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Autism and Vitamin D: Dangers of Deficiency During Pregnancy

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Dr. John Cannell, MD, was finally able to retire because of a huge donation by one person to the Vitamin D Council so he can spend full time on vitamin D.

The most tragic part of vitamin D deficiency causing autism and a countless number of other diseases. If you read the letters to Dr. Cannell by mothers of babies with autism who were helped with vitamin D supplements.

The level of autism among affluent families in California doubled in the 1990s who used sunscreens all the time.

The video below discusses vitamin D3 on health.

Jim Kawakami, Feb 11, 2011,

Autism and Vitamin D: Dangers of Deficiency During Pregnancy: ... For example, as I write this, I am involved in a scientific study; one I could not do if I was still working full time at Atascadero State Hospital. Unlike my theories about influenza and autism, I will first submit this study as a scientific paper and I will wait until the journals' editors conduct their peer review process before making it public. I felt I could not ethically do that with either autism or influenza, I could not wait for the professors.

I felt I needed to write about influenza and autism as soon as the two theories were clear in my mind, which is why I first published both the influenza and autism theories in this newsletter and secondly in peer reviewed journals. (By the way, did you see how much space the new Food and Nutrition Board's Vitamin D report spent on autism and vitamin D? Not just a word or two, not just a sentence, not just a paragraph, rather an entire page on autism and vitamin D – without citing my work of course.) ...

I also hope for enough income to allow the Council to run public service announcements (PSA) on television all across the USA, similar to the one we ran last year in Washington D.C. about thedangers of vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy. Similar PSAs about autism, asthma, childhood autoimmune disorders, and infantile rickets misdiagnosed as child physical abuse are all sorely needed but cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We need to get Congressional hearings on how the Food and Nutrition Board's Vitamin D Committee reached their recent conclusions. Why is their recommended dose of vitamin D for a 20-pound one-year-old the same as for a 300-pound NFL lineman? Why do a pregnant woman and her fetus together need 600 IU/day right up until that last push when, all of a sudden, mom still needs the same 600 IU/day but the baby needs an additional 400 IU/day? That math does not work. How can a 200-pound pregnant woman need less vitamin D than a 70-year-old ninety-pound woman, which is what the Committee concluded? Why did the Committee bury the opinions of the 14 vitamin D experts, immune – the chairperson says – even to a Freedom of Information request? Organizing for a shot at congressional hearings takes time and money. ...

(Read "Trust Us, We're Experts" . Corporations buys expert scientists and doctors to tell us climate change is fake, eating a hardy breakfast is good, and not necessary to increase intake of vitamin D3. Epidemiological studies on health verses the latitude we live at shows the poor near the equator The Vitamin D Solution by Dr. Holick)

John Cannell MD

Executive Director
Vitamin D Council

contact your Congressperson and ask for hearings on how the Food and Nutrition Board conducted their recent review of vitamin D. Ask why the opinions of the 14 vitamin D experts were not only suppressed but why those 14 opinions are apparently immune to a Freedom of Information request.

(Many on this board consulted with Big Pharma and working on drugs to reverse osteoporosis so had huge conflicts of interest in panning larger amounts of vitamin D3 supplements. Jim)

Autism letters

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Dr. Cannell receives a progress update from a mother with three autistic children.

More Letters on Autism

Below are three more letters I received in response to my last newsletter:

Dr. Cannell:My nephew was showing signs of delayed development : delayed speech, a slow tongue, rarely smiled, shy, loner, unusually uncommunicative for a toddler. He just seemed sad. After evaluation and confirmation of the abnormalities particularly the poor neuromuscular control of his lower face and tongue, he was enrolled in speech therapy several times a week with some improvement over 6 months or so but he still spoke in one word sentences.

His mother kept him perpetually in sunscreen and sunscreen fabrics and hats with flaps. As he approached his third birthday, I convinced my sister-in-law to try him on some Vitamin D. As he was about 43 lbs (big, not overweight), I told her to give him 2000 IU per day and sent her a bottle of drops to make it easy (2000 IU/day). Six wks later, they came up to our home to go sledding this past December.

They both were ecstatic about the change in him. He was now speaking in complete complex sentences, was smiling, out-going and had finally begun to become toilet trained. She was delighted with the effects but she confided that she was having trouble giving him the Vitamin D, no matter what she put it in; he often refused to eat it. I found this inexplicable, how hard could it be to get one drop into him?

It quickly became apparent that she had been trying to give him one DROPPERFUL per day, roughly 60,000 to 150,000 IUper day, flooding his system with D. She has dropped the D down to 2000 IU/day pending a blood level but he will never be without adequate D again. As they were leaving, he said "Mommy is going to back the car up and then we get in?" His father keeps happily exclaiming that he is a whole new kid.Dr. Marisa Burrows, New Hampshire

Dr. Gene Stubbs, a child psychiatrist from the Oregon Health Sciences University told me of a similar case, accidental Vitamin D overdosing leading to dramatic and rapid improvements in autistic symptoms. However, even if your nephew took 150,000 IU/day for six weeks, I doubt he will be clinically toxic; but he may have high blood calcium, the dose was dangerous. Remember, from 1955 to 1990, every child in East Germany got 300,000 IU at their doctor's office every three months until 18 months of age. I predict the autism epidemic started later in East Germany's former lands (mid 1990s) than it did in the USA (mid 1980s).

Stop all Vitamin D until his 25(OH)D level is around 80 and then restart at 3,000 IU per day, attempting to obtain a level of 80–100 ng/mL, year-round. You may notice a rebirth of his symptoms as his 25(OH)D falls precipitously but I believe that his symptoms will again disappear again if you maintain his level in the high normal range.

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