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Food AID of Grains to Developing World by USA Causes Malnutrition Weight Loss

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Speculators in grains may have killed many children in the Developing World.

Even children who at first look normal can die in a few days. One tiny beautiful girl in Bangladesh below ten died after a few days even though a physician thought she was all right. The speculators in grain products, especially red wheat which is needed in bread preparation tripled in price due to speculation by Goldman Sachs and others in 2008. There was a large excess red wheat in our silos and had to be fed to animals.

This is similar to speculators in oil increasing it price per barrel to $1.50/barrel which increased the price of gasoline which also probably came under speculative excess. When the Democrats stopped this speculation of naked options where it was not used by the industry to reduce risk but bought without any oil that they owned.

As predicted by neutral oil price experts, the price of a barrel of oil should stay within the $70-$80 region based on supply/demand considerations. It quickly dropped to that and even below this price. The price of a barrel of oil has stayed in this region. Barney Frank July 15, 2010

Financial Reform Bill is Marvelous Bill Preventing Such Speculation in Food and Other Commodities Except Gold They Have to Be in the Business for Hedging Purposes.

For the first time in a long time Barney Frank looks rested. He gave the best explanation of the Financial Reform Bill and he applauds the media for presenting the facts on this bill. He gave praise to Paulson for his efforts but I did not know that the Republicans prevented Paulson from saving Lehman Brothers which could have prevented the panic which froze money market funds. In 2007 Frank tried to get Greenspan to regulate the crooked Housing loans but he refused. Greenspan will be remembered as the worst Federal Reserves Chairman in modern times.

Frank said logically that the Republicans want the economy to get worse by not providing more help to the States and extending unemployment always boosts the local economy because they have to spend the money.

I can write all the things Frank said but I doubt that I can do better than him.

Jim Kawakami, July 17, 2010,

Need to Know on PBS Is Food Aid Working? July 16, 2010, This week, Need to Know followed photojournalist Ron Haviv as he traveled to Bangladesh to document one of the world’s most dramatic health crises: childhood malnutrition. As Haviv and the organization he was working with, Doctors Without Borders, have shown, U.S. food aid policy can sometimes seem at odds with its stated purpose of alleviating malnutrition and hunger. Video:

To understand how the U.S. can offer more suitable food aid to the world’s malnourished children, Jon Meacham sat down with Reverend David Beckmann, president of Bread for the World, a faith-based citizens’ movement that works to draw attention to the issue of hunger. Beckmann’s group lobbies Congress to take action by increasing foreign aid and revising domestic farm policy. He is both a Lutheran minister and an economist who spent 15 years at the World Bank.


Malnutrition, the silent epidemic

PHOTOS: “Starved for Attention”

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