Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Replace Mubarak with a "temporary" military leadership, Return Control Oily Dictator

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We don't want true democracies in the oil rich MiddleEast. Oil prices must be kept low as possible to boost our economy at the sacrifice of the people of the MiddleEast

Unlike our government, I am in favor of higher oil prices because that is the only way we will start to solve Global Climate Change. Remember that Venus has an atmosphere of carbon dioxide and sulfuric acid. The climate would be similar to Earth without this warming blanket pushing temperatures to 800 degrees F, night and day. Perhaps the people of Venus tried to use sulfuric acid to try to stop warming due to carbon dioxide generated there.

Alan Brinkley at Columbia University who has written many books about Franklin D. Roosevelt with the last one a very short book for the reading impaired, said one of weaknesses of President Obama during tough times is that he is a conciliator and not a true leader who will do what needs to be done. The New Jersey governor, for good or bad, is a true leader. I think the people understood this intuitively and supported him in spite of his radical views. He made several really bad mistakes already, but he is still very popular. We are all sheep who want to be led by the sheep dog or those behind the red curtain. Never elect CEOs to run our country. Remember Bush/Cheney.

Watch the 1975 film Three Days of the Condor and you will understand why we do what we do including killing inconvenient heroes.

Jim Kawakami, Feb 02, 2011,

Noam Chomsky: "If the past holds, we will replace Mubarak with a "temporary" military leadership and eventually go back to a ruthless dictatorship."

Kawakami: We don't want true democracies in the oil rich MiddleEast. Oil prices must be kept low as possible to boost our economy at the sacrifice of the people of the MiddleEast. Our push for natural resources with the excuse of the fake Cold War began in 1950 as the declassified National Security Council NSC-50 with no regard to the suffering of the countries we co-op for our "needs."

We do the same with Presidential elections. When our pro-war and pro-corporate government went to excess and obviousness, the wealthy powerful decided to pick a Democratic President who would have no experience and likely to fail for just one term because of the mess made in the previous eight years. We have moved more Right in the last 60 years according to some thinkers based on whom the Presidents have picked for the Supreme Court. Now even Reagan and Goldwater would have no chance in becoming a Republican choice for President even though they still use him with myths about what he really did.

The reason why the British attacked Egypt in the past was due to the economic importance of the Suez Canal because that is where the oil is obtained in Europe from the Middle East. Israel gets half of its natural gas from Egypt.

What is more important than what President Obama says in public is what they are doing quietly behind the curtain. How has our foreign policy really changed since Bush?

In spite of the prior history, a major element that may influence the final history will be whether Climate Change will forever make food scarce and expensive. Ratigan will probably talk about this today unless Egypt matters preclude it.

Note that Wall Street again as in 2008 has bought a large portion of the food options such as for rice which has raised prices enormously by our Banks such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase. Last night at 10 PM ET, Ed on MSNBC talked about this, something not discussed before by the corporate press/media. The price of rice has almost doubled. In 2008 a similar thing happened to red wheat used only for bread. Now it takes half the income of the poor just to buy rice!

This is what started the riots in Egypt and then extended into a political battle. They are borrowing money from the Federal Reserve at zero interest to buy these commodity options. That is why it is very dangerous as individuals to go into commodity options or buy oil now. We already know that they manipulate the market and get information before we do legally or not.


Washington Note ... fascinating and important interview conducted by New America Foundation President Steve Coll and the co-director of New America's Middle East Task Force Amjad Atallah with Mustafa El-Gindy, a member of the Egypt's opposition Wafd Party. Steve Clemons
-- Andrew Lebovich (Steve Coll wrote a book how the USA took over political control of a huge number of countries starting with Hawaii. Jim)

The Wafd Party is a coalition of five different parties in Egypt including the Muslim Brotherhood. The New America Foundation is a very good source for what is really happening abroad. This website tends to be much more honest than the typical liberal website. Steve Coll, formerly with the Washington Post, is now a professor at Northwestern in the Chicago area. Jim

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