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Raw Story Confirms Hersh’s Report WikiLeaks Israel and USA Regime Change

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Most of what is reported here has been widely suspected or reported. Unfortunately the action of Wiki Leaks will only make it even harder for all of us to determine the policies of our leaders regarding both domestic and foreign policies.

Based on comments about the closeness of Israel and the Bush administration led to comments such as Israel thinks they own the Pentagon. Israelis were not escorted during their visits often. The leading strategists at the Pentagon worked with the Israelis in their previous work to develop strategy.

With President Obama, the chumminess is now gone. The downfall of Hussein will have the unintended consequence of making Israel less critical for stability in the Middle-East. In my mind this has already started to happen with President Obama making more overtures to the Arab countries.

Our Iran policies are basically directed at helping the Arab oil states who fear Iran. Even though highly publicized almost absent danger of a nuclear Iran towards Israel, the real concern is likely Iran's increasing possible dominance of the Arab oil states. Already the Iran friendly Shiite control of Iraq which has oil reserves comparable to Saudi Arabia, and possibly much more. The need for Oil and Water will be the cause of wars in the next ten years or less.
Although not acknowledged in the press, our attack of Iraq even though all credible evidence indicated that Saddam Hussein was even thinking about attacking us, Israel wanted both the oil and water from Iraq. Deals have already been made with Jordan to allow pipelines through Jordan for water. Plans were also in place to reactivate the oil pipeline from Iraq to a port in Israel. No war is started unless there is an economic advantage of doing so, at least for the ones who will make billions of dollars such as our so-called defense and oil corporations.

Propaganda Controls the Way We Think: Starting in the 1920's the powerful corporations and our government saw the need to control information so Journalism Schools were started to wipe out the large amount of information and differing views which kept the public informed, but journalists or more likely, editors decided what should or should not be emphasized and reported. As FOX said, if we don't report it, it never happened. All news sources do select the news for us and almost always leave out information that may contradict the intention of the publishers and power brokers.

The major newspapers such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and magazines such as Time magazine base their reporting on what they want us to think and normally leave out valid contrary points of view. Of course they keep us satiated from the editorials and the OpEd columns which have both conservative and more liberal points of view.

The true propaganda is in the news stories slant in the headlines and especially in the first six or so paragraphs on the front page. Many speed or skim read newspapers so most don't think very much and just absorb information to talk about with others to make conversation. Studies have shown that about half of the stories and headlines are propaganda pieces on the front page. The propaganda is directed at the elites since the lead up to World War I by the British and later the Wilson administration and top journalists. See , .

Republicans do well in elections because they hire the best people who understand how to shape the mind of Americans and use it in campaign ads very effectively. Democrats are clueless and don't have enough money to hire the best or don't listen. Republicans repeat the same sentences many times so it imprints on the voters while Democrats often contradict each other. Independence is a steep price in elections.

Jim Kawakami, Nov 29, 2010,

Raw Story Confirms Seymour Hersh’s Report on WikiLeaks about Israel and USA Intentions of Regime Change in Iran Larisa Alexandrovna and Muriel Kane, The Raw Story, Monday, November 29th, 2010, According to a diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks, in August 2007 the head of Israel's intelligence agency urged US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, R. Nicholas Burns, to join with Israel in carrying out a five-part strategy to implement regime change in Iran.

Mossad Director Meir Dagan acknowledged at the meeting that the American analysis of Iran's alleged nuclear weapons program was different from Israel's, but he insisted that the threat from Iran was "obvious" and stated that Israel was willing to take action unilaterally.

The classified diplomatic cable outlining the meeting is part of a large cache of documents leaked to the whistleblower website Wikileaks, and released to the public on Sunday via several international newspapers, including The Guardian and The New York Times.

Dagan began the meeting by thanking the US for its support of Israel, as well as for a recent $30 billion aid package.

The Mossad chief then conceded that US analysis of Iran's alleged nuclear capabilities differed from Israel's, but remarked that such differences were essentially irrelevant and that if need be Israel would take action alone.

"The threat is obvious, even if we have a different timetable," he said. "If we want to postpone their acquisition of a nuclear capability, then we have to invest time and effort ourselves."

Philip Giraldi, a former counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer and the Central Intelligence Agency, who served for eighteen years in Turkey, believes Dagan's comment that Israel will have to "invest time and effort ourselves” in dealing with Iran was, in essence, a veiled threat.

"It is essentially setting up a situation in which the threat of Israel acting alone becomes a wedge issue to force the US to do something so that it will be able to manage the situation rather than respond to Israeli initiatives," Giraldi told Raw Story on Sunday. "It pushes Washington into planning a military strike to force the Israelis to stand down on their own plans." ...

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