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Americans Obedient Towards Authority so CIGNA Employees Amorally Deny Life-Saving Operations

Americans Obedient Towards Authority so CIGNA Employees Amorally Deny Life-Saving Operations

Even polls are used to control us. They just don't report widely the polls that go against what they want. For example, recently a second poll by the NY Times/Wall Street Journal showed that when Obama's Healthcare plans were explained to Americans, the favorability goes up to the seventies and some say even the eighties. It is no accident that the pollster from the conservative Free Enterprise organization reports both polls and interpretations on CNN. The Republican Party pollster and propagandist told all Republicans to appear to be humane, but attack the government healthcare plan.

Senator Baucus (D-MT) who gets 24% of all contributions from the Healthcare system talks a lot with the Republicans and his two top advisors who are now lobbyists for healthcare has designed a bill that makes corporate Healthcare and Big Pharma very happy. Baucus deleted the government option and gave Big Pharma all they wanted. My Senator Wyden (D-OR) is in the top ten so he presented a more pro-Healthcare Bill which is horrible according to Howard Dean who gave a wonderful presentation on the Keith Olbermann Show on Healthcare.

Wendell Potter, the former propagandist for CIGNA healthcare, indict the policies of CIGNA and all corporate healthcare companies. I highly recommending looking at the Bill Moyers interview with Potter again or for the first time. He tells us a lot about how they control our minds and the minds of congress.

Jim Kawakami

Aug 01, 2009 health blog

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL has been focusing on perspectives not being heard on Capitol Hill or on the major news outlets — from popular plans left "off the table," like single payer, to the powerful influence of the health care industry on the process.

In the video player below you can find BILL MOYERS JOURNAL's complete and continuing coverage of the health care reform debate. Links below that will take you to the program pages that contain a wealth of resources and information about specific issues.

Additionally, you'll find resources for making sense of the debate, including tips for following the money and a detailed comparison of the plans currently under consideration. (Wendell Potter, former Propagandist for CIGNA Healthcare)

Potter in Congressional Testimony Video Text:


For those who stubbornly seek freedom, there can be no more urgent task than to come to understand the mechanisms and practices of indoctrination. These are easy to perceive in the totalitarian societies, much less so in the system of 'brainwashing under freedom' to which we are subjected and in which all too often we serve as unwilling instruments." Noam Chomsky


"With numbing regularity good people were seen to knuckle under the demands of authority and perform actions that were callous and severe. Men who are in everyday life responsible and decent were seduced by the trappings of authority, by the control of their perceptions, and by the uncritical acceptance of the experimenter's definition of the situation, into performing harsh acts. A substantial proportion of people do what they are told to do, irrespective of the content of the act and without limitations of conscience, so long as they perceive that the command comes from a legitimate authority" Stanley Milgram, 1965

Milgram was a psychologist who performed a series of experiments that proved conclusively that obedience to authority was so ingrained in the average US citizen they were prepared to cause lethal harm to others when instructed by authority figures to do so. All those who took part were first asked if they would be capable of killing or inflicting severe pain on their fellow human beings. 100% replied categorically 'no'.

Potter Testimony to the Senate: Last month, testimony in front of the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation by a former health insurance insider named Wendell Potter made news even before it occurred: CBS NEWS headlined: "Cigna Whistleblower to Testify." After Potter's testimony the industry scrambled to do damage control: "Insurers defend rescissions, take heat for lack of transparency."

In his first extended television interview since leaving the health insurance industry, Wendell Potter tells Bill Moyers why he left his successful career as the head of Public Relations for CIGNA, one of the nation's largest insurers, and decided to speak out against the industry. "I didn't intend to [speak out], until it became really clear to me that the industry is resorting to the same tactics they've used over the years, and particularly back in the early '90s, when they were leading the effort to kill the Clinton plan."

Potter began his trip from health care spokesperson to reform advocate while back home in Tennessee. Potter attended a "health care expedition," a makeshift health clinic set up at a fairgrounds, and he tells Bill Moyers, "It was absolutely stunning. When I walked through the fairground gates, I saw hundreds of people lined up, in the rain. It was raining that day. Lined up, waiting to get care, in animal stalls. Animal stalls."

Looking back over his long career, Potter sees an industry corrupted by Wall Street expectations and greed. According to Potter, insurers have every incentive to deny coverage — every dollar they don't pay out to a claim is a dollar they can add to their profits, and Wall Street investors demand they pay out less every year. Under these conditions, Potter says, "You don't think about individual people. You think about the numbers, and whether or not you're going to meet Wall Street's expectations."

You can view Wendel Potter's congressional testimony online or read the text.

You can learn more about Remote Area Medical, the organization that put on the "health care expedition" here.

Washington is abuzz about health care reform. Both Congress and President Obama have made it a top priority, and there are a number of proposals making the rounds. But what will that bill look like, and who will shape it?

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