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Google Search Manipulations How J.C. Penney Became First on List Holiday Sales

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I recently did a search for skin creams which make many claims about making youthful skin. As far as I know and I know very little except what I see in ads, Olay’s Regernerist face cream is the best. Consumer’s Report also liked it.

Only on page ten did I find what I was looking for. Apparently Google misinterpreted my search terms and gave me much junk. The same happened when I tried to find a link how affluent communities fell for the vaccines scares much more frequently than the average American. Thank you Google!

Berman a clever PR guy tries to turn valid information about the dangers of certain food products such as salty and fatty potato chips and High Fructose Corn Syrup placed in all prepared foods and drinks in abundant amounts because it is extremely cheap due to Reagan’s subsidies. Yes, he lies by citing a source just like FOX News.


  1. High Fructose Corn Syrup
    Get Sweet Smart About Sugar, Honey,
    And High Fructose Corn Syrup Here.

I finally watched the two hour film on Reagan. The first hour is more about his life and the second about how he developed his political philosophy which he decided to sell to workers at General Electric facilities, a method used since 1945 to get workers to dislike Unions which increases cost to employers. It is a great documentary which is both fair and revealing on HBO which is repeating the show now. Well Done!

So when the great communicator started selling the corporate line, there were receptive ears to a superb communicator. Reagan had no friends and even Nancy thought he was remote, but she loved him dearly and took care of protected him as he started lose his memory either in the first or second term. This is a mystery.

Reagan failed to test to join the Army because he could recognize friend or foe from further than 12 feet! I am not sure he used contacts. Reagan was really never a liberal but ran for the film actors guild president to get a job when after World War II his type of B movies were not longer popular. He called himself the Errol Flynn of "B" movies. Good looking and not much else. He got most of his views from top highly skilled labor negotiator for General Electric. Reagan had narrow interests, but when he developed an interest, he did quite well. He kept practicing until he became a superb speaker aiding his good looks.

His major accomplishment during his GE time of 6 years after which he was fired by GE for not selling their products but giving political speeches when Kennedy became President. On his third try, he became President. Even though Reagan won many states, the total vote count was fairly close against Carter. When the Volker FED raised interest rates, inflation went up to 20 percent under Carter and unemployment went up to 10 percent under Reagan, but inflation went down to 4 percent. Conclusion: Using ideology to run the fed or congress is a very dangerous for our economic well being.

Jim Kawakami, Feb 13, 2011,

Dirty Little Secret About Search Manipulation, David Segal, NY Times, Feb 12, 2011, … The company bested millions of sites — and not just in searches for dresses, bedding and area rugs. For months, it was consistently at or near the top in searches for “skinny jeans,” “home decor,” “comforter sets,” “furniture” and dozens of other words and phrases, from the blandly generic (“tablecloths”) to the strangely specific (“grommet top curtains”).

This striking performance lasted for months, most crucially through the holiday season, when there is a huge spike in online shopping. J. C. Penney even beat out the sites of manufacturers in searches for the products of those manufacturers. Type in “Samsonite carry on luggage,” for instance, and Penney for months was first on the list, ahead of ...

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