comes up with a link I must click on, I NEVER DO. I FIRST TRY TO CLOSE MY MAC SAFARI OR WINDOWS. If I cannot close it, I know it is a fraud. I had to use my MAC force quit to close my Safari operating system. The same happened with a link I accidentally linked on a New York Times Website. It was later found by the Times to be able to insert a spyware into many computers.

What these crooks have been doing is taking authentic articles, making a false link to them, and give you a must click link to get the article to copy or print.

I then went directly to the Vitamin D Council website. You have to go to the various items on the left column to look at the articles.

One I clicked on Vitamin D scientists with their credentials.

I also clicked on the newsletter archives to find the authentic very interesting article.

Jim Kawakami, Mar 14, 2010,

Genetics as well as done, determine response to vitamin D supplements (I respond well. Jim )

If you take 2,200 IU of vitamin D everyday, You Have a 12 Day Supply of Vitamin D in Your Body

Statin Merck's Zocor and vitamin D Helps Lower Triglycerides, but Vitamin D does not influence Zocor

Vitamin D Lowers Pfizer's Lipitor Statin in Blood, but Lowers Low Density Cholesterol (LDL) at Same Time No Change in High Density (HDL). I found that Lipitor sharply lowers Low LDL and sharply raises HDL.

Vitamin D, Statins, and Omega 3-Fish Oil Lowers Coronary Calcium Levels, Meaning Plaque Levels

Vitamin D Levels in Children who Survived H1N1 Higher than Those Who Died. Published in Virology Journal and the top 20 most read for all time! (Vitamin D activates T-Cells necessary to fight all forms of infections including viruses and bacteria and fungi. Non-activated T-Cells fail in fighting infections. Perhaps even good for HIV infections, but I have not seen or looked for such a study. Jim Kawakami, Mar 14, 2010.)

Lower Vitamin D Means Higher Death Rates In Patients with Kidney Disease

Giving Vitamin D to Renal Dialysis Patients Reduces the Need for Expensive Vitamin D Analogues,
Reduces Inflammation, Reduces Need for Medication that Increases Red Blood Count, and
Improves Cardiac Function

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