Friday, July 16, 2010

Can Democrats Win More Senate Seats than Expected

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Robin Carnahan a popular Secretary of State in Missouri is running against staunch Republican Roy Blunt, a leader in the Bush House may be vulnerable because his involvement in the jailbird Abramoff scandal and closeness to Bush. She and Blunt are now essentially tied in the polls.

Not emphasized by the corporate press and media is that Democrats are still much more popular than Republicans in the polls even though I don’t consider these political polls very meaningful. Especially if they cover areas such as Healthcare and Financial Reform. If many Senators do not fully understand the strategy and regulations in Healthcare and Financial Reform, how can they expect the public to understand.

President Obama: Don’t elect or reelect those who drove us into this economic ditch.

Everyone believed that Senator Reid of Nevada would surely lose because of polls. Now the polls say he is ahead by seven points over Sharron Angle, the crazy Republican running for the seat.

I have been contributing to the Robin Carnahan campaign because I hate Blunt and what he has done in spite of the difficulty of the any campaign in Missouri. She does have the very clever Senator Clair McCaskill who I also supported strongly in spite of the closeness of the race. This is the state that Obama barely lost in 2008.

The main problem is Republicans are more enthusiastic and have the support of the over 65 voters who always vote.

With the change in the Reid vote, I am optimistic. For example, the more the public found out about the heathcare bill, the more popular it gets. Late this summer some of the provisions on regulations and the uninsured will be enacted so more will be helped, especially with the high risk pool for those who cannot get insurance for no really good reason.

One woman got thrown out of her insurance program so they did not have to treat her cancer because he left out going to the doctor for acne!

Corporations seem very good in getting employees acting like monsters because with just about everyone having pre-existing conditions as they age, the biggest change for most people is that they can get healthcare while they look for a new job or start a new business.


Road to Missouri U.S. Senate seat runs through black pulpits

By David Goldstein | McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON — Robin Carnahan, a Democrat, and Roy Blunt, a Republican, have been meeting with members of the black clergy lately, not to save their souls, but to win one of the top political contests in the country, a U.S. Senate seat from Missouri.

Both candidates see African-American voters as important to their chances of becoming Missouri's next senator, and that road runs through the pulpits of black churches in Kansas City and St. Louis.

"The clergy in an urban community is the pulse," said Gregory Ealey, pastor at Kansas City's Paseo Baptist Church. "A lot of people wait to see what the clergy is going to do."

The meetings have been get-acquainted sessions and full of questions, according to several attendees. The ministers asked about housing foreclosures and neighborhood neglect. They wondered whether the candidates would be "approachable" if they were elected, and whether they'd work to bring more federal money into their communities through earmarks, the special-project spending favors tucked into spending legislation.

Blunt, a seven-term congressman from southwest Missouri and the likely Republican nominee, has been a supporter of earmarks. Carnahan, the Missouri secretary of state and likely Democratic nominee, is not.

Earmarks are largely how the senator whose seat they hope to fill, Republican Kit Bond, won credibility and friendships in the black community over his 24 years on Capitol Hill, by steering federal dollars to housing projects and health and community centers in needy neighborhoods. ...

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