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Climate Change Earthquakes Volcanic Eruptions Tsunamis Increase Explained

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This week's Bloomberg Business Week major story is about how the Climate Change food crisis causing riots all over the world with the USA being lucky so far in still being able to produce food that we can export. The price of corn and wheat for export has doubled and has led to riots in the Middle East and even in China. Droughts in Northern China where half of the wheat is grown is becoming increasing dry. Canada's winter wheat is low because it is too wet, something that does not happen very much.

The price of corn and wheat has doubled on the commodities exchange. The agriculture commodity stock DBI which I recommended in the past has doubled in more recent times and Deutsche Bank has closed the fund because no products are available to match the future bets.

As most of you noticed Russia had unusual climate change weather where a huge amount of wheat is grown for export. It also had devastating fires as California has had. Now it is being inundated with too much rain in normally drier parts of California having effects on her ability to grow food. Hard to believe, but we may have riots here in the future. Hunger does not discriminate by race.

Bloomberg Business Week top story this week is about the Food Crisis and Climate Change causing these problems. China and Russia who normally export wheat is now keeping what they make because severe droughts in northern China and Siberia and heavy rains in Canada due to Climate Change have severely hit the export market. Only the USA is still exporting wheat.

The agriculture commodities fund which I recommended in the past and run by Deutsche Bank has closed because there is not enough real products to represent the bids. It has doubled in the last year.

Bloomberg Business Week is also very apprehensive that we may not be willing to admit to Climate Change in time because Koch Oil and Exxon Mobile have spent huge amounts of money to stop us from addressing what everyone is honestly well aware of. Insurance Companies and our Pentagon Defense Industries are worried that Climate Change will seriously affect their profits. It is not easy to use bombs to control riots here or elsewhere.

Many of you have had the feeling that we seem to having more earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. You are right! It is easy to predict something after it happens like we often see in stock market predictions. I often feel these analysts have selective memories and pick out something they said in the past or give a logical explanation what happened. Satellite images indicates that Mount St. Helena in Washington is growing by inches in areas surrounding the center of the volcano. Apparently this data is a good clue that an eruption will happen sometime in the future.

Scientific studies have to undergo a test for reproducibility by others. Climate change models have stood the test of time and the basic concepts still hold with more and more data from difference sources reinforcing the truth. Unfortunately Americans are at the bottom in the developed world and the degree of ignorance is truly alarming.

Not understanding the Scientific Method has led many to believe that vaccines cause Autism because some scientists have reported this. But this study misses the Gold Standard of Science. It has to be reproducible by others. It failed and finally after over a decade, those in this fake study finally admitted it! I wonder how many children died or were seriously crippled in mind and body because we have the Internet.

Making predictions means nothing without telling us when it will happen. I knew it was going to happen but I did not know when so I tried to stay invested but became more conservative. Only after the crash did I get very aggressive. Who knew that the whole world and its stocks would crash?

Although none of us really notice it, our planet is undergoing constant change, only it seems to be happening a lot fast. Our magnetic north changes miles each year now indicating that our hot core is changing its center possibly due to a change in the lost of hot lava from volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

We are such a distracted society due to wasteful habits from our electronic age and we no longer can concentrate anymore and no matter how much I and others have tried to alert Americans, we have largely failed. Perhaps the food disaster and Republican over-reach will finally penetrate our distracted brains. Hunger is real.

My mental development may have been impaired because of undernourishment in the World War II so-called Relocation Center with barbed wire fences and machine gun towers to keep up in a desert shoddy one room buildings housing at least two families each with toilet facilities as much as a half block away. Yes, the White Americans starved the Yellow Americans by selling meat, sugar, and salt on the Black Market to profit from rationing. Not one charge of espionage was found by the FBI and U.S. Naval Intelligence among Japanese-Americans. Plenty of German and Italian Americans were found to be sabotaging us, but they were White or called White so no mass incarceration resulted.

I got a F on a final report and a B in an English course at UCLA for writing about this. Professor Bone from Yale was thrown out by UCLA.

Jim Kawakami, Feb 23, 2011,

Climate Change Could Spark Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Daily Mail Online, April 19, 2010, … And some evidence suggests the consequences of climate change are already having an impact on geological activity in places such as Alaska, according to research in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A.

Researcher Bill McGuire, of the Aon Benfield UCL Hazard Research Centre at University College London, said warming temperatures melted ice from ice sheets and glaciers and increased the amount of water in the oceans.

As the land ''rebounds' back up once the weight of the ice has been removed - which could be by as much as a kilometre in places such as Greenland and Antarctica - then if, in the worst case scenario, all the ice were to melt - it could trigger earthquakes.

The increase in seismic activity could, in turn, cause underwater landslides that spark tsunamis.

A potential additional risk is from 'ice-quakes' generated when the ice sheets break up, causing tsunamis which could threaten places such as New Zealand, Newfoundland in Canada and Chile.

The reduction in the ice could also stimulate volcanic eruptions, according to the research.

And the greater weight of the water in the oceans where sea level has risen as ice melts can 'bend' the Earth's crust.

This produces magma and causes volcanic and seismic activity in coastal or island areas - where the majority of 550 volcanoes whose eruptions have been historically documented are found.

The research found Increased volcanic activity could cause more landslides, and have impacts well beyond the area where the volcano is situated - for example by releasing sulphur clouds into the atmosphere or by affecting air travel.

Prof McGuire said the changes could occur in the coming decades or over centuries, rather than thousands of years, depending on factors such as how quickly sea levels rose.

And he warned: 'The rise you may need may be much smaller than we expect. Looking ahead at climate change, we may not need massive changes.

'One of the worries is that tiny environmental changes could have these effects.'

His review said there was 'mounting evidence' of seismic, volcanic and landslide activity being triggered or affected by small changes in the environment - even specific weather events such as typhoons or torrential rain.

Prof McGuire said that in Taiwan the lower air pressure generated by typhoons was enough to 'unload' the crust by a small amount and trigger earthquakes.

Other impacts of rising temperatures include glacial lakes bursting out through rock dams and causing flash flooding in mountain regions such as the Himalayas, as well as rock, ice and landslides as permafrost melts.

And he said there may be 'tipping points' in the geological systems, where the crust reaches a threshold that causes a step-change in the frequency of such events - but it was not clear where those thresholds might lie.

At times in the past climate change has been seen to have links with enhanced levels of potentially hazardous geological activity - for example after the end of the last ice age.

But they have not been fully considered as potential impacts of the rapid changes in the climate expected in the future and there was a great deal of uncertainty about what might happen in coming years.

Prof McGuire called for a programme of research focusing on the potential geological hazards that global warming could bring, with the leading body on global warming, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), addressing the issue directly in its future assessments.

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