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Glenn Close Starring in FX Damages is Having Her Complete DNA Genome Done. Republican Jihad

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I met some future actresses at UCLA and an Opera singer in New York and her many friends at a party. Most are in therapy and my impression was that what makes them good actors and survive the incredible competition and disappointments in show business is being a little crazy. They were not boring! On average good actors and opera singers were quite intelligent and certainly not average.

Professor Gates of Harvard showed on P
BS that complete DNA sequencing seems to work well because apparently lots of the so-called junk DNA has an influence on diseases even though no genes are located there. We can only assume that they do influence which genes are active or not.

The recent decade of scientific studies has shown that environmental influences such as famines or constant wars allows the survival of those who have the right genes turned off or on or have a genetic change in both the active and gene located genome.

So the sociologists who have long claimed that our environment does influence our behavior were right, but not in the way they thought. The premise that genes influence our behavior has been largely correct, but they neglected the influence of our environment in determining which genes are off or on, called Epigenetics. The evolution of the fairly recent science of Epigenetic effects which simply can be explained as genes being turned off or on depending on their environment and can be transferred through generations unless the environment or influences change. Even now identical twins which have the same DNA can have different illnesses if their environment is quite different and one will get cancer and the other will not. We have a cancer suppressor gene which if turned off makes us more susceptible to cancer.

Excerpt of Glenn Close article: ... "For me, anything that can move the science forward is worthwhile," Close said in a telephone interview. "It's pretty well publicized that I have mental health issues in my family."

Close, whose family illnesses include bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, is a founder of the nonprofit group BringChange2Mind, which raises awareness about mental illness.

New sequencing technologies through companies like Illumina of San Diego, which did Close's genome, have vastly reduced the cost of producing an entire map of the human genome -- essentially the genetic recipe that makes up an individual.

Whereas the first human genome cost $3 billion and took more than a decade to produce, Illumina charges $48,000 for the kind of sequencing Close got. The company would not say whether it charged her. (Of course it was free! Jim)

Scientists say even newer technology will bring the price down to $1,000 within five years, essentially less than the cost of an advanced type of X-ray called a CT scan. ... (Don't get a CT scan lightly. The dose of X-Rays is extremely high compared to chest x-rays. Over the past year a huge overdose and deaths in New York resulted from software errors have even killed a few people we know about. Cancers take more time to surface. Jim)

Reuters Julie Steenhuysen Mar 11, 2010 ... Close, who stars in the FX television series "Damages" and is known for movie roles including "Fatal Attraction" and "Dangerous Liaisons," said the offer was too good to pass up. ...

Jim Kawakami, Mar 16, 2010, http://jimboguy.blogspot.com

Americans Have Very Short Term Memory and Have Largely Forgotten the Gut Erupting Scare We Had in 2008, thanks to the Free Market and Republican Ideology. Let Me Remind You.

Since the 1980s or Reagan Era and radical Bush Era, many new epidemics such as Alzheimer's Disease, Autism, and other neurological diseases have mushroomed, many due to inadequate testing of drugs and products. Dementia, for example, has been shown to be due to some drugs, not adequately tested for all effects on us. Read "Our Daily Meds" Introduction of sunscreens with only a UVB block which led to the melanoma epidemic even in Sweden!

1. More sickness and death from deadly bacteria in our foods and on our skin

Introduction of anti-bacteria soaps which killed good bacteria and left the deadly ones such as MRSA that has killed many people.

I don't know this for sure that MRSA is caused by this mechanism, but E-Coli poisonings in our kitchen resulted from sterilizing the kitchen counter with anti-bacterial sprays which did the same thing. The article in the Journal of the American Medical Society about a decade ago reported this. Dr. Oz, ABC, said that many do not realize that anti-bacterial soaps kill the good bacteria and do a poor job in killing the more deadly ones. Do not use anti-bacterial soaps. I only survived boils all over my body with many open sores because I avoided anti-bacterial soaps based on my knowledge that malaria bacteria and insects mutate by a natural selection process where the strong unusual ones survive while the normal bacteria and insects die.

2. More deaths and recalls of drugs during the 8 year Bush regime due to marketing controlled FDA. For example Viagra and deadly Diabetes drugs were introduced. There were many others recalled and many not recalled yet, all from the Bush Administration.

3. We got an exponential rise in asthma due to increased real pollution due to telling companies they can increase production without installation modern pollution abatement equipment, something required by law! Not many know during the Bush years carbon dioxide rate of increase doubled going from one percent a year to two percent due to extensive coal plants being produced. China puts out as much carbon dioxide as we do even though on an individual use basis it is much lower than us. They have relied on Coal which produces twice as much carbon dioxide as we do due to the developed world such as the USA shipping production to China so they could pollute to their hearts desire.

4. White Collar has increased exponentially including politicians and lobbyists during the Bush regime including Wall Street/Bankers collapse of our financial system. Not many remember that Bush essentially got rid of the White Collar crime unit in the FBI. That is why White Collar crimes is rampant now even from places such as Russia and Nigeria. I get fake e-mails from my e-mail list more often than in the past.

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    I know when the Clintons left the White House, the Veterans Administration was being compared with the Mayo Clinic which Bush dismantled, FEMA was sensational after fixing a disposable FEMA by Bush, Sr. which Bush Bush cut sharply and put in an incompetent Horse Trainer as head, the same happened to our FDA which is supposed to protect us and changed the law so that the FDA only gets money to do research on drugs from Big Pharma and installed the head of Marketing at Monsanto to allow the distribution of genetically modified foods GMO without checking their safety.
In the Republican Nixon administration Secretary of Agriculture Butz (R) made a revolution decision to change what Americans eat by deciding to put in the subsidies to give us our Food Distribution System, and subsidize corn to the hilt and allow the monopolization of our food industry where only five companies control all we eat! This led to many of the illnesses suffered by Americans now.

a. Essential all our diet in prepared foods is based on fast grown genetically modified corn and soybeans stripped of nutrients in native corn. Almost all our deadly high fructose corn sugar and syrup is made from corn. Have the harvest is used for making this Fructose sugar.
b. Some books which are must reads are:

Food Rules (2009) and Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan, 2006 both on NYT Best Sellers in Paperback Now

Publisher's Weekly: ... He starts with a McDonald's lunch, which he and his family gobble up in their car. Surprise: the origin of this meal is a cornfield in Iowa. Corn feeds the steer that turns into the burgers, becomes the oil that cooks the fries and the syrup that sweetens the shakes and the sodas, and makes up 13 of the 38 ingredients (yikes) in the Chicken McNuggets.Indeed, one of the many eye-openers in the book is the prevalence of corn in the American diet; of the 45,000 items in a supermarket, more than a quarter contain corn. Pollan meditates on the freakishly protean nature of the corn plant and looks at how the food industry has exploited it, to the detriment of everyone from farmers to fat-and-getting-fatter Americans. ...

Stuffed & Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System by Raj Patel, 2007 "How can starving people also be obese?" Why does everything contain soy? "What's the relationship between petrochemicals, biofuels, and the price of food?

One of the most dazzling books I have read in a very long time. The product of a brilliant mind and a gift to a world hungering for Justice. Naomi Klein, author of No Logo and The Shock Doctrine: Disaster Capitalism

"For anyone attempting to make sense of the world food crisis, or understand the links between U.S. farm policy and the ability of the world's poor to feed themselves, Stuffed and Starved is indispensable," Michael Pollan (The Republicans put in a law that makes it a crime to criticize beef! Remember Oprah said on her that she will never eat hamburgers again after her discussion with guests about e-coli killing still more Americans. She was in a huge lawsuit in Texas where those less wealthy would have lost.

The recent film about corn and food production had to be stripped of many good things to allow the producer to distribute the film in America. Just like information readily available in Europe, Japan, and yes, China about food and politics, America has the most manipulative press/media in the world. I noticed that MSNBC had guests and commentators criticizing the Health and Finance Bill from the Left while the Republicans criticize it from the FAR RIGHT.

Commentators, Politicians, and Book Authors are invited on TV to give their opinions. Yes, corporations can use someone who is on our side to fool us. They are doing it now with Kucinich and Michael Moore who want perfection and just talk about what is not in the bill and not what is in the bill that would help Americans greatly. So what is we have to wait a few years to fit our current budgets.

Even some people we trust do not know about how absolutely helpful the current Heathcare and Financial bills will be. When a amateur such as myself knows more than many who talk to us, I have to suspect they have an agenda.

With very clever propagandist involved in advertising and news, they give us what they want us to think. Why do we buy stuff we never use much or at all? Advertising! Why do we use medications that can kill or harm us. Advertising. The most important parts of propaganda is to present someone who looks trustful to give you the facts in the book "Trust Us We're Experts" . Both the Wall Street Journal and New York Times' front page have half the story giving us propaganda. This has been true for a long time. The way that propaganda works is they tell us lots of truth along with the lies to make us believe them. Lies by deletion is quite common. As the Republican Propaganda station FOX Cable said, if they don't report it, it never happened.

Even someone with the credentials of Michael Moore has inaccurate or incomplete information of both the Healthcare Bill and Financial Regulation Bill. Lucky for us MSNBC also presents views from knowledgeable congressmen and congresswomen such as Anthony Weiner (D-NY) and Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) and Frank Barney (D-MA) for financials. If you read the whole article and dismiss the headlines and first few paragraphs, the New York Times is a good source too.

Legacy of Corporate Republicans and Some Democrats who voted on Republican Financial Bills such as in 1999 and 2000 which led to the collapse of our financial system. Remember it was a Bond Crisis as Lewis reminded us on http://rachel.msnbc.com .

Bond trading is where the crooks are because it is done in secret by big traders who charge you what the market can bear in fees. Don't be a sucker and do your own investing. We do not know enough and trading is based on rumors or special information. I favor index funds world-wide because even though have lots of those smart people who tells us to invest in this or that long-after the market went up 40% on average so they can sell into a buyers market. These guys don't make money based on performance on the whole, but from fees, many of which are not reported. Why is lying to us not illegal?

My advisor who worked at Smith-Barney, now part of Morgan Stanley, quit when she would not hawk bad stocks they wanted to get rid of as often done at the Wall Street Firms. She does not trust the best bond trader of the decade from PIMCO. I won't name him but you can probably guess. He was telling us to change strategy, a change he made many months ago and just basically what others have said for the last six months. But he is GOD so who can doubt his advice? http://wealthtrack.com/previous.php

A neighbors daughter fresh into Wall Street made millions in Wall Street trading bonds in the 1980s in just a few years. Lewis said he made money by doing practically nothing as a freshman on Wall Street of $200,000 which was a lot of money at that time! Of course he was quite good, but what did their investors get? The shaft?

Better detection methods does not explain a six-fold increase in Autism in California in the 1990s, for example. More sickness and death from bacteria in our foods, more drugs recalled verses the Clinton era, more White Collar Crimes such as the one the lead to the S&L crisis in the 1980s, the Republican led dismantling of Financial Regulations involving the Bush family.

More people are losing their health insurance and going bankrupt because of expenses half with insurance and loss thereof when people could no longer work and lose their jobs, the huge acceleration of toxic prepared foods in our Fast Food joints, restaurants, and frozen food section of our supermarkets.

Jim Kawakami, Mar 16, 2010, http://jimboguy.blogspot.com

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