Thursday, November 4, 2010

Senator Bernie Sanders Tells Us How to Improve the Lives of Americans

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Has anyone figured out why rural voters usually favor Republicans in every state and city voters favor Democrats much more often? Is this an epigenetic effect? I can understand the rich and affluent voting for their economic interests, but why do poor Whites vote Republican. Is it only for social issues?

Our new Governor Kitzhaber had two successful terms in spite of having the majority Republicans thwarting him at every turn. He might encounter the same problems with Republicans controlling at least one House.

Generally the more money spent on campaigns leads to winning elections mostly by using negative ads to suppress voters or have voters vote for the moneyed interest candidates. That is why corporations have a great influence on elections. Republicans got seven times more secret outside corporate or billionaire money than Democrats as determined by the number of secret outside ads.

I am losing hope that Obama will ever understand that the only people he could have any chance in passing legislation is to stop his Democrats from voting with the Republicans. Republicans severely punish anyone not toeing their line. Obama needs to learn to stop being a nice guy and go for the jugular.

Pelosi sounds sweet in public, but she is very tough in private. In some ways she or Hillary would have made a better President. They know how to rule. They are both born leaders with lots of experience. Obama could have gotten the public option if he played tough with Liberman and Ben Nelson of Nebraska. Half the Republicans and 80 percent of Democrats wanted the Public Option.

Jim Kawakami, Nov 4, 2010,

"I will continue my efforts to reform our trade policy so we move toward fair trade, not unfettered free trade. I will fight for stronger regulation of Wall Street, not weaker. We should increase support for small businesses that are creating jobs."

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Tough Times

"These are tough times for our country. The failed policies of the Bush years will be a disaster for the American middle class. We need ideas and legislation that benefit all Americans, not just those with wealth, power and political influence," Bernie concluded.

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We typically like the idea of two sides locking horns and compromising on the matters of the day. But the era when Republicans would compromise with a Democratic president is long gone. Welcome, everyone, to the suck that never ends.

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Our experiment in democracy depends, the founders told us at the beginning, on an informed citizenry. Fat chance, American people!

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Before we take the VA health system away from veterans, we should look at the facts.

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Have we gone from the year of the woman in 1992, to the year of the woman II in 2008, to the year of so-what in 2010? Even as women in politics is becoming no more newsworthy than women in business, the arrival of a new crop of generally young, seemingly bright and overwhelmingly Republican women does raise a question. Are we seeing a shift in women as a reliably progressive bloc on social issues?

Tony Schwartz: Fueling Positive Emotions in a World Gone Mad

If there is anything this nasty, fear-driven, political season has demonstrated, it's that no politician -- Democrat, Republican, or otherwise -- has any compelling solutions to what ails us. How, then, to feel more control over our destiny?

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