Monday, November 1, 2010

Obama 15 Major Accomplishments: When Dems in Control Greatest Bills Pass

Tags: President Obama's 16 Major Bills Passed Even with Republicans who Tried to Stop All Bills

In 1965 President Johnson passed Medicare and Medicaid and passed the Voting Rights Act to allow Blacks to vote in elections in Southern states in spite total votes against by the Democrats in the South. He lost control of the House in 1966 as Obama is likely to result because he emphasized long-term policy, saving the economy which he did quite well even though Banks and corporations have refused to hire back employees they fired and probably sent the jobs overseas. That is the major role of the Chamber of Commerce and the Republican party. I still am amazed how he did this. Medicare has since been improved and will be improved by Obama's Healthcare Reform Bill. Further changes in the future once Americans wake up to Corporate Republicans motives. It is not to help us but the rich and corporations.

Jim Kawakami, Nov 01, 2010,

Rachel Maddow on Monday’s Show Obama Accomplishments:

  1. Fair Pay for women.
  2. Credit Card Reform Doesn’t allow increase in rates for past debts.
  3. FDA control of Smoking Regulation
  4. Hate Crime Bill Against attacking Gays
  5. Health care for all Children
  6. College Student Loans now part of government not private banks. Lower rates and more money provided. Controlled by Dept of Education which Republicans want to eliminate.
  7. Volunteer Americorps tripled in size.
  8. Cash for Clunkers remarkably successful to get old cars off the road.
  9. Economic Recovery Act Single largest tax cut for 95% of Americans ever! Americans spent the money which helped economy recover.
  10. Health Reform Act will have incredible benefits in controlling both costs and better treatments. Many are already in place such allowing families to insure their children. Can’t stop rejecting people who have insurance but thrown out when they get really sick on any excuse. Can’t reject insurance to those who have pre-existing with limits on charge. Allows me to get Long Term Care Insurance for me. Currently I cannot get this because I have pre-existing kidney transplant although very healthy.

11. Financial Reform Bill will greatly help reduce Wall Street Excesses. Instead of making the bill weaker with time it got stronger and stronger until Republicans stopped preventing the bill to come up for a vote.

12. Consumer Protection Agency will prevent bad mortgages being sold to you and prevent obscene interest rates and charges for credit cards. The Mafia has gone to jail for charging such interest rates in the past. Controls charges by crooks making short term loans to the poor.

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